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Wizard / Sorceror build for very small groups

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I will soon be playing in a very small Pathfinder group consisting only of the DM, one other player and myself. The other player leans towards playing either a Barbarian or a Bard, and I am inclined to play a pure caster, Sorceror or Wizard. The starting level will likely be between 8 and 10, and I'd be surprised if the campaign ever went beyond level 12.

Under these ramifications I am a bit unsure how to build my character. I have read Treatmonks guide to GOD wizards, but it seems to me that Buffing and Debuffing is much stronger in larger groups, while with only two players I also need to be able to actually take out opponents for good rather than just hindering them for a bit. Maybe even build towards the much maligned Blaster type?

Any suggestion therefore would be very welcome.

You could play an Evoker(Admixture) Wizard with a one level dip in Crossblooded Sorcerer (Orc, Draconic). You will want high initiative, so may want to take Improved Initiative feat.

This should probably be in the Advice forum.

Anyway, I would play two very different Wizards, I think, based on whether my friend were playing a Barbarian or a Bard. Either way, summoning spells could be useful just to have more meat on the board. There js a Wizard prestige class in Inner Sea Magic that lets your Wizard pick up a few druid spells for some healing.

Oh and I guess maybe if he goea Bard, you cab go Wiz, but he he goes Barbarian, you might want to be a Sorcerer and fill in as the party talker, plus you can take UMDevice skill and hope for wands of Cure Light Wounds.

Woe on me, of course it should be in the Advice forum. How could I miss that one?

Can some Admin move the thread?

The Exchange

Check out summoner.
If not that, choose a conjuration specialist - you are going to need more bodies between you and BEBG.

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