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Reliable methods of concealement


Hello, I'm looking to use the Moonlight Stalker feat (probably a free hand fighter/duelist build). Of course, this is fairly contingent on reliable access to concealment. Out of Ultimate Equipment I can find Mistmail (p127), Robe of Scintilating Colors (p218), and Haunted Shoes (p231). Mistmail grants it 1/day. Scintilating Colors for 10 rounds/day (getting better with each round spent), and the shoes 1/day for three minutes.

Outside of Wand UMD's (which I may take, or just ask the spellcasters to give me some foggy cover) are there any other reliable methods of concealment? Note it should be proper concealment and not miss chance.
(I was looking at Haunted Gnome Shroud, but those two feats before it are particularly underwhelming. I may still go with it as it would be fun to RP, but painful in the feat loss.)

I should specify that this will be a full BAB character and as such no spell list.

Hardcover books only please.

Mistmail is 1/day, but it lasts something disperses the mist. It's also cheap enough to buy one or more backups if that happens. I think it's a really solid choice for the build.

Eversmoking Bottle lets you create a fog effect, although it hinders your side as well.

Tiefling lets you cast Darkness as an SLA, but that depends on you being in normal light.

Lantern Lodge

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Lesser Cloak of Displacementprovides constantBlur, which is concealment as you can see in the text. A bit pricy though.
A wand of blur might do the trick before.

Lore Warden is easy for Moonlight Stalker because of the free Combat Expertise.I mostly used that, but did multiclass builds normally with rogue or ninja from 2. level on. Lately i found a sword saint could be quite neat with this too though.

However, most other concealment options hinder you own sight.
There are two races with inbuilt escapes.
-Sylphs with the cloud gazer racial feat for obscuring mist and the like
-Ifriit with Firesight racial feat for smoke, like a smokestick or ninja smokebombs.
Both also have darksight and qualify for the moonlight stalker feat.

Also consider, all options but Blur probably hinder the rest of your party too.

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