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Rebuking strike and obstacles

Rules Questions

so the new monk "Menhir Guardian" archetype has an ability called "Rebuking strike" and there is a question I have about a specific part:

Rebuking Strike (Ex): At 1st level, a menhir guardian can channel his ki into a devastating strike that repels his enemies. A menhir guardian must declare that he is using rebuking strike before making a natural attack with his claws. On a hit, a foe damaged by the menhir guardian’s claws must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + half the menhir guardian’s level + his Wisdom modifier) or be pushed back 5 feet directly away from the menhir guardian, plus an additional 5 feet for every 4 levels the menhir guardian has beyond 1st. If this movement would be blocked by a solid object, the target of rebuking strike takes 1d6 points of damage per 10 feet moved and falls prone at the end of the movement.

So my question is can an ally be considered a solid object for this purpose? could two of these monks play kickball with an enemy? (Lariat anyone?)

What would happen if an ally or other creature is in the way for this attack?

No, creatures aren't objects.

Claxon wrote:
No, creatures aren't objects.

So then what happens when a rebuked enemy DOES hit another creature? does it pass right on by? does it ignore it? does it just... stop and not take damage?

AeonsShadow wrote:
So then what happens when a rebuked enemy DOES hit another creature? does it pass right on by? does it ignore it? does it just... stop and not take damage?

Personally I would treat this as if it was a kind of "bull rush", if the person want to avoid the rebuked foe then auto avoid, if not a cmb vs cmd roll to see who fall and who stop (or don't stop)...

That seems logical to me... ;)

I suspect that they were not using "object" in the technical sense and meant simply "obstacle," in which case a creature would qualify. Sloppy editing, if so, but OTOH if they did mean "object" technically then they left a great big obvious gaping hole in their mechanic. Both are possibilities, I consider the former more likely.

(And copper gets you gold they fix it that way if it ever gets errata'd.)

I agree it could be sloppy editing, and it's probably easiest to run it if you replace "objects" with "obstacles".

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