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Did the familiar satchel originate in Ultimate Equipment?

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A friend of mine let me get a peak at his copy of Ultimate Equipment. I found something called a Familiar Satchel, which would be perfect for my sorcerer Nives and his viper familiar.

However, my GM for that particular campaign has forbidden us from getting or using any new gear from that lovely tome.

Which is why I need to know if this particular item appeared elsewhere first, or if it exists solely within UE.

Looks to be new.

Can't imagine why non-magical stuff isn't allowed, but hey, I'm not the GM.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

From what I understand, he mostly just wants to avoid the headache of having a bunch of players bum rush him with "Can I have this or that!?"

At least until he can have the chance to look at the material himself. We will likely get full access next campaign.

That makes sense. Make your own? :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That sounds like a tome I want to buy!

Maybe you can convince your GM to allow one new item per character. Or one new item per character per month.

If it weren't for the fact I have a fairly decently paying job, I'm pretty sure I'd be thieving books like UE.

How about "my viper sleeps in a bag that I carry around." It worked great for my brothers ferret IRL.

Belt of many pockets, Complete arcane P147, 11,000gp.
Was 64 1 cubic foot bags of holding on a belt. a tiny familiar could be stored indefinitely in it and retrieval of items from the belt did not provoke AOO's.

This satchel might be a derivative of the belts familiar storage concept. It could also be made from whole cloth and the inter lap be an amusing case of similar inspiration from two separate places.

There are some different Bags of Holding in "Classic Treasures Revisited", including a Minor Bag of Holding. What does this "Familiar Satchel" do anyway?

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