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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Introduction Info to the world of Pathfinder

Beginner Box

After almost a month of waiting, my first ever tabletop RPG experience is finally happening this Sunday with the Beginner's Box and a group of friends.

None of us have ever played Pathfinder before. I'm going to be DMing the game and I have prepared as much as I think I can without having ever played a single game.

I have music, I have artwork to display on a computer screen, and I have extra sets of die.

I want to do one final thing to prepare...

Right before I begin the game and read the first paragraph that sets up the arrival at the cave, I want to read a short introduction to Golarion. Something that's just like 2-4 paragraphs that sets up the world. Inhabitants, major gods, some of the cultures etc.

This is something I can come up with myself using the wiki if need be, but I figured I'd ask if something like this already existed somewhere. Thanks for any inputs!

Sovereign Court

I think theres an Inner Sea Primer?

Edit: Not as short as your looking for but nevertheless, you could buy the pdf and share it with your gaming group.


RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Edit: Not as short as your looking for but nevertheless, you could buy the pdf and share it with your gaming group.

Just to be clear about this, I'm going to quote an older post by Vic Wertz:

Vic Wertz wrote:
We don't mind you sharing portions with your gaming group, so long as said sharing is done via some direct and private method (as opposed to, say, posting the files on a public website).

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