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Tanking with pre-defined stats


Hello all,

I am about to start on RotRL, and the whole group has decided on a GM designed character creation method, and adapt to those to create our characters.

My stats are pretty good overall:


Now, according to the other rolled characters and stats, we will probably be missing a frontliner, I am hoping to play that role, and even though I can juggle around a few races to increase other stats other than STR and WIS to kind of acceptable levels, I would actually like to make the best out of that wisdom stat.

Of course I could always build a fighter with a high wisdom and that's it, but I was thinking along the lines of a druid, monk, druid/monk, or even a battle cleric.

I am very inexperienced on the three classes above, having never actually played them - I have crunched a few builds but would ask your opinion on a good way to approach this one (without any RotRL spoilers please).

Regarding Druid: I have read they make stellar good melee combatants and acceptable tanks, but when melee focused the decline is really steep at higher levels - this may be an issue since we actually may play our characters beyond the scope of the AP - so I was thinking, maybe I could add some...

Monk: I have been wanting to play a monk for a very long time, they seem well rounded, and with the archetype options, quite versatile (maybe less than the Druid?), but I must admit stuff like MomS actually gets me a little mixed up on trying to decide where to head to. Would you say, with those stats, monk makes a decent tanking option by itself, or does it stand to gain from some druid levels? Also, would it be a decent way to compensate the decline melee druids apparently suffer at higher levels?

Battle Cleric: From what I understood there is a whole debate about action economy when it comes to the battle cleric - I actually read the guide on the reach cleric and was looking forward to playing one, but if the party needs a frontliner, I am guessing the reach cleric is not the one - he seems more oriented to a second line combatant. In any case, a battle cleric is still a good melee character with an assortment of buffs and all.

Any feedback on my questions and consideratons above are welcome, and of course other insights on what to build around those stats.


Grand Lodge

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What books are allowed?

What Races are allowed?

I think we are ok with most books - wouldn't want to go too overboard with the races, but should be ok with most except stuff like half-giants, minotaurs, etc.

Yep, Inquisitor would be GREAT, but I am already playing an inquisitor in a parallel PbP and would like to mix it up a tad more this time around :D

Aasimar(Angel-Blooded) Druid.

Str:16 + 2
Cha:10 + 2

1st: Power Attack
3rd: Natural Spell
5th: Planar Wild Shape
7th: Celestial Servant
9th: ??

I like build with a central theme.
In this case bless by heavens or send form an other plane to protect natur itself or something like this. This build will give some nice damage output and past level 5 some DR 5/Evil and a limited ability to smite evil (1/day compain and 1/day in your wildshape form).

(Some people in here might even read Planar Wild Shape as smite once per wild shape but i am sure most GMs will not agree on this reading)

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Archer Cleric with Guided Hand to use wisdom for attack rolls with god's favored weapon.

Choose a god with a Longbow or Shortbow as their favored weapon.

Dark Archive

Can't get Power Attack as a Druid at level 1, Breiti. There's that pesky +1 BAB requirement. And iirc, you need to be level 5 to get Natural Spell (because you have to have the Wild Shape ability).

@Breiti: I'm definitely going to look into that option, though I was trying to avoid giving up completely on the summoner aspect of the druid - it seems we will be a small group, and not very tanky at that, so It might come in handy having a tough animal companion with a few other summoned creatures to boot, or not?

@blackbloodtroll: Seems like a nice one, but how would I perform as the frontliner in that case? Should I leave it all completely to the Animal Companion?

Dark Archive

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I'd go with a battle cleric, personally. With your lack of a Dex bonus I'd be worried about hitting the AC needed to tank with the druid, monk or combo of the two.

Channel energy is a nice source of out-of-combat healing for the whole party, so it might be worth boosting Charisma a little bit. I'd go with human or aasimar for race, using angel-blooded aasimar if your DM allows it - that gets you +2 Str and +2 Cha, plus alter self as a spell-like ability, which nets you an easy +2 size bonus to Str once a day. The standard aasimar bonuses to Wis and Cha aren't bad, either.

You might consider a 1-level dip in fighter early on for weapon and heavy armor proficiencies, as well as a feat (Toughness, Shield Specialization?) to help you tank. I'd also look at going into Holy Vindicator (in addition to or instead of the fighter level - fighter gets you in earlier, but makes HD's armor and weapon proficiencies redundant).

For RotRL, an aasimar cleric of Ragathiel or Desna would fit in well with the setting, as well. Magnimar, which you'll visit briefly, is home to a large concentration of worshipers of the Empyreal Lords.

@Seranov: yeah, the feats have to be reordered. Did this in a hurry without looking up all feats

1st: ??
3rd: Power Attack
5th: Planar Wild Shape
7th: Celestial Servant
9th: Natural Spell

"I was trying to avoid giving up completely on the summoner aspect of the druid".
Even without feats to backup this plan any druid can summon some stuff...
and i think on higher levels the DR, energy restistence and smite makes the two team combo relativly tough.

DR 10/evil on both is realy good most monsters that can overcome this DR can do so because the have DR X/good, but if i get the rules right that means that you can overcome this DR, too ;)

The smite on a big cat companion becomes realy good at high levels. HD on every damage roll for a cat that ponces 5 attacks in can yuickly add up


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