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Grand Lodge

Are there plans for Ibdylos in the Campaign Setting any time soon?

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The next spot I would expect to see something on Iblydos, is the Giants Revisited book (in the Cyclops section). Otherwise not until we can convince JJ to go there. ;)

Let's hope we get some more, especially on the humans that lived there.

Grand Lodge

Yeah, I am trying to be patient... :)

Sovereign Court Contributor

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Justin Franklin wrote:
The next spot I would expect to see something on Iblydos, is the Giants Revisited book (in the Cyclops section). Otherwise not until we can convince JJ to go there. ;)

I don't doubt that eventually it will be touched on - but presumably around the same time as they get to the rest of Casmaron. The Inner Sea still has a lot of mileage in it.

However, it is an archipelago. One thing I did in my (unfinished) home game set in the Obari Ocean is simply have the characters encounter one of its islands - rather than detail the whole country.

You may find the "New Argonauts" - by Sean K Reynolds - which available here for free and is updated to PF on PFSRD, helpful.

Grand Lodge

Thanks Jeff. I have downloaded New Argonauts long ago, and started working on conversion, but gave up when trying to convert the sorceress.
I will look on PFSRD to see the updates.

I am working on a new campaign and planning on having them be guests in one city-state, subject to the Law of Hospitality. Some important names would be helpful, especially of the heavy-hitters in the region.

Anyway, I was just wondering if something might be coming up, before I am done with all my planning.

Grand Lodge


Paizo Employee Creative Director

Nothing major. We'll mention Iblydos now and then as it makes sense, but an actual gazetteer style entry for the region isn't something we're currently planning on doing anytime soon.

Grand Lodge

Cool, thanks, James! I can create freely, without worrying about being contradicted any time soon.

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