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Looking forward to this, I actually like sci-fi mixed in with fantasy, Iron Gods was a great AP and I really enjoyed Expedition to the Barrier Peaks back in the day. This won't be Star Trek or Star Wars and I like that, I want to play their setting with their rules. I think they have a solid concept, everything I have seen seems to indicate it's going to be well done, and I can't wait for this to be released. I'm okay with letting the storytellers tell the story. And just a side note, not everyone cares about art, I for one could care less. Just give me the product already!

I get it but the whole theme behind the new adventure path is play evil characters. I appreciate it more that there is an attempt to play non evil devotees of evil gods but it serves the same master. I just have never understood the popularity of being evil in RPG's. The one campaign I ever played in for evil characters didn't make it past fifth level and my guy was chaotic neutral. Any way, Paizo puts out amazing work and my support of the company is as strong as every, I'll just pass on all of this. The next AP looks to be awesome and I can't wait for it.

This is just my two cents. I'm hardly a prude but I don't think playing evil characters is such a great thing. While individual groups can knock themselves out, I don't like that Paizo sponsors this and I definitely to not support it. Maybe it's okay for third party companies because there is a niche out there for this, I'm just disappointed that Paizo jumped on the bandwagon. I don't propose censorship or think that the game shouldn't have adult themes. I just think that the name sake company should draw a line somewhere. It won't stop me from buying future products or supporting the company. Just throwing something out there to think about.

I'm renewing my subscription.

the modern minis are awesome. I have to say when I first heard about Reign of Winter I was not excited. When the adventures started coming out I didn't give them a second thought.....that is until Rasputin Must Die! I loved that adventure and it made me reassess the entire AP and I found out I really enjoyed it. These modern minis are icing on the cake and can't wait to run it. The AP's needed to be shaken up a little and this one worked out.

Alright the Serpent Demon looks like a Marilith but are their stats for a specific "serpent demon" and what are the stats for the Death demon. I'm pretty up on my monsters but I'm at a loss for these two.

Im not usually critical of my favorite gaming company but you will have to do better than this to entice me to get excited about B4. More mushroom people, less pipe fox. I can say without pause that I will never, ever use this creature ever.

Awesome site, keep it up. I really appreciate the gallery organization. With all the sets it helps to visually be able to keep track of things. Well done!

Please, Please, Please by all that is Holy do a PB miniature release for this.

Wait patiently and it will happen, ask and you will receive. Thanks Paizo, been waiting five years for this one. It's going to be epic!

Keep them coming, those will look great with my whites and the other dragons. So cool. Again these dragons can be used in a certain worm themed adventure path. I don't know if it's subconscious but pathfinder battles has produced many miniatures that would be usable in that AP. By the time I am ready to run it as my magnum opus, hopefully I'll have all the minis necessary to run that AP. Any chance of a Golarion version of an Earthcancer Centipede, a mindkiller scorpion or a Thessalhydra.


In the immortal words of Sgt. Apone..."Absolutely Badasses". Oh man they look so good. That undead dragon is going to be so sweet as Dragotha.

I have a good job and no other vices other than gaming (my wife considers it a vice, not me) so.......SEND ME MORE MINIS! I will buy all Wizkids produces.

This is really awesome and I like the rules for this. My lame old game group is now defunct but here is an insight. Back in the day I ran Red Hand of Doom. One of the things many of the six wanted was mass combat versus hordes of hobgoblins. So during the main battle, the characters were about 10th level so average hobgoblins were not really appropriate. So I broke out the mob rules in DMG II thinking that I would give them what they want with an easy way to do it. Boy was I wrong, endless complaining about the abstractness of the mob on the battle mat (even though "adam" has used completely different minis to represent stuff on the BM). They literally wanted individual HG to carve up even thought they were already complaining that combats took too long. Frustrated beyond belief I sat powerless as the final epic battle turned into a discussion on mob rules and the inherent unbelievableness of it. Wow. I guess my cautionary tale is to consult with your group before unveiling rules of this nature (I can only imagine what my group would have thought of a russian troop). I for one think its great.

