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Alchemist class and cloud effects questions


Lantern Lodge

I'm kinda wondering some specifics regarding the Alchemist's Strafe Bomb. I'd like anyone's input.

1. How would cloud effects (smoke bomb, stink bomb) affect an area with strafe bomb? I guess it would do it's effect based on regular bomb radius and only the splash?

2. How would immolation bomb work with strafe bomb? I guess one logical scenario would deal strafe splash for the first turn, and the adjacent splash around the target for the subsequent turns; but what if it has no target? It seems reasonable to have it maintain it's line effect (possibly even if it had a target) over all active turns. It would be similar effect to.

3. I was also wondering more on the mechanical details of fog cloud.
Can creatures immersed in fog clouds perform attacks(particularly ranged attacks)? Could a character/monster attack targets in a fog via their sound (with some sort of penalty)?

How do Players role play their characters moving in a fog when the players can see where all the other PC/NPCs are, but not the player's character?

I'm not sure I can give ya much help with those, but I also have a question about the strafe bombs. The gm i play organized society with says that it doesn't make sense that if i miss my direct target with the strafe bomb, the direct target doesn't take splash damage either. Any official ruling in this, do ya know?


Thats stupid and your GM is wrong LeeRoy. If the space occupied by your target still falls in the splash zone then he takes damage. Strafe is just a line from you.

As for the OP:
Read the details of the bombs.

1. You would double the line on each side of smoke is the only reasonable explanation. So it would be a 5 ft line of damage and then 5 ft on each side of smoke.

2. Immolation would only burn targets that get hit with the line you make.

3. Just read the rules on not being able to see in the PHB. There are rules detailed in there about this stuff. A lot of it is roleplaying, but you can even know invisible creatures are in the room with you by passing a simple perception check to "feel their presence".

1. This came up in a PFS game I was hosting and I ruled it smoke etc doesn't work with strafe. Strafe says you don't have a radius, smoke fills twice your radius~smoke fills nothing.

I am with ossian on the rest

Thanks mates. Hope all goes well for my alchemist. She seems to be a favorite to be attacked. XD almost thinking of getting a feat to wear heavy armor. : P Be a damn tank, lol.

It says somewhere on the Discoveries page that Bomb mods don't mix. I.E you can't have an Immolation Stink Bomb or a Cold Force Bomb or anything like that.

Edit: Disregard. Strafe doesn't have one of the asterisky effects, I thought it did.


Yea I guess you can't stack smoke with anything. So its going to do your bomb damage and then smoke, but you can't combine it with Strafe.

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