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Help With a Pathfinder Game Day

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I am running a game for a Pathfinder Game Day at my FLGS here in Toronto (Markham to be exact) and I wanted some advice. I am thinking of using the Beginner Box for character creation and setting the game in Sandpoint. I also plan to use a slightly modified Crypt of the Everflame as my dungeon crawl, setting it in the Sandpoint area. The PCs will be just coming of age and the flame ritual will be the same, etc.

Does this sound ok? I am likely to have a mix of experienced players and newbies. Should I discuss the Pathfinder Society? I am honestly not very familiar with it. I want to promote the game in an honest and earnest manner, both for the store and Paizo.

yeah boxed is good for N00bs and good enough for experts as long as you let them know up front that it is BB.

When you say modified slightly, HOW slightly? if it's too close to the same you run the risk of someone having played it wrecking the adventure for all.

The greatest thing about the Beginner Box in my opinion is the lack of options, which soon enough becomes its weakness. Using the BB for a one-off game day is a great idea. Crypt of the Everflame is a great idea too (though I haven't actually run or played that module).

Also, using Pathfinder Society scenarios is a great idea because they have been written as short one-off, meant to be played in 4-5 hours - you don't have to have PFS-legal characters and fill in the Chronicle sheets, just play them for the fun that they are.

I run a Pathfinder club for students at the school I teach at. We use the Beginner Box and are about to start using older PFS scenarios for our adventures. Perhaps next year we will move into PFS play using just the CRB, and introduce the APG after a few months.

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