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We Be Goblins! Now on video!

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Silver Crusade

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Every time I have run We Be Goblins!, I have allowed my players a single reroll if they get up and attempt to sing and dance their goblin's song. The reasons they choose to do this, ranged from not wanting to fall in a creek, to not wanting to break the Chief's sword. Whatever the case, much hilarity ensues shortly after they make that fateful decision. Oh, and they were warned this would go on Youtube, and be distributed to all media channels I could get this to.


Dark Archive

Amazing. I'm using this next time I run it.

Scarab Sages

*This* is simply fraught with awesome, and made of win.


This is indeed wrapped in a big firework of awesomeness, bravo Dan to you and the players, I love it:)


Liberty's Edge

Gamers definitely need more exercise!

Epic Simply Epic.

Silver Crusade

Mike Schneider wrote:
Gamers definitely need more exercise!

We're too tired to exercise after saving the world from all the evils of Golarion. ;-P

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