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Is there a feat that lets you use your Dex for CMB rolls


I'm making a High Dex and Low strength Rogue/Cleric, and using bola's for range trips. So I'm hoping there is a feat out there I can use my Dex for CMB's instead of my strength. Thank you for any help.

Liberty's Edge

Agile Maneuvers does precisely this. Though I'm not sure it's needed on a ranged CMB attempt...

Fury's Fall adds dex on trips. Just in case you have 10+ STR.

Sovereign Court

Trip is covered by Weapon Finesse, assuming that covers the Bolas; I'm not certain. Though if it's a ranged weapon, it should be dex-based anyway.

I believe that if you are using a lightweapon to perform the combat maneuver, such as disarm, trip, ect, weapon finesse will apply.

I imagine that agile maneuvers works for all combat maeuvers including bull rushes, grappling, ect

If you're using the weapon for the attempt and the weapon is using dex to hit, you already get to apply dex to CMB instead of str.

Agile Maneuvers is only useful for maneuvers that can't be used with a weapon. I just houserule it into Weapon Finesse as 1 feat, it's such a waste otherwise...

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32, RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

As per this FAQ post, certain maneuvers use weapons and others don't. Disarm, Sunder and Trip are assumed to be weapon-based by default, and if your weapon has the "trip" weapon quality it can be used to deliver a drag or reposition maneuver (those would normally not be weapon-based). Any weapon-based maneuver can benefit from Weapon Finesse if your weapon is finessable.

Agile Maneuvers states plainly that you use your DEX bonus on all maneuvers.

As for the Bolas... It's not explicit in the rules whether being a ranged attack gives DEX to CMB. I think most people go with "yes". Check with your GM.

CMB rolls receive whatever bonuses apply to the attack form used to perform the maneuver. If you can use your Dex on your attack roll, you can use it on your maneuver with the same weapon.

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