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Retraining at higher level

Rules Questions

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I was wondering if It was allowed to retrain early feats or class features for new ones only available at higher level.

For example :

My character is a level 13 Magus.
Early on I took the "Spell Blending" Arcana to learn one level 4 spell from the wizard spell list.

Could I retrain the class feature to learn one 5th level spell (now accessible) or two 4th level spells ?
Could I retrain a low level arcana to pick a high level one, now that I have the required Magus level ?

Same question for feats requiring class levels or BAB amount.

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Yes, I believe you can. The retraining rules does not mention that your new feat (class feature etc.) had to be available to you when you took the old one that you're replacing.

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You can do it with feats but not class features.


Class Feature Retraining:
Retraining a class feature means you lose the old class feature and gain a new one that you could otherwise qualify for at that point in your level advancement. For example, if you want to retrain your paladin’s fatigued mercy (which she gained at 3rd level), you can replace it only with another mercy from the 3rd-level list. If at 6th level you learned the sickened mercy (which is on the 3rd-level list), you may replace it with a mercy from the 3rd- or 6th-level list (because you are replacing a 6th-level mercy slot which you spent on a 3rd-level mercy).

The Exchange Owner - D20 Hobbies

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Jason Bulmahn said on a podcast it was intended for feats. The gold and time being a trade off kinda like buying a magic item lets you do things you couldn't do without.

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