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I'm actually co-authoring this book with Christina. We are working on no less than three methods to play lycanthropes. Including methods for natural born were creatures. Something else I'm really excited about is breaking down the rules and providing the means to make any animal a were creature. Think of the possibilities of a stone giant weredire bear. Or a were-squid.

A wizard's familiar can be the subject of any spell with a target of "you". The spell Transformation gives great bonuses to attack and AC, but states you cannot cast spells in the transformed state. If the familiar gets Transformation, can the wizard still deliver touch spells through it?

Winterwalker: only barely, and only because the DM let stoneskin stop 10 of it. He also rolled all the dice instead of taking the average (which would be 175) he ended up rolling 156 and knocking me to -9. Buff fighter is buff.

So am I, Azaelas, so am I.
Though we could also put the price of sundering as equal to a +1 weapon enhancement; as in the days of the Mighty Sundering weapon ability. Which, I suppose, means the price of sundering goes up exponentially depending on how powerful your weapon already is. So now we must conclude: Sundering becomes more valuable the longer you wait to take it. I'll stop now.

Derpy phone, *press, not price. Though I'd we were to price the point of sundered items, we'd likely find a bargain. ;-p

My fighter usually does the same, but in this instance, he wanted to price a point.

Yes, my benevolent DM usually follows and act of cruelty with one of kindness.

found it

Sorry to mislead, hope this helps.

The weapon is still in your off hand though, so it's a fuzzy call, since the CRB specifies penalties for using your off hand. Consult your DM, before presuming anything. Taking the Quick Draw feat makes it totally legit though.

Fortunately for my fighter, he was at full HP, 12th level, stoneskin, took 156 damage to out him at -9 (his con score is 16). I've spoken with DM since, and he admits it was excessive.

With respect to either way the sunblade may be created, for the purpose of this thread,could the player not just add the cost of cold iron and the difference of a bastard to greatsword and call it even on the creation? Then, when/if he has the chance to upgrade it further, he and the GM work out what they think is fair?

Thanks. Hopefully I can use this to at least get him to nerf the damage down to a less lethal level.

Just like the subject line reads. In our home game, my fighter sundered a magical weapon, only to have the GM roll 50 d6 damage for the release of its magical energy. Barely survived. It's a cool home game and story effect, but is there RAW to support any burst of energy when breaking magic items? For instance, could a wizard in dire straights say "screw it" snap three wands and take out the whole tower along with himself? Thanks for any input.

A scroll would work, but not a potion. You can increase the DC by 5 per prerequisite, but you must have the proper feat and caster level.

Vult, I've played around with the Sunblade as well. You are correct, the base enhancement is +2, so 4,000 of its creation cost are wrapped up in this and the rest is abilities added, such as counting as a weapon two dice higher, its extra to hit and damage, etc. Were I pricing this out as a DM, here's what I'd call it: 350 gp base for the price of a MW greatsword, 4,000 for the +2 and 21,000 for the abilities. It would be considered a longsword dealing greatsword damage since the shortsword version goes up to bastard sword damage. Others may see this differently, but this is how it's been ruled in my own games. Keep in mind, if you add more non-enhancment abilities to the blade, the price for said abilities will be on top of the 21,000.

Alternate Racial Traits

The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above. Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options.

Dayborn: A few fortunate dhampirs were born during the day under the blessings of priests, and their blood has weaker ties to their undead bloodline than others of their kind. Such dhampirs are unhindered by daylight and lose the light sensitivity racial trait. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

The spell says "up to 30 feet" which I take as meaning the opponent could just be 10 feet away. If we stay by RAW, that the caster cannot move through an enemy space, the spell ends after they get adjacent to an enemy and make an attack. Which means, this second level spell is nothing but a glorified charge. With this in mind, my opinion is still in favor of the caster may move through any occupied space as long as they end in a free one.

I'll certainly differ to greater minds than I, but the way the spell is worded, doesn't seem to dictate you can not move through an enemy's space, only that you may attack an enemy adjacent to you during the movement and you must end in a free square.

I think as long as my GM and I are on the same page concerning the RAI, I'm sticking with the dagger idea. It's really not ss much about the number of attacks as it is about presenting an agile fighter so decked out in daggers you might think he's peace-bonded spiked armor. *Fighter walks into tavern, bouncer tells him to check his weapons at the door. 30 daggers later, bouncer says "enough, just promise not to stab anyone".

