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Familiar / Animal Companion names

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I`ve found me laughing by myself because my Ranger/Bard`s animal Companion name.

My character is a Half Elf Ranger/Bard and have a Badger animal companion called Gimble Jimble Mambo Jambo.

Recently, te party disguised themselves as orcs, Gimble Jimble was disguised as an fiendish Badger called Gombo Jumbo Mombo Dumbo

So, do you have some familiar/animal companion with remarkable name?

I usually going with a deformed fraction of the taxinomic name when I'm naming companion. For instance my treefolk sapling druid companion was named Eae (for Pinaceae, he was a pine tree).

Hmmm. Well, my Elven wizard's air elemental is named Sûl, which means "wind" in Sindarin.

My Faerie Dragon is called Puck.

Not sure either of those are remarkable in any way, but they are fitting.

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My own little bunny rabbit. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.

I had a mount named Surreptitiously or something like that, I would enter towns riding Surreptitiously.

We had a guy in our group who without fail would always have/find/aquire a horse, inevitably call it sprinkles, and it would inevitably find a horrible end.

Now that he's left the group we bought a pair of donkeys and named them after him.

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As a Druid of Mwangi background known as Mbongo, I made sure that my ape animal companion was named Mkongo.

My witch has a possum named Vilhjalmr, mostly just for the sake of no one else in the party being able of pronouncing it. That and because he travels on her head, making it a pun.

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