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Raising Charisma in PFS


Right now I know you can raise charisma in PFS by a head slot item and you level bonuses. Is there any other way to raise it with already have been by these means?

One of the Ioun Stones in the wayfinder.

A couple of spells.

I think that's about it.

I do not think the ioun stones or spells stack with the headpeices.

Sorry, I thought you were looking for 'instead of' not 'stacks with' concepts.

Seems like there was one spell that stacks with the others. For some reason I was thinking it was a druid or paladin spell that gave a divine rather than enhancement bonus.

But I might be remembering 3.x again.

Sovereign Court

Head slot items, ioun stones and spells all give enhancement bonuses and do not stack.

You would be needing an inherent bonus, which you could get from a Tome of Leadership and Influence (starting price for a +1 bonus is 27.5k GP requiring 40 Fame in order to make the purchase, +2 55k GP and 54 Fame, +3 82.5k GP and 58 Fame, +4 110k GP and 63 Fame, +5 137.5k GP and 67 Fame) or you could get multiple castings of Wish in rapid succession one after the other at the cost of 26.53k GP per casting (minimum ... cost is caster level x spell level x10 GP) with basically the same Fame requirements depending on bonus level.

Inherent Bonuses also DO NOT STACK, so if you want to increase stats this way, you need to do so ALL AT ONE TIME.

Also, this should be in the PFS section of the messageboards. Flagged to get it moved to where it needs to be.

Silver Crusade

Finlanderboy wrote:
Right now I know you can raise charisma in PFS by a head slot item and you level bonuses. Is there any other way to raise it with already have been by these means?

For 25 K, a Rod of Splendor grants a +4 enhancement bonus to Cha, plus daily haute couture and 1/week party palace. At only 9K more than a +4 headband, it is much cheaper than any other slotless stat boost.

Sovereign Court

Still wouldn't stack if there is already a Headband item in the PC's possession.

Sovereign Court

You could use Planar Binding to call an Efreet and - if you beat it in an opposed Charisma check - use his three wishes to get an inherent +3 bonus... though (being PFS), this bonus will disappear at the end of the scenario/module. Probably more of a "module" kind of thing to do!

(Actually one could, in principle, call two Efreet with two castings of Planar Binding, and have them coordinate five castings of Wish for a +5 bonus (inherent); again, only for the duration of the scenario).

You could *also* use Planar Binding to call a Succubus, and if you succeed in pressing it into service, have it grant a +2 profane bonus to Charisma. Note that it can remove the bonus as a free action (with dire consequences), so it's best to immediately kill it (ideally by rendering it unconscious via, say, Deep Slumber or the like, and then following up with a coup de grâce) before it can take this action. Again, the bonus would (one presumes) disappear at the end of the scenario.

Beyond that, there are the aforementioned Tomes (five flavors, +1 through +5, inherent bonuses which will persist beyond the scenario) - if you have deep pockets - or the usual headbands, ioun stone, etc.

The highest possible Charisma in PFS - someday, when level 20 is possible - will be 38 (25, plus 6 enhancement from a headband, +5 inherent from a Tome, +2 profane from a Succubus (for a module)).

Well, this doesn't take into account transmuters' focused arcane enhancement school, which (at level 8) allows a 1 round bonus of 1/2 level (so up to +10, in theory) to an ability score; self-only, alas. Still, handy for those opposed charisma checks!

Not that *I* would ever have such dealings with evil outsiders! >.>

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Luthier's rapier from Second Darkness Player's Guide will grant a +4 sacred bonus for ten minutes a day.

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