Point taken. I guess I just consider 3pp stuff made for pathfinder to be pathfinder. As a rules discussion though, I agree with you; should've kept it straight Paizo product line, my bad.

As someone who has published works in third party publishers; Open Design to be specific, I take a bit of offense here Ilja. Yes, some things are overpowered, but we work hard to make sure everything balances with existing rules. There is already a feat allowing elves to add their Int bonus to damage from bows, so why not one to add the bonus to the attack roll, especially when you give it proper prerequisites? It's not a PFS game, and the player and GM discussed the feat before allowing it in game.

Zerocool: same feat name, different bonus, and different company. I'll ask the player where it's from and report back when I find it.

It's a 3rd party feat, I don't recall the company off hand. Yeah, the monk does cycle through ammo. We're in a dungeon crawl now, and he's already used about half his supply and is hoping some show up soon in treasure piles.

The idea behind the dagger throw is to cram as many attacks as possible in one round. Not so much power gaming as "let's see how many daggers the DM allows me to carry on my person, and how quickly my character will need to start retrieving them." Plus, I always get the vision of a dagger expert throwing his blades into a wall to provide hand and foot holds for others to climb. Or pinning an opponent to a wall with several well aimed throws. So really, not as much power game as flashy game.

I may change the build to be a little more dynamic. Rather than double daggers, maybe a pepperbox and dagger. Keep the dagger in hand if melee happens so I can pistol whip and stab. But still get the extra shot with rapid shot. That way I'm only ever incurring a -2, barring special circumstance. I try hard not to min/max and just play what I think will be fun.

Grick, this is how I usually play. But I don't ever want to knowingly play contrary to the RAI if not the RAW.

Gotcha. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have their full builds on hand.

Semantics aside, what I'm taking away from this is as long as my DM and I are on the same page beforehand, the feats stack. But please keep posting, I find it rather amusing. Lol :-D

I listed basic stats above Ilja.

How right you are Krodjin. With the QZAM getting 7 attack per round at 11th level and throwing perfect strike and all the other bonus feats monks get, they are formidable indeed. Fighters still get the advantage if the player is very wise with feat selection, nut if the two classes went two to two, my money is on the monk.

Quick draw is in the build.

Good good. I thought as much, but really wanted to make sure before I took the time to make the build.

I'm not the GM in this one, so it's really not my call. As min/maxed as the monk is, the player is an active role player and uses his vows to create a rather hilarious persona. Our GM plays hero points a little different though, so the few times the ol monk got in a jam, he's been able to get out of it. The game the monk really hated though, was against the wizard who kept casting Wall of Wind, and the ghost. Fighter has a +1 corrosive, ghost touch weapon, so he shined in that battle.

Because of his large ki pool due to vows, he saves his hero points for cases like grappling. He has a high Wis (as a monk should) than the fighter has Str and gets to it to his attack bonus with the bow. His AC is higher because of this as well. Although the fighter uses heavy armor with a low dex, so it is not uncommon to get a better AC than him. The fighter still does much more damage, but it is not unheard of for a monk to pass the attack bonus. Monk level 12: bab +9 Wis mod +7, weapon focus +1, intuitive shot +3 and a +3 bow for +23. Fighter level 12: bab +12, Str mod +6, weapon focus +2, weapon training +2 and a +1 sword for +23, but the fighter usually power attacks, leaving him at +20

I'm working on a throwing weapon build and want to make sure Rapid Shot and Two Weapon Fighting still stack with each other at a total of -4 to attack when throwing light weapons. They stacked in 3.x, but I don't know if there may be am official ruling in PF. Thanks!

Perhaps combos is the wrong word. I was typing just before I went to sleep, my apologies. The qinggong monk becomes capable (with the correct build) of incredible bursts of power and methods to escape many predicaments a base monk could not. The player in our game uses Zen Archer and Qinggong, I'm fact I think I mentioned him before which may have sparked this discussion. Thanks to feat selection, he has an attack bonus and AC higher than the fighter, can fire his bow without provoking AoOs, holds onto the option of Scorching Ray, and can take gaseous form when bad things happen, such as an expert grappler enemy trying to hold him down. So, sorry, Finnish was the wrong word, but I disagree with the statement if monks being the weakest class. If built properly, they are beasts.

