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Sword Scroll and Spell Membership.

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Shadow Lodge ****

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

ok, just went through the pathfinder society primer and noticed something this time through.

A few of the feats and traits say "members of the scrolls/swords/spells can take this feat etc."

is this just fluff or is there any mechanical weight to this? If you take a scroll trait are you banned from taking spell feats latter in your career?

On that note, were these ever intended to be the factions at one point and got held over?

Shadow Lodge ****


Shadow Lodge *

This is an interesting question, I personally do not see any problem with learning from all three masters but I see nothing one way or the other in the book itself, hitting FAQ on this one.


I have taken this to be fluff. I have seen nothing to indicate a person cannot be a member of all three groups.

Grand Lodge *

For simplicity it is probably fluff.
If there are some limitations, would they be different for "Trained" agents and "Field Commissioned" ones? Agents that go through training are exposed to each of them and could arguably follow all three. A fresh field commission might not even know more than each Master's name.
Also, while going through the Primer, I noticed that the Swords feat section is the only one worded differently. It talks of the feats "complimenting members of the Swords". The other two say their respective members "may take them".
Another thing to note, feats normally would have it listed in the prerequisites if it was one. Most traits are limited by their category. Campaign, race, regional, and religion are the ones that usually have a prerequisite. There might be some random other ones that have a specific requirement written right in there description. (I believe there is one that requires the character to have Mounted Combat to take)

I also think an official response would not be a bad idea, so FAQ hit.

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