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Immortal vs Antimagic Fields and Negative Levels

Mythic Adventures Playtest General Discussion

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While making a playtest character I was reading the Immortal (Su) Mythic Ability and came upon the first line, "At 9th tier, if you are killed, you return to life 24 hours later, regardless of the condition of your
body or the means by which you were killed."

My first question is what happens if you were killed by negative levels, do you 24 hours later return with no negative levels or is that Mythic Character gone to The Boneyard?

Question two, what happens if the Mythic Character is killed inside an antimagic field? As the ability is Supernatural it should not function. Does the hero stay dead, if you remove the body from the field within 24 hours will it rise, if you remove the body after an extended period of time does it rise immediately, 24 from the removal from the field, or never?

Hmm, I think the primary Mythic abilities may need to be changed into extraordinary abilities so they can't be shut down by any wizard with an antimagic field.

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Gives a great way to bring a mythic villain back when the PCs unwittingly shut down the Anti-magic Field suppressing his mythic immortality.

Also maybe you treat negative levels the same way you treat mythic damage, you need to take at least 50% of them from a mythic creature to do the job.

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