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Character Idea for the near Future. Help plz!


So. In my current campaign my char is almost always at death's door due to being the group tank and well, You get the idea. So I have been swimming through the content of pathfinder and saw two class/archetypes. First was the Devilish Dancer archetype from the bard class. Then I saw the Urban archatypes from the Barbarian, Bloodrager and Skald classes.

So my question, along with loads others but one step at a time. Can, let's say a Devilish Dancer/Urban Barbarian use both Bardic performance and Controlled Rage?

Controlled Rage states thst it doesn't stop the use of chsrisma skills. But me being a noob at this, I believe yes I can but would like to check before I end up with a faulty character after my current one dies off.

For Urban Barbarian I would say that you could not combine Bardic Performance with Controlled Rage. My reasoning is that, although you can now use Dex, Cha and Int based skills while raging, it says nothing about altering the inability to do anything that requires patience or concentration.

Noted, Tyrant, thank you. So that may change everything.

Any advice of making the Devilish Dancer effective? In combat and maybe as a toolkit out of combat?

I recommend sticking with a class and not Multiclass much. Pathfinder does have some viable multi class combinations possible but they are for specific reasons and typically is just a single level dip.

That being said I love the Bloodrager and Highly suggest going Bloodrager as your backup character. Arcane bloodline provides lots of Layered defense. Aberrant offers Immunities and reach capabilities and access to Aberrant Familiar feat which is amazing when paired with Protector Archetype for the familiar.

Take the Primalist Archetype and trade away the weaker bloodline powers. If you go Arcane you only need the 8th level power to be a monster on the front lines. The other powers can easily be traded for 2 rage powers. Beast totem- Pounce, Come and Get me...lots of options open up and help you end fights quickly.

Hehe, my currently character is a bloodrager. But always seems to go down every fight even with 45hp, Damage Reduction 1, and 21ac.

Tanks usually do. Especially if there are only one or two front lining. Bloodragers have a slow start but start getting good around level 7 IMO.

Dervish Dancer is pretty cool. If your WIS is decent, I would consider a level dip into Monk for the starting feats and AC bonus... possibly 4 to qualify for Monastic Legacy if you want to power up Unarmed Strikes.

I have not tried it myself but the Dimensional Assault feat line has always been interesting to me. You could be a Dimensional Dervish Dancer! Might need to go Fighter instead of Monk for that one once you can cast Dimension Door.

The Shadow Dancer prestige class looks like fun as well.

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