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Why is the Haramaki allowed in PFS?

Roleplaying Guild General Discussion

Sovereign Court *

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Ok... so I have been considering the basic item "Haramaki" and wondering why this item is as good as it is.

Sure it only adds a +1 bonus... but in all ways this item seems superior to all other +1 ac items..
It seems to be even be better than the wondrous magic item: Bracers of Armor +1

The Haramaki has no max dex bonus, no armor check penalty, no arcane failure chance and weighs the same as Bracer of Armor... Only the Haramaki costs 3gp instad of 1000gp

Even at higher end levels the Haramaki is superior as it starts with a +1 bonus, and can be enchanted to become continuously better...

Since bracers of armor cannot have any armor special abilities that add a flat gp amount to their cost... a limitation that the Haramaki does not have...

I guess it boils down to "Why is there a basic item at 3gp that is better than a magic item at 1000gp"?

or more appropriately... "Why would any adventure (particularly in PFS ever take set of bracers of armor in favor of a Haramaki"?

***** Venture-Captain, Massachusetts—Central & West aka Harley Quinn X

Duplicate question, asked 18 minutes ago here.

We should keep the discussion to one thread.

They stack.

Sovereign Court *

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Flagged as double post... and I will move my discussion to the other thread.

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