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Playing Pre-Gens at Conventions (MagFest 2017)

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

Pathfinder Class Deck Subscriber

I'm running PFS ACG tutorial + 2-1 all weekend, and I've created the 6 original iconics pre gen decks for players. I have char, card, and chronicle sheets for them all to hand out. My question is at what point can pre-gen rewards be transferred vs when do you have to ref the pre-gen as your own char?

Can my players who did 2-1A last night transfer their completion, reward and upgrade to a new character? If they complete 2-1B can they no longer move the rewards? Some players expressed interest in buying a newer class deck now that they learned the game and it would be a shame if they had to start over and miss out on completing the adventure since 2-1a might not fire again this weekend.

Silver Crusade ** RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Guild Guide wrote:

Option 3: Take One For the Team
If you play a pregenerated character deck for a scenario (possibly for expediency or table balance) but intend to build your own character deck for later scenarios, you can transfer rewards and play credit you gain playing the pregenerated character to your future character. (You’ll still need the Class Deck of the pregenerated character to play it, of course.) We call this “taking one for the team.” If you register your pregenerated character, this does not count as taking one for the team. That character simply becomes a registered character and keeps all his rewards. If you take one for the team, when you fill out your Chronicle sheet, fill in the number of the Adventure Card Guild character who will receive the rewards you’re transferring. When that character advances to a tier that equals the adventure deck number of the scenario you played while “taking one for the team,” that character may gain the transferred rewards before playing any scenario in that tier. Remember, you can gain scenario rewards only once per character, so you cannot transfer a reward to a character who has earned that reward from the same scenario. For example, if you take one for the team by playing Kyra in 00-5C, and your Melindra advances to tier 5 later, she could opt to gain the reward before playing any tier 5-legal scenario. If she advances to tier 6 without gaining the reward, however, Melindra loses the reward and play credit.You may not take one for the team in solo play.

So basically, they can transfer those completion, rewards and upgrades to a new character UNTIL that character would tier up to Tier 3, at which the Tier 1 credits would no longer be valid for that character.

That said, I'm the GM for running Adventures 3-1 and 3-2 tomorrow and Sunday at MAGFest, so I'm happy to help these players with the details and let them borrow decks if they'd like. :)

Pathfinder Class Deck Subscriber

Oh nice! I'll stop by and see you :P if you need more, there are 6 sleeved and pregen chars in big blue and yellow duffel in the block labeled pregens. I might play in one of your games if it's a s3 I've done already. Otherwise my group would be mad lol

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Aren't there 7 original Iconics? Lem, Kyra, Valeros, Harsk, Merisiel, Seoni, and Ezren...?

Pathfinder Class Deck Subscriber

I didn't want to subject anyone to the bard CD which I think is the weakest and most confusing.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Really? Class Deck Lem is one of my favorite characters over all. (And he only died the once... SHUT UP!!!)

Silver Crusade ** RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

James McKendrew wrote:
Really? Class Deck Lem is one of my favorite characters over all. (And he only died the once... SHUT UP!!!)

It's not the characters in the Bard class deck that are the problem, it's the selection of boons. They're the pits.

Lone Shark Games

I think it depends a lot on what you're trying to actually do. The Bard deck has a great selection of heals and a bunch of cards I find great in ACG, like Swipe, Scrying, Charm Person (great for OP), Black Spot, Life Leech, Reflecting Buckler, Old Salt...

But it's one of the most eclectic / least focused deck lists among all of the class decks, so it's hard to focus on any particular theme.

Pathfinder Class Deck Subscriber

It was the boon scattershoting that made me not prep it for the tables. I would love to see the older classes get another pass eventually because Flenta is very sad at her super narrow options.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

The awesome heals and decent combat spells are keeping Lem going so far... My strategy tends to be very Shiny Object, which may be why I like the bards.

For that matter, lorddax, you have experienced the power of Meliski (also in SotRi), so it can't be ALL bad. B-)


I'm enjoying playing Siwar in SotPT. The boon path is narrow, but that's pretty standard in the Class Decks.

I don't see how that affects pregens, though. Are support characters that hard to teach? :/

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The bard class deck is completely terrible. I played it through the Wrath season with Lem (and cartmanbeck / Rebelsong), and while he was moderately good at the beginning, by the end he was just dead weight. He couldn't heal as well as clerics could, and he couldn't fight anything - at all. The combat spells weren't really all that strong, and the dexterity-focused weapons were virtually non-existent. There were so many scenarios where I just couldn't find anything to upgrade - no good spells, no good weapons, nothing.

It's especially galling that the allies in this deck are so pitiful - you'd expect the bard deck, if any, to have some of the best allies in the entire card game...but they're really lackluster (Noble Brat - meh). There were a few decent blessings, but the sad thing about organized play is that you almost never have higher-level deck blessings to upgrade with.

Avoid this deck at all costs.

Just to add a counteropinion to Calthaer: I played the S&S season in a group with Meliski (from the bard deck), and he did just fine. I had to pass him a weapon for the first 4 scenarios (I was Arabundi, the ranger), but after that, he held his own. We came to rely on his reroll ability.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Odd. Lem's been carrying his weight into Deck 5 of SotRi. Meliski was AMAZING all the way through the Promo scenario.

Silver Crusade ** Venture-Agent, Missouri—Springfield aka Heathwool

That seems odd. True, I haven't got him past 2, but Lem feels awesome. I play him with the double Cure, play all my blessings and Allies in the turn, then end turn discard a spell, draw cure from discard, use Cure. I cycle through my deck at least 2 times in a game, with my 7 hand size (which he can afford). I'm not sure if I understand how CD Lem is bad.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

The problem with Season of the Righteous and Lem is the preponderance of banes. Maybe this is a combo of which mythic path and role I took - I took archmage, which meant he got a good bonus to his spellcasting (CHA) but none to his weapon-based combat (DEX). Not that this would have done him any good - there are very few dex-weapons in the entire deck.

This leaves him without any reliable way to do damage unless he packs an offensive spell - which reduces his ability to cure. You also don't get much in the way of armor to help mitigate those fights you can't take. You can't really explore much in Wrath as a result, which reduces the effectiveness of the group.

Early on in Wrath - and maybe even into deck 5 - this wasn't so apparent. But the Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 was able to do a little bit of something against early bad guys. By deck 6, that thing - combined with no DEX bonus from a mythic path - just hurt too much. He can cycle a lot and add 1d4+x, and he could cure a bunch - but there's only so much the rest of the group can do to make up for the fact that Lem just isn't clearing out the vast quantity of monsters that need to be dispatched. Oh - and the combat spells are like Lightning Bolt and that Poison Cloud thing - not great for a set filled with monsters that resist them.

S&S and other box sets might be a different story. Meliski might as well, since he's got that punching thing going on. My complaint with this class deck is: a) there are some card types that are devoid of good options (allies, spells), and b) there are probably too many very different characters. This deck more than any other early one could have probably used only three characters and a bit more focus in the variety of cards available.

Scarab Sages **

This thread seems to be the best place for this question. I'm considering running some Pathfinder ACG at a convention later this year. The current edition of the ACG rules imply there are decklists for pregenerated characters from the class decks. I have searched all the downloads and can't find any. Can anyone point me to where to find those? Thanks.


See this thread. It's a bit scattered but should all be in there, except Goblins and Summoner.

Lone Shark Games

Summoner should get posted soon, as well.

At the moment, I'm not planning to do Goblins; they're a bit more fiddly in ways that feel less ideal for a person new to both ACG and OP. They also aren't "iconic" in the same way as the other pregens. I could be convinced otherwise, of course.

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