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Adventure for New Player, Level 3

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

So, as fate has it, I am presented with a chance to DM for a new player to D&D.

My kids have been D&Ding for years. Many of my son's friends have come and gone playing with us, my daughter jumps at the chance to play.

Suddenly, my son's girlfriend wishes to sit in. Before you go "ut oh", she asked him. She claims it was based on, "all the cool stories he tells". I run three groups, he's in two of them. Apparently Thursday AM and Monday AM conversations must include what he did the night before.

We gave her the 5 min run down on races and classes, and she wishes to be a female half-orc fighter, abandoned at birth and raised by a woodcutter.

I don't know if she will play after this, or wish to adventure or not, but my son wants a fun, action packed adventure. He's OK with role-play, some traps or puzzles, but nothing that runs the risk of a lot of free form, "what do you want to do" style play. I.E. No long complicated story.

We gathered some friendly and experienced players to sit in with her. So far, our party will be:

Half-orc 3 Fighter (*girlfriend)
Half-orc 3 Barbarian (son)
Human 2 Ranger/1 Rogue (*son)
Half-orc 3 Sorcerer (daughter)
Human 3 Sorcerer (friend)

I have no idea why I have so many half-orcs!

I have a ton of Pathfinder Modules, but most are longer story driven adventures. I can trim them, make up my own story, but thought I'd ask first... any pre-designed adventure out there that will fit the bill before I do?

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Are you looking at just Pathfinder, or are you flexible. If you are looking for something more open and "just for the fun of it", maybe you should try one of Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl classics. They are 3.5 mostly, but should be workable with Pathfinder system. They are very reminescent of old TSR style modules - light on details but some kind of framework.

Also, they come in PDf format, so it should be something you can get quick to put together without waiting for a "paper" version.

I recommend the Mysterious Tower (3rd level) or Idylls of the Rat King (1-3) as a start perhaps. There are plenty of adventures, just a matter of finding the right one I suppose.

Hope that helps.

Ya, I'm open to anything that will work. I'll search for Goodman Games adventures and see. :)

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