Definitely, but then again I'm easily entertained

okay, I will eventually buy every AP, I have all volumes except any with Reign of Winter. With no one in my game group interested in pathfinder I wasn't too quick to purchase this one. The idea for the AP seemed fun. When I saw this one I didn't think anything of the title or the art work. I didn't pay it much attention, I thought, "oh there is a guy named Rasputin", never read the synopsis. Now I realize it is THE Rasputin and the adventure is set in Russia! You people have guts. I have the pickiest, most jaded, hateful, group that criticizes everything. I can only imagine what most of them would say....BUT, I love it, I will buy this adventure first. Way to not conform and offer something completely different. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

Got my goblins today, love the idea of these "mini-sets". If you paint some green eyes and worms onto the grave knight he will be useful as a Kyuss Knight from another famous AP. Keep em coming.

Skull and Shackles is a great AP but that gargantuan skeletal dragon could double as an iconic undead dragon from the greatest AP of them all. Hmmmm, I wonder if there was some inspiration there?

I'm only one person but I gotta say I like the idea for getting huge minis out there outside of the sets and I really like the idea of the three dragons in a set. The miniatures line just keeps getting better imo.

Really hope they continue with finishing all the adventure paths with paper minis. GET ON IT!

Wouldn't want a ton of pistol packers but these look amazing. The detail is really good. Can't wait to get my hands on 'em. Keep them coming!

If it matters to anyone, I bought a case and the blue dragon and only had a couple of rattlers and no breakage. I couldn't possibly dream of passing on this set. I have searched for a better word to describe my feelings about this set but amazing will have to do. I, for one, have been 100% satisfied with every set, I have purchased cases, bundles and all the promos. They really do keep getting better, very excited about this set. People seem to have forgotten about the greatest AP ever, Age of Worms, and that skeletal dragon would do nicely for a certain Dracolich. Keep em comin!

I can't say enough about how great these mini's are. Having every creature represented is huge in my experience. A member of my group said he would rather use dice or coins instead of these minis. I say he is a fool. Keep up the great work, what a selling point for further AP's if you can have all the minis for them. I personally think they look great and are a terrific, cheap alternative to plastic minis (which I have a ton). Any chance I can commision a special retro set to go with the greatest AP of all time....Age of Worms.

very excited to have gotten this in the kickstarter, can't wait to get it.

I snatched up all the free downloads and stuff for the pathfinder starter but had hoped there would have been more down the road, but it all dried up. I even got the 3pp stuff.

I am happy to hear more people are enjoying this game.

I too enjoyed the SAGA edition, actually I even liked the old d6 version but people are such snobs anymore (talking primarily about my game group) and many turn their noses up at d20. I friend of mine that hates star wars and d20 actually looked at Edge of the Empire due to the dice mechanics and no miniature use.

As a side note, I noted that FFG added two more pregens for use with the starter box. I'm hoping they continue to add a little more content. I was disappointed that Paizo didn't support their starter with updates. But that's like being disappointed you got 39 presents for Christmas and not 40.

Just got this yesterday and it is a lot of fun to play. While beginner boxes are limited in scope, it is a great way to learn the game. The dice mechanics are fun and add a lot of story telling and chance elements. The adventure is nothing special but it covers all the bases and at the end you feel like you learned the game and can delve into more complicated aspects. You also get a nice two sided map which ups the value. The map is of a Mellinium Falcon type transport and the key areas of the Tatooine town of Mos Shuuta. You also get some tokens and the gorgeous characters sheets that are easy to read and use. Also, FFG has a free expansion adventure that builds off of what you have already done, which adds to the value of the maps and creates a great campaign starting, multiple session scenario.

While the core rules are very light most everything you need to run a "light" game is there. There isn't any information on character creation but the core mechanics are thoroughly explained.

For me, the value comes from an easy system to teach the game and get new players into playing something a little different. Plus, it can be used over with other new players if needed. All in all, I enjoy it and am glad I spent the money. I will definitely get the Main Core book when it comes out. I wasn't sold on this game before but now I am. If your group is interested in playing the game, wait for the main rules and skip this. If you have people that are on the fence or new to roleplaying than this is a good buy.

