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Kingmaker: Numerian Incursion ideas?


Hello people, I'm going to be running Kingmaker for a group of buddies of mine and one of them is going to be playing a engineer of some sort and with my own taste for madness I'm going to be placing subtle incursions from Numeria since it is so close and the engineer would get a kick out of harvesting supplies from downed machines he wouldn't exactly be able to get in Absalom or the Mana Waste. I'm also brewing some options for if they recover machines from Numeria to benefit the kingdoms, the engineer would love to build something along the lines of a force field generator or Tesla coil, the guy is called Tesla so I wasn't expecting any less from him.

Has anyone done work for similar matters? I'd love some ideas for throwing Technic League adepts or Numerian automatons at them, I know one of the major baddies in game have a few relics of Numeria so Technic Adepts coming to retrieve them sounds like a good plan and I still need ideas for the other ideas involving expanding the kingdom build processes to be science oriented since they like the idea of equal opportunity and magic doesnt hold the throne all alone.

What I'm asking is ideas and resources if they exist for numerian encounters in Kingmaker and scientific stuff for the kingdom building processes.

Pitax could be bent on utilizing Numerian technology to conquer. It's already partially written in, as seen by Irovetti's Numerian artifacts.

DM Barcas wrote:
Pitax could be bent on utilizing Numerian technology to conquer. It's already partially written in, as seen by Irovetti's Numerian artifacts.

I've already thought of maybe adding a few automatons among Pitax ranks with a rogue technic adept acting as their caretakers. Maybe toss a few relics along the lines like those from Red Redoubt. Might even include mini red redoubt as well, maybe it was the first experiment of a rogue adept trying to make his own kingdom in the past but died due to tampering of Gremlins to the internal mechanisms. This might be a good place for my engineer player to get access to materials he needs.

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ODly enough I have 2 in my game, neither of which involve Pitax...

1) Rothangar from Citidel of Pain (a sandbox mega dungeon from Gaming Paper)- There's a gnome that has Technic league written all over him.

2) I moved a modified Falcon's Hollow to the Narlmarch and gave them over to that evil lumber consortium guy for Carnival of Tears. The consortium- is sponsered by and sends its lumbar to Numeria

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While it doesn't show on the River Kingdom nor Kingmaker maps - there is a gnomish settlement called Jovvox just south of the Narlemarches. They specialise in selling poor quality weapons in bulk, but there is no reason they couldn't have other interests as well.

I have a settlement known as Gnome Ferry - which is actually a rope ferry based at the confluence of the Shrike and Sellen rivers. Gnomish ingenuity uses ropes, rudders and the currents to control its position. The ferry itself is home to its crew ( a mix of gnomes and halflings) - and they are generally stay mid-stream unless they are hailed for passage. They protect themselves with a set of mounted large, repeating heavy crossbows. They are crewed by a team, one to aim and fire and others to turn handles and move things to turn the whole seat and X-bow in the right direction. (Think WWII AA guns) If they are seriously threatened they break out the exploding large, heavy x-bow bolts .....

Lots of opportunity with Gnomes :)

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In my game Pitax is going to be a Steampunk tyranny, and Irovetti an iron-fisted genius.

When I think of Irovetti, I'm immediately reminded of captain Bertorelli from the Allo Allo series: ns.Components.Files/14/1563.bertorelli04mn9.jpg

Pitax as a hubristic Fascist-type steampunk realm seems fitting, yes. Tesla tanks and other automatons will also balance the military overweight of the players' realm vis-à-vis Pitax by that time :)

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A quick tesla tank build ^^

Size: Huge Construct (mindless)
HD: 13HD
HP: 122HP
AC: 24 (Dex +1, natural armor +13), ff AC 23, touch AC 11
Initiative: +1
Speed: 75ft
Senses: blindsight 60ft
Melee: slam +21 (2d8+8) plus conduction (1d6 electricity)
Saves: Fort+4, Ref+5, Will+4
Immune: construct traits
Defensive abilities: DR10/-, resist cold, fire 10
Special attacks: breath weapon (60-ft. line, 10d8 electricity damage, Reflex DC16 for half, usable every 1d4 rounds), powerful charge (slam, 4d8+16), trample (2d8+12, DC24), conduction (1d6 electricity)
Abilities: Str26, Dex12, Con--, Int—, Wis--, Cha--

Wonderful! I haven't checked this for a while, nice construct Sharasvar my engineer wants to build it! Keep it coming folks!

Also like the idea of groups being hired to harvest wood in the region, and the idea of a gnome of the technic league is indeed interesting since they would excel at crafting and they would never be bored!

I'm kind of doing a mixed Numeria and Dark Tapestry gig. I've placed locations all over the Stolen Lands map where star metals arrived long, long ago and have been buried ever since. They'll have the opportunity to mine these unique metals in their kingdom building and do some interesting things with them. However, with the arrival of these star metals came all manner of alien life that they'll have to tangle with, as well as a plot to bring forth a Star Spawn of Cthulu from the depths of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Once word gets out that these star metals exist within the area, Numeria will become very interested in the claiming of them. This will enable me to do some fun infiltration from that area. I'll probably start with undercover androids, but you can bet that there will be some amped-up Gearsmen before it's all over!

Interesting Sub-Creator, I've used the Mi-go in place of a Star Spawn.My players did kill a few of them and the alchemist kept the bodies for...'examination.' Among the loot they received were several brain canisters with no comprehensible markings on them so the alchemist took them for further examination. I think maybe the Technic League has found several of their members splayed out on the fringes of the River Kingdom with their skulls cut open and brains and tech removed. I could see the Technic League interested in gathering the brains of their fallen 'companions' since if you've read City of the Fallen Sky the other members of the League will ransack fallen members rooms and labs and collect what seems pretty and will always go for tech first. I might place more Mi-go out there collecting star metals to help make the Gearmen and other technic league adepts and constructs coming into the area possibly in conflict with the Mi-go.

We just started book two last night and I already intend to mix in a little steampunk. In book one the party encountered a group of mites (unrelated to the ones written into the book) who had fireworks. It won't be long before they run into some goggle-wearing little blue guys looking for their missing brethren.

Plus when the party was trying to think of a name for the kingdom one of the potentials was "Doomeria" ... and I had someone do a roll to make the Numeria connection. So they realize now that it's just over the horizon.

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