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Statted out the Predator at another player's request, interested in advice.

Advanced Race Guide Playtest

So, a buddy of mine is interested in playing the Predator in an upcoming game, and he knows I'm the most familiar with the Pathfinder rules, so I got the request to write it up. I did a rough runthrough, and this is suggested to be balanced by the Alpha's rules, but I admit to not being the most familiar with the Yautja as a whole(I've only seen the first and last Predator movies), thus my post here.

From what I've read/remember, most of the main Predator tricks would either functionally magic items or class levels, specifically ranger levels. That said, here's my rough outline and explanations.

Monstrous Humanoid: 2 rp
(Monstrous explains the alien nature, and Darkvision gets close to the infra-red without being ultra out-there.)
Medium: 0 rp
Normal Speed: 0 rp
Standard Modifiers - +2 Str, +2 Wis, -2 Cha: 0 rp
(I originally thought putting the bonus to Con, but that got too close to making a tribal Dwarf for my tastes. I figure Str fits better than Dex, Wis explains the cunning, and Cha fits the bill of not being so much the fun of the party. Unless you have weird parties.)
Xenophobic Array, Special - Yautja, Any other non-secret, speak only Yautja: -1 rp
(Here I'll admit to going outside playtest rules, as I couldn't figure out how the whole mandibles thing would work for speaking other languages. This still lets them read, write, and understand, just not verbalize, which is where magic could fill the gap. However, unless another character knows Yautja, there's a significant loss of communication with the rest of the party as far as spur of the moment things go.)
Fearless: 1 rp
Natural Armor: 2 rp
Spell Like Ability - Vanish 2/day: 2 rp
(I wanted to give him a little of the invisibility before magic items became common enough, and Vanish is short enough duration that it's really only situationally useful, in my opinion.)
Weapon Familiarity: 1 rp
(Proficient with nets, Yautja weapons are treated as Martial)
Stalker: 1 rp
Silent Hunter: 2 rp
(These two were really the main "hunter/predator" traits I figured I'd give, as pretty much everything else is summed up by ranger levels. This gives a bit of the stalking and ambush tactics to whatever class, especially with Vanish.)
Total: 10 rp

Yautja Arm Blades 30 gp 1d4 1d6 19/20x2 - 2 lbs S -
Yautja Extending Spear 50 gp * * x3 * 9 lbs P *

Yautja Arm Blades: Worn on the wrist, this pair of blades extends past the wielder's hands. You may wield a weapon or hold an item in the hand of an arm equipped with Yautja Arm blades, but you may not use a shield. In addition, you may use an item(including making an attack with another weapon) with the arm Yautja Arm Blades are equipped to and attack with Yautja Arm Blades in the same round, unless you have intentionally dropped the item. You receive a +5 bonus to avoid being disarmed of Yautja Arm Blades.
Yautja Extending Spear: In it's short form, this spear resembles, and is mechanically identical to, a javelin. By twisting the handle, the spear can extend to become a longspear. As a move action that does not provoke an attack of opprotunity, you may extend the spear. You may also do this as part of a move action if your base attack bonus is +1 or higher. It is a full-round action that does provoke an attack of opprotunity to return the spear to it's short size. A character that is not proficient with the Yautja Extending Spear may wield it in it's current form as either a javelin or a longspear, but they may not change it's form.

I know they're a bit overly complicated and wordy, but I couldn't think of a more elegant wording for them.

There's the basic ideas I had. If anybody can improve on that, I'd be more than interested in hearing it. Thanks for your time.

I wouldn't limit their spoken languages - certainly the Predator in the first movie spoke/mimicked English after very little exposure to it.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

In both of the first two movies, the Predators are mimicking human words, and seem to understand the meanings of them. Remember 'Danny Boy' at the graveyard?

They may have a very unusual way of speaking human languages, repeating words in the voices of others, but they can probably speak MORE languages then normal humans with vocal chords because of their mimicry.


Ah, thank you. I had forgotten that part. I haven't seen the movie in ages. So, not limiting the spoken languages would put it at about 11 rp, slightly over budget. I'm not really into cutting much to get it down to the goal of ten, but I guess one over isn't too bad. Any other thoughts?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

they've got a definite bonus to Athletics, with the way they hop around, use trees and buildings, and ditto massive jump skills.

