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Beginner Box

Anyone out there writing blogs around their Beginners Box Campaigns? is the home of my site. I love the simplicity of the rules coupled with character customisation which has led to an old-school style game but with a smoother flowing rule set. Even though I have been playing these games for over thirty years the BB has become the easiest, most flexible and fun game I have played. All hail Paizo!

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I would have to point to EdOWar's blog for a plethora of PFBB goodness:

He has inspired me to start my own PFBB blog. Though I don't have much up yet, and a seven day-a-week - twelve to fourteen hour a day work schedule till May 10 has me pinched for time, I don't see much going up on it in the real near future.

Will keep an eye on yours as well Woo...

The Bane (TB)

Thanks for the heads up! Ed's consolidated lists are a beautiful piece of work. Looking forward to seeing what you make of the system when work allows. I usually do a large post every other Friday when my shifts give me a day to myself to tinker away at the keyboard and may pop other stuff up as and when.

Grand Lodge

I have a fledgling blog but Ed graciously links to it for BB support.

I created a character sheet we use specifically for the BB.

Character Sheet is on top

More maps! Love the tavern. One of the first adventures I ever played was a bar room brawl from the pages of White Dwarf magazine. You picked one of the patrons who all had a mini back story telling you why they wanted to bash one or more of the others and just went for it. Big laffs. Your floor plan sparked some memories :D

Grand Lodge

I use the Campaign journals here on paizo's site, and I report sessions on RPGgeek.

Might as well add our family gaming blog here. We've been playing Pathfinder BB for a couple of months now.

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