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Templates? Are they still around in the new system?

Starfinder General Discussion

I ask because templates are one of my favorite things. I mean, the pregenerated necrovite in First Contact was cool, but maybe I want a contemplative necrovite. Can I do something like that without making it whole cloth?

They mentioned grafts somewhere, which are like templates but easier to apply. Want a technomancer as your space goblin villain? Throw on a graft! Supposedly way to apply

Not really the same thing. It's a little too general. I mean if they replace old style templates with specific grafts I wouldn't be as disappointed. Like, hey here's a necrovite graft, or a zombie graft, maybe a half dragon graft. Doesn't really help for NPCs though.

Considering templates grafts were step 4 of the Simple Monster rules, it would probably be easy for them to make them for Starfinder.

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First Contact states that Grafts are...

First Contact wrote:
... sets of abilities related to things like type, subtype, and class that a GM can add to a creature to give it flavor and abilities...

I think that grafts are like templates, but better. That is to say that I think that we will probably get grafts for the things you want and more, even if they might work a little differently than we are used to.

For monsters? Yes, as grafts (Just like in unchained). For PCs? They were never officially supported in PF, so I don't think the graft equivalents will be usable on PCs.

NPCs. We have an entire planet of undead. There's clearly more separation than spell choice. Otherwise the system is a lame duck.

NPCs are built the same way as monsters. That said, Necrovites could be built with slight variations like being Charisma casters instead of Int casters, but overall they're all the same species (unlike liches who can be of any race), so the only variation would be between power levels, skills, and gear. A CR 13 necrovite would have weaker stats than a CR 18 one. And no two necrovites need have the same exact skills or equipment.

Still, I'm a bit apprehensive about this.

I've been hasty. After actually taking a look at the template grafts they seem acceptable.

where did you look at them?

Unchained. Sorry if that wasn't clear. If Starfinder is similar I should be fine.

Ah well... the templates looked good

The only think I hope is that the whole thing is better balanced and does not feel so...wonky like in uc

The grafts were actually pretty cool, the core construct just was...meh...

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