Liberty's Edge

Eyes turn to the Den off a side hall of the the Grand Lodge. A tall scarred half orc with a large cold iron axe strapped to his backpack enters the room. The eagle of Andoran is tattooed to his arm. His backpack full of gear he looks weary after a long journey. He calls for ale to a servant. "hmmm" he mutters to himself.."where are my comrades Bruni and Ra Heru I have not seen them in sometime..I hear this archer Doyle of the freedom loving nation of Andoran has joined them"

Liberty's Edge

A Tengu walks and overhears a a whisper about freedom, he is wearing the blue of an Andoran warrior and a symbol of Pharasma around his neck

"Is there anything wrong, friend?"

He asks politely.

Grand Lodge

A half-elf in a cloak, leaning in front of the bar next to the Half-Orc, looks over and says "He is weary my , crow-headed friend weary from his noble journey."

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