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Making Micheal Meyers


So in 3.5 I made a Michael Meyers-based character. He was Rogue 6/Ghost-faced killer 4 and specialized in disappearing after people turned their head and sneaking up on people to deliver killing blows.

What do you think a good build for a frightening serial killer would be using only paizo pathfinder materials?

are you looking at a class or a monster? I made a jason on a space station once. I used a flseh golem template and gave it high DR and Regenerate.

I was thinking a class, and then maybe he could come back from the dead as some kind of morhg or something

invincible rager barbarian with a over sized "machete" that would give you the best DR , then for rage powers you coudl go dark vision scent ect..

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Just make him a third level fighter (Unbreakable) to start, with stealth maxed out. Remember, in the canon movies Michael only goes after a bunch of 1st level commoners and a few low-level warriors. The highest level character he kills is a middle-aged expert.

His only real extraordinary ability after all is his ability to come back from the dead, and that can be handled off-screen.

Have him return a few months or years after the PCs dispatch him (again), leveling him to match the PCs, to menace the populace and bedevil the party. You don't even ever have to give a reason that he's able to come back, he just does.

Lots o' bells and bear traps

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I'm only referencing Carpenter's original two movies and Rob Zombie's first remake since those are the only good ones...

I'd make The Shape a Revenant with a few modifications.

Swap out Weapon Focus(claw) for Weapon Focus(dagger.) Michael's classic weapon of choice, a kitchen knife, isn't exactly a machete, and any damage he loses for not using a bigger blade is going to be made up for by his superhuman 24 STR.

Alter "Reason to Hate" and "Sense Murderer" so they focus on members of his family rather than the person who killed him.

Keep the Baleful Shriek ability but make it a silent burst rather than a scream. Michael was a quiet dude so shrieking wouldn't make much sense. An explosive aura of dread, on the other hand, would emphasize his reputation for being a creature of indescribable evil.

I think "Self-Loathing" is perfect for him because it gives him a psychological reason for wearing the mask and gives PCs the challenge of removing it to confront Michael with his own visage.

Sure, the original version of The Shape isn't an undead or supernatural creature but even Dr. Loomis says he doesn't believe Michael is human and, in Carpenter's films, he has a hard time referring to Michael as a "him," preferring to call Myers an "it." For a fantasy game, I think the undead type is quite appropriate.

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