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Mythic Arcane Strike and Bane

Player Feedback

Now don't get me wrong this isn't OMG stop the presses broken loophole of doom time.

In fact I need this to make my Melee Scared Orc Polymorphing Witchdoctor viable. So please don't change it ;)

but I figured I should mention it

You can add any +1 weapon enchantment to all your weapons which lasts 1 minute

Okay so as a swift action I spend a mythic point, choose Bane and select whatever monster type I happen to be fighting

Arcane strike +1 damage
Mythic arcane strike +1 attack +1 damage
+1 enchantment Bane = +2 enchantment bonus plus 2d6 untyped damage

For a nice total of +3 to attack, +4 damage +2d6 untyped damage on all of my attacks

unless I've read something wrong ?

That said its counter as a GM is using a mixed creature type encounters which aren't exactly uncommon, so again not so bad. and since everyone will jump on the +2 Holy bandwagon at Mythic Tier 3 ..... not a big issue

I'm going to try this tomorrow night as our GM just added mythic to our game to playtest, I'll let you know if he pulls his hair out ;)

btw as a side question does the enchantment bonus from this feat stack with

a) regular weapon enchantments

b) class ability e.g. magus arcane pool bonus to weapon enchantment

c) both a) and b)

and if said flat enchantment bonus exceeded +6 would that bypass epic DR

Phasics wrote:
and if said flat enchantment bonus exceeded +6 would that bypass epic DR

I guess another question is would it LET you go beyond the normal limitation of +5? This is Mythic we're talking about after all.

But then that might open doors to all the "omg give every item a mythic version" whining..

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