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The New Argonauts (d20) PDF

***** (based on 5 ratings)

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This book by Sean K Reynolds gives you everything you need to run a campaign in mythic Greece. Rather than cramming dwarves, paladins, and otyughs into a Greek setting, The New Argonauts presents a low-magic campaign (but still with a touch of the fantastic and divine) where the focus is on Greek-style heroes, their battles against strange monsters, and great quests. This book gives insights on how a low-magic campaign affects character concepts and game balance, an overview of Greek culture, history, the Olympian pantheon, the original Olympic Games, and advice on running a mythic Greek campaign. Gamers who love crunchy bits can find new feats and spells, a set of heroic powers derived from godly bloodlines, a campaign-themed spellcasting class, simple magic items based on parts from mythic monsters, and over thirty monsters drawn from the Greek myths (many rewritten from the core version to suit a low-magic campaign).

About the Cover Artist: Brooklyn-based illustrator Gerald Lee went through college thinking his soon-to-be mentor Tony DiTerlizzi was in fact a girl. Fortunately, Tony was amused by this mistake and agreed to take Gerald as an apprentice. Gerald has a certain knack for meeting great artists throughout the industry and applying what he learns from them (through trial and error and a lot of imagination) to his own art. Expect to see a lot more from his drawing board.

64-page PDF

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***** (based on 5 ratings)

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looking for a new exciting setting? this is for you! a long time ago anyhow you need to do some conversion to bring in line with pathfinder rpg.

This is essential material.


This got me back into D&D after I was disillusioned by 4th Edition and it's still something I pick up and read every once in a while.

I would not be a game designer if it were not for this book.
I cannot recommend this strongly enough; it needs 7 stars.

Download it. Play it. Revel in the grandeur of being a Grecian hero, and if you're doing it online, let me know so I can join in.



I've always loved the Greek Myths, and this product really helps capture the feel of them, and a few alterations (like the rules for Bronze in UC, as well as Armor as DR) make this something that's a pleasure to DM for. For $Free.99, why have you not downloaded this yet?

Sets the tone incredibly well.


I've got an MA in Ancient Greek History, and bitter experience made me approach this warily. However, I was presently surprised. The ideas within 'feel' right, artfully finding space for an Odyssey/Argonauts style romp in the d20 ruleset - well played, sir.

Haven't Playtested yet, but I really intend to soon!!!


Oh my. Where to begin. Another good SKR and company product! I read through it and felt like I could actually use this to lead my Players through a Mythological Greek movie-style campaign! I can't wait to finish my Savage Tide face-to-face path and start up a short path in this setting! I may start a short PBP also, if I can find the time to.
Good job again, SKR and Co. Gift Certificates
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