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All PCs start with 1 Hero point and gain 1 Hero Point each time they level up. The maximum number of Hero Points a PC can have at a time is 3. Hero Point feats and spells are allowed.

You can use 1 Hero Point to do any of the following actions. You can only use 1 Hero Point per turn for these actions.
1. Gain an extra standard action during your turn.
2. Gain a +8 bonus to a d20 roll if spent before or a +4 bonus if spent after. This can also be used to effectively increase the DC of a spell by lowering a single target's saving throw in the same manner by half that amount.
3. Ready an action at any time. (Must be done before a post is made; no retcons.)
4. Regain a spell or use of a limited special ability.
5. Reroll a d20.

You can use 2 Hero Points to do the following, regardless of if you have used a Hero Point this turn.
6. Survive a fatal attack at -10, unconscious, and stable.(2 points)