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Grand Lodge

The Kusarigama in Ultimate Combat is a double weapon that has two different damage values for each of its weapons. How do I know which weapon does which value?

Dark Archive

I would assume that the Sickle end does 1d6 and the blunt end does the 1d3.

A Sickle from the CRB does 1d6.

Strife2002 wrote:
The Kusarigama in Ultimate Combat is a double weapon that has two different damage values for each of its weapons. How do I know which weapon does which value?

Kusarigama: "This weapon has a single sickle held in the off-hand attached by 10 feet of fine chain to a weighted metal ball. The sickle is used to make trips, jabs, and blocks while the ball is whipped around at high speeds and then smashed into the opponent."

A medium sickle deals 1d6.

Since a medium Kusarigama is listed as 1d3/1d6, the 1d3 should be the metal ball, and the 1d6 should be the sickle.

However, you're still going to ask your DM how to run the weapon, as it's unclear. I think the RAI is probably that it functions like the Double-Chained Kama, 2-handed reach, or non-reach double weapon. By RAW it's a double weapon with reach, and doesn't really make much sense.

There's a FAQ thread on the Kusarigama here if you're interested.

Shadow Lodge

I think what's going on is that it's a double weapon with a sickle (1d6, no reach) on one end and 10' chain and ball (1d3, reach) on the other.

That would seem balanced and match up with the fluff.

Grand Lodge

I am interested, thank you

Example 1
Example 2

Just for fun

Grand Lodge

Gruuuu wrote:

Example 1

Example 2

Just for fun

That last one almost seems more like a kyoketsu shoge

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