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Pinning without a grapple?

Rules Questions

Let's say you have a Medium humanoid prone opponent in front of me, standing, and I'd like to pin his arm or his neck into submission or to have him surrender to tell me info using my trident, or any forked weapon, in between the prongs. That would technically be a pin without a grapple.

Can it be done? If so, how?

Pretty sure you saw that think of tactic in fictions already, so I'm just looking for a way to replicate taht in Pathfinder.

Thanks for the help ^^

JiCi wrote:
Let's say you have a Medium humanoid prone opponent in front of me, standing, and ...

If they are prone, they are not standing? I'm confused...

But skip that. If you have a prone opponent you can GRAPPLE in the first round and skin it to say that you are using your trident (but will take a -4 to your check for not having both hands free). The next round, Assuming that you succeed on a second Grapple check (at a +5 if they didn't break the grapple)you can pin them.


What Bltz said basically. There's a lot of things can be done in the fiction which you can't really pull off in-game because of the mechanics. This is one of them. Pinning requires multiple successful grapple checks. With greater grapple you could do it in one round but it would still require grapple checks and would still require the use of your hands.

Now, you could speak to your GM about called shots and if he would allow this tactic to work if you make a called shot to completely miss his throat or arm and pin him to the ground. The downside to this is 1) if you mess up your called shot you just killed your potential prisoner and 2) once you start making called shots your GM starts making called shots. You don't want your GM making called shots...

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