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Need advice on a character class to use for an unusual NPC


I have been rewatching Star Trek TNG lately, and I want to introduce an npc based on a character in the season 2 episode "Loud as a Whisper". The character is deaf and mute but uses a "chorus" of three people he communicates with telepathically to do his speaking.

In my game, I am thinking of making the npc a religious figure, but being deaf and mute precludes being a spellcaster. Any suggestions on what class to use for the NPC?

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sounds like oracle with silent spell, and something with telepathy


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definitively oracle, yes.

deaf oracle gets all spells silent, and the character could communicate to the "Chorus" with Message in a strange language. the character always mumbles and when it has something to say, it lets the Chorus know and they can speak for it.


you could also put an Aboleth behind him and made him a simple illusion (or an Aboleth's slave)

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Dual-Cursed Oracle: Deaf and Tongues seems to fit perfectly.

Am I the only one who thought of vitalist which is an update of the society mind or a telepath? Both 'cast' powers without verbal or somatic components. Both have the ability to speak telepathically at level 2 and 1 respectively.

And nothing says cult leader like thrallherd.


@Teshen. Really ... psionics ... you found a dm whou allow those classes ? I tried once and I came back on my decision as fast as I could. Imho you cannot have both psi and "classical" magic in the same world.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks. Oracle it is! I'm not sure why I didn't think of orcale, but obviously I didn't!

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