Really, they don't seem to have very advanced fighting skills. What they've got is simply better gear, high strength, and excellent mobility. In the third movie, a gangster with a katana takes one down. When two of them fight, it's like brawlers and wrestlers, not skilled combatants.

And they are definitely a monstrous race. Considerably stronger then human, although you're only treading the edge of size L. They're probably the equivalent of bugbears.

Mmm, yeah. Bugbears. Big honking critters that still have a stealth mod. Senses fairly similar. Intelligent.

I think I just found your base comparison!


I don't know. I agree they are only treading the edge of L size, but they appear to be capable of feats that require Large size, such as Awesome Blow. If I recall correctly, they slam-attack Arnold and Danny and a few others several feet away in at least two of the flicks. Might be trivial in light of everything else, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Bugbears, though, are definitely a good analogy.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Yeah, Bugbear Ranger 6 sounds just about right to me. Favored Enemy Humanoid (human) and Aberration.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Awesome blow, or just throwing them? They are wearing power armor or something, after all. It could just be a Knockback attack, or a modified Bull Rush. It also emphasizes just how strong they are. Heck, in Predator vs Aliens, one is swinging an Alien around by its tail. Strong, but not necessarily size L.


Aelryinth wrote:

Awesome blow, or just throwing them? They are wearing power armor or something, after all. It could just be a Knockback attack, or a modified Bull Rush. It also emphasizes just how strong they are. Heck, in Predator vs Aliens, one is swinging an Alien around by its tail. Strong, but not necessarily size L.


I am specifically conjuring to mind a scene where in the first movie where the Predator backhands Arnold and he goes flying. I am about 75% sure there is an identical smack down in the first sequel. But don't quote me.

In the first Alien vs. Predator flick, at the end we see the heroin standing next to them, and the big boss definitely looks Large size compared to her. There's a scene in the film where one of them is lifting Lance Henrickson, but then it still looks Medium size there, just big.

Alien drones are generally portrayed as man-sized (though in the first film it seemed just a little bit bigger). The Predators are generally shown as larger than the aliens, but I think if you watch close, predator size from individual to individual, changes. The one in the original film must have been pretty big to tower over Arnold like that, whereas many in later films aren't much bigger than the men they fight.

I once statted aliens (I know many other have as well), and I started to stat Predators a few years back using d20 Modern. I was torn then on their size, and never got far, but these are imaginary creatures, after all. I can see some being bigger than others.

Okay, I took a look at the bugbear, in both the playtest doc and the bestiary. Looking at +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Dex, plus sneaky, stalker, +2 natural armor, and the bonus to Intimidate. It's a good baseline spot, but I'm looking at trying to just get the overall feel in a baseline PC race. Bugbears are listed in the Bestiary as being 7 foot and 400 lbs, while still medium size, so I'm really thinking medium is still a fine spot for them to be, especially with the rough size comparisons to humans in Predators.

The racial adjustments cover a bit of the strength aspect, and they've got a natural edge on hunting just from the Wis bonus. A higher Str bonus could have an argument made for it, but I think Flesh Golem, Ogre, and Minotaur levels might be overkill(I am aware they're actually at +6 with size factored in, it seems like they'd be closer to the Gnoll, Lizardfolk, and Sahaugin level). The awesome blow argument also seems a bit like overkill, because...well, I've seen a lot of crap in movies. It also requires Str 25 to pull off, which most creatures don't manage to do. A gorilla, horse, and troll can't pull that feat off as far as rules are concerned, and in my mind, these things shouldn't be able to backhand you harder than a gorilla.

I want to keep Stalker, Silent Hunter, Weapon Familiarity, and Natural Armor because those seem to fit the mold. The first two cover the rough base for the hunting society, the weapons are a core part of the idea of the Predator, and their hide is tougher than a human's, but not quite up to Lizardfolk level. Seems to fit to me.

I went with the Fearless trait mainly on instinct due to the rough aspects of the culture I know about, but at the same time something like the Desert Runner trait makes just as much sense for their endurance. I also agree that an Acrobatics boost makes sense, but only for the jumping aspect. I dunno if the balance and tumble comes into play as much as having good leg strength. Maybe a bonus to climb and acrobatics checks made to jump or soften a fall?

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