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Random Question for the experts on Paizo!

Starfinder General Discussion

In the CRB on page 213, there is an image of a computer. I wanted to know if anyone knows what font/language is on the screen.

Here is a link of the image

It looks a lot like Ancient Thassilonian.

Peet wrote:
It looks a lot like Ancient Thassilonian.

Peet looks like your dead on. character 0061 in that link you shared is the largest character on the screen in the OP's JPG link.

Wonder what it says?

Dark Archive

Odds are nothing. Even spacing and if you look Alot of symbols are filled

I miss Cyan World's D'ni stuff where they'd go to great lengths to have hidden messages in stuff like that. (Of course, you'd have to find someone who was an expert in the fictional language of D'ni to actually decipher it)

Wow. I swear I've read this thread before. Like months ago.

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