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Wands of spells with target "you"; can they target other people?

Rules Questions

I've been searching these boards for an answer to this question, but haven't found one, so I figure I'll ask: If a spell normally permits only the caster as its target (mirror image is what I have in mind at the moment, but spells like alter self and disguise self raise the same question), and one crafts or acquires a wand of that spell, is the only available target still the caster of the spell, i.e. the wand holder, or can the wand be used to cast the spell on others in ways that the spell as normally cast can't be?

Grand Lodge

Umm...just you still. Why would you think otherwise? Other then wishful thinking.

Yeah, I don't see why you think the target would change. Other people could certainly use the wand, though (probably with UMD), if they needed the spell.

Or people with the spell on their spell lists can use the wand on themselves, of course. But "you" spells have the same person as target and caster -- or in this case, item user, definitely.

That's what I thought. I just seem to see people on the boards talking about using wands to cast mirror image on other people, and wondered if they knew something I didn't! And honestly, I think most people's mental image of how wands work involves a simple point-and-shoot, and with that mental picture it's not hard to imagine using all wands on other people.

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