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Black Monastery Dual-crossover mini campaign


So I wanted some advice on an idea I had. Since I purchased the Black Monastery adventure, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate it into my own games. The back ground material sparked the idea that the monastery could, theoretically, be plopped down in any campaign or game system. I want to incorporate it into everything that I run. IE, I plan on running a RotRL campaign in the fall and somewhere in it the black monastery will appear, players can investigate or not as they choose. Essentially, any lengthy campaign I run, there will eventually be an appearance of the black monastery. For right now, as a casual game, I want to intro the black monastery to my players using it as is with pathfinder rules, but also playing a dual run with savage worlds deadlands, with as yet to be determined cross overs between the two games with the same players, the Monasterio Negro,full og all sorts of wierd west dangers. As the players go along they catch glimpses of the other party, through dreams and ghostly apparitions. Possible they could even help each other and warn about certain dangers or leave gear that the other party could use. Wanted some feedback to determine if anyone else thought this was an interesting or doable idea. My game group is always looking for different and interesting things, they are a bit jaded. I thought this would present a wierd but interesting theme. Definitely is something I have never tried before.

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