What the heck happened to our weekly miniature updates from Mr. Mona

I didn't mean it that way. All six don't have to have pyramids in them but common, one of them has to be an epic pyramid dungeon delve. I agree, there is so much more to Osirion than just pyramids. I also want an AP set in Osirion to better flesh out the area the way the paths have for Varisia.

Anything in the works for an Osirion based, pyramid tromping adventure path.

Looks like my wish has been answered with the Emerald Spire. Not what I was expecting but I will take it. Still would like to see a Kaer Maga mega dungeon.

MOHRGS! I'm sold.

Oh ya without a doubt RA can fit into Golarion easily but I'm talking about a full on Pathfinder themed mega dungeon. Dungeons of Golarion was just a teaser, I would love to flesh some of those out but Paizo can do it so much better.

So Forgotten Realms had Undermountain, Oerth had Castle Greyhawk and Maure Castle. There is Rappan Athuk (which is awesome btw, any lover of huge dungeons should pick it up asap) and the Worlds Largest Dungeon.

Is there anything in the works for a Golarion/Pathfinder mega dungeon? My nominee would be the dungeons below Kaer Maga.

Just a note, Rappan Athuk weighed in at a reasonable $99 which is essentially an entire campaign from 1st to 20+. I would easily pay a similar price for a treatment of any super pathfinder RPG dungeon. Especially in Varisia and perhaps with an appearance by another Runelord.

Just finished reading through this. I almost always read all of the first adventure and none of the last in an AP. Low level adventuring is just more fun IMO. I have to say with it's 80+ rooms this is the mega dungeon of low level play and I love it. I would run this as a starter for virtualy any starting campaign set in varisia. It is superb in the grand tradition of Iconic dungeon delves. Truly a fun masterpiece. Just goes to show that the creative juices are as fresh as ever at Paizo. Well done gang, really wish I could ever had played through this one. Nice start to Shattered Star.


What is sad is I have scheduled four sessions at our club/shop and no one is interested. Frustrating. My partners, who were not enthused, had to fill in so the one guy that wanted to play could play. They were not good sessions. Half a world away people are clamering to play, I'm speechless.

BOGGARD! YES! Can never have enough bul...I mean boggards. I hope when I get my case I get more than one demi-lich. If one in an encounter is good, two must be better. So excited for this set.

This sounds really good, very excited about this since my lame ass gaming group can barely stomach pathfinder or 3.5 DnD.

A DEMI-LICH!....you guys are f-----g awesome. I fell outta my chair. As an old school closet first ed lover this just rocks. And a Caulborn, thats just too much. Greatness. Sheer greatness. I had a hard time waiting for the RotRL set, I'm about ready to burst now for this one.

Yep the more I look at this one I really like it. I got in on the WoC minis late and never got the blue. This one has ten times more character and looks like a pathfinder dragon not the other guys version. Probably get two. Love the pose as well.

When I can paint, sculpt and produce my own line of miniatures then I will start complaining about what I specifically want. This mini is awesome but it doesn't really matter since im going to buy regardless, I'm needy that way. Paizo is the dreamer of the dreams, I'm just along for the ride.

That all makes sense Mr. Peterson, perhaps you can gauge some support for negotiations if its possible at all. Necropolis is one of, if not the greatest Gygax adventure IMHO. The d20 version was superbly done. I think that many would think that it is worthwhile to convert it. I may be going to far but I think Mr. Gygax would have loved Pathfinder and what Paizo has done with the bud of his game. It would be a fitting legacy for his devotion to the game.

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Hell ya City of Brass.....make it so FGG, chop chop!

Erik Mona just mentioned that he is in campaign ran by James that is currently featuring Necropolis, written by Gary Gygax. I was wondering if there is any plan by Frog God Games (who I assume have the rights) to redux Necropolis for PFRPG. They did an amazing job on Rappan Athuk. Necropolis is one of my all time favorite adventures, I would love to see it updated. I second guessed myself and didn't get in on the kickstarter for RA. A decision have regretted. I would totally be in for a Necropolis kickstarter, to convert it to PFRPG.

This has nothing to do with the minis, which as always are awesome, I just wanted to say how jealous I am that you are playing Gygax's Necropolis. I couldn't pay my gaming group to run it for them....sigh, and I have pretty much given up any hope to ever actually play in it.

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