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Improving Specific Weapons

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Anyone know set/house ruled guidelines for customizing magic items? I want to pitch it to my DM, but I don't want to upset other PCs by spending half the session hashing out all the details and costs.

The rule is that it's up to your DM as to whether to allow custom magic items or not. The guidelines given by Paizo are here.

Well yes, that's for creating the item from scratch. How would I go about, per se, taking a Sun Blade and upping the enhancement bonus?

First calculate how the price of the Sunblade was determined. Then build off of that. Any extra non-weapon abilities will be calculated separately from the enhancement bonus if the sword itself which is +2. So logically with the Craft arms and Armor feat you could spend 5,000 gp to make it's standard bonus +3. As a +2 weapon this means in creation cost, there is an extra 21,000ish gp in cost for its extra abilities, bit adding more abilities does not stagger up in price the way enhancements do. Make since?

Derp. *sense

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