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Pathfinder Society

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Kauai, Hawaii

Local Play

Grand Lodge *

Looking for PFS players on Kauai. We have a GM and two regular players, and two or three shaky at best. I would like to have more PFS games here, so sound off if you live on Kauai and might be interested!

Grand Lodge *

Dang, I guess not...

Grand Lodge *

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I'm gonna put a bit of pulse back into this and see if anyone who plays an doesn't play with us see's the thread this time around.

A.K.A. "Bump"

I don't suppose you're willing to pay moving expenses....?

Grand Lodge *

Ha ha ha, sorry man... but if you are ever visiting Kauai, and want to have a pick up game, don't hesitate to hit us up!

Hi. Umm I hope you still check this. I am coming to Kauai in October. I like D&Ds :). I am going to wwoof so I might be farmy. I think I will be there for a while. I am 23yr old male. Where do you play?

Grand Lodge *

We play at one of our homes, depending on time of day. Shoot me an e-mail at and we can work out the arrangements. Our ages range from 21 to 37 (I would be the old fart of the group).

Grand Lodge *

Woo hoo! We have gotten 3 new players out of this thread! Can we get more? Only time will tell! Maybe eventually we will have enough to have a couple of PFS tables to go simultaneously! ^_^

Grand Lodge *****

Make sure to list the events on the event page. You may get additional interested from there as well.

Grand Lodge *

Thanks Mike. Right now, we don't have enough yet, but soon! I will be sure to do so though! PFS Kauai!

Grand Lodge *

bumping to see if there are any more Kauaians that would like to play!


Sorry to spam your thread, but I just wanted to say that Kauai is one of the best places to be in the world. I wish I could play there!

Grand Lodge *

Well, if you ever find yourself here, by all means contact us, and maybe we can set up a PFS game!

Hey guys

I'm a PF gamer from Switzerland and currently on vacation on Kauai. I'd love to play a game of PF while I'm here... or just spend an evening playing regular boardgames :)

Grand Lodge *

Here on out, I think the best chance to get a hold of me is to Private Message me, and I will respond right away. I don't always check this thread, especially when it gets buried... Getting some good responses!

Grand Lodge *

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We are looking to start up PFS again on the island of Kauai! If anyone happens to be on island, whether visiting or resident, feel free to message me or post a reply!


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