I'm with MPL on this one. It makes for some really broken combos, but nothing illegal. Though I don't know how long it will stand in PFS, since they are quicker to restrict options (holy gun).

I'm relieved, at least, to see I wasn't alone in the way I was playing it. Lol

Well, after reading the forum Cheapy posted (thanks!) and seeing Sean's interpretation. I humbly stand corrected. Agitated as well though since I've been playing this wrong for a while. Though I wish the first sentence left out the word "all" to avoid future confusion. Thank you all, sorry to waste your forum space.

If they are the same, why are they worded differently? I may be wrong, and that's okay, but I still read all as all. You either turn it on at the start of your turn, or before you make a standard attack action, or you don't. Cleave is differen because it affects both attacks and AC. Power Attack only affects attacks.

Ilja, the fear also says "the effects last until your next turn". All is all in one turn.

Agreed, the AoOs are affected either way. And point taken on furious focus. My point is the Power Attack feat description has the word "all" in it. Yes, you can turn it off, on your next turn. But it's all or none. It never says at any point during a full attack, it just says "all".

Besides, if it did not affect everything, the feat Furious Focus would be completely useless.

Barry Armstrong wrote:
Dawsjax wrote:
No. RAW, Power attack affects all melee attacks in any given round until your next turn.

There is nothing in RAW that says this or even suggests it. RAW says "you can choose" and "before making an attack roll".

Meaning you choose which attacks, if any, the feat affects. Once you turn it on, however, it affects every attack after that until your next turn.

The word "all" in the feat description seems pretty clear to me.

If the sting attack is primary, keep it closer to cloak of the manta ray. Also remember, if you want this to be a permanent affect, it will cost much much more than the cloak of the manta ray. Your honestly probably better off finding a wizard crazy enough to polymorph you into the same creature as you are, but with a tail. This would be cheaper than the permanent cloak also. On top of a permanent item costing more, if you're putting on a cloak of resistance, you pay even more since you are adding multiple unsimilar abilities.

No. RAW, Power attack affects all melee attacks in any given round until your next turn. There is a 3rd party feat that allows this called Adjust Power Attack. But as is, no, you cannot. May I suggest Furious Focus to negate the penalty for the first attack with Power Attack. Then the Vital Strike tree if feats to deal additional weapon damage when using a single attack. This also increases your mobility since vital strike uses only a standard action.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Kazaan wrote:
Use the whip to sunder their armor?
Is that even possible...

Possible yes. Feasible no. You can attempt to sunder with the whip, and you might hit, but the Str 3 prevents any damage from getting high enough to get through hardness. If later you enchanted the heck out of it... You still have a small chance. Especially without the sunder tree of feats, which start with power attack which requires 10 more Str than our halfling hero possesses. That being said, it'd be fun to watch a character swing a whip so hard they crack other weapons and armor. Maybe later in the campaign, when the players are more comfortable with the rules, you can fashion a whip out of a magical creature's hide and make it more dynamic. For example: Troll skin whip-as a swift action immediately after a successful trip attack, the wielder may cut the cord, leaving the tripped opponent entangled. The cut whip regrows in one full round, but must be crafted back into a usable whip, requiring a craft check DC 15 and one more full round.

Neither side is going to convince the other side they are right or wrong. I'm going to keep up with this thread in hopes someone official comes in and makes the call, but until then I'm going to agree to disagree with those of us contending TS trumps PK. I don't think it should, my GM agrees with me, so the games I run and play in are unaffected. I would hate for this to become another "Sunder is an attack action" thread and since all arguments are now only repeating themselves, I think it only behooves us to request the faq and wait.

I think with a Str 3 you'd knock yourself out lifting the bass! Lol. Cool to keep it simple, I sometimes forget not everyone has been playing as long as my groups. Foremost, have fun. If your stick figure halfling brings amusement to you and the group, then it doesn't matter what the stats say or what the dice rolls.

I still disagree, but you already know why. We can haz faq please?

Haha! My phone auto corrected "baddie". I just noticed. But if the PC is a bard, a bassist may be trouble. Lol

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