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The Thread Celestial

Off-Topic Discussions

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Dark Archive

Wait, wha-? Mayo?! What kinky s~~$ was going on while I was napping?!

Silver Crusade

Now, microwave... Let's not judge our guest. We should make him feel at home.

Scarab Sages

{pops in, leaves book on table by the door} Oh hello, if anyone sees Dr. Lector, please let him know I returned his book. I found the Advanced Racial Cookbook just full of wonderful ideas.

I have to get back home. I have a nice braised gnome au vin that should be ready in about a half hour.

Excuse me - did somebody drop of a book for me?

Wow! I thought this thr-, our home, got destroyed in the Purge Celestia.

Just shifted a little out of phase, I think.

Silver Crusade

My robes wound up on the other side of the phase. Could somebody hand me something to cover up?

Here, boss. I stol-, acquired, this towel from the Helliday Inn.

Dark Archive

<DING> Pizza bites are done... {sigh}

Silver Crusade

Ooh! Should we have a party? We haven't had a party since the unfortunate incident with the aboleths.

Dark Archive

Celestial Healer wrote:
Ooh! Should we have a party? We haven't had a party since the unfortunate incident with the aboleths.

{decides to remain silent about the actual "pepperoni" ingredients in the pizza bites}

Silver Crusade

Should it be a theme party? Our last one was demonic sacrifice themed. I'm thinking this party could use a little more Cthulhu.

I support this. I still have some celebratory favors left over from my last business trip to Yuggoth.

As long as we can get some cute Tindalos puppies...

I got collars for them with their names engraved.

Silver Crusade

Perfect. What are their names?

Well, their real names are hard to pronounce, so I went with Larry, Curly, and Deathy.

Silver Crusade

It looks like one of them found a bone to chew on.

Oh, that's my tibia. You scamps! Give it back!

<hops after Curly>

CH, I think you might want to look into Follower's medical records, yeeesssss. He appears to have a ... condition.

*hop* *hop* *hop*

Of course I have a medical condition--my shinbone has gone non-Euclidean.

Silver Crusade

I was never good at Euclidean geometry anyway.

*draws a blasphemous polygon on the ground*

No, no. A proper trapezohedron puts that plane through these lines, not over them.

Stop thinking in three dimensions.

I think in 3 1/3 dimensions.

*hop* *hop* *hop*

You should probably look into getting a prosthetic, yeeesssss.

Silver Crusade


*shoves a turkey drumstick in place of CF's shin*

It's as good as if I had cast restoration!

And probably has a better smell.

For now at least.

Larry! Give me back my temporary shinbone!

*hop* *hop* *hop*

Who knew puppies of Tindalos liked turkey so much?

Should I get tested for Rabies out of space?

Silver Crusade

Nah, you'll be fine.

Although you seem to be foaming at the mouth and sprouting tentacles. Still, I bet it will clear up in no time.

I think the tentacles are a handsome touch. And it's my completely non-medical opinion that the mouth foam is simply a wondrous mead or beer brewing within his celestial innards.

The demiplane a few planar hops over keeps discussing BLTs. It's really making me hungry... I'm considering pillaging and looting all their food stores.

Bring me back One With Everything.

Mmmm, Dalai Lama pizza... {drools}

Silver Crusade

I've never had that on a pizza.

CF, whip one up!

Here you go, boss!

<Out of the oven comes a pizza covered with the burnt remains of stuffed llamas>

One Dolly Llama pizza for you!

Silver Crusade

Mmm. Tastes like enlightenment.

It's probably this new non-stick spray I'm trying out.

I think it stands for Wonderful Dinners-40.

Did you pick that up in Mechanus? It smells Lawful, but not too Good.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

:::Pecks at Pizza:::

Hey, birdie! How did you fly in here? I could have sworn I closed all the windows.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

You left the sliding glass door open.

Silver Crusade

CF! I told you to keep it closed! What else is coming in here?

Oh look, it's a shoggoth.

Oh, he's here for mahjong night.



Billy Idol?! I'm gonna puke blood!


Damn it! I just got the non-Euclidean poop stains off the carpet too!

Hang on, I have a bottle of Dagon-Be-Gone somewhere in this coat.

Silver Crusade

This used to be such a nice, welcoming place...

Now there are stains.

You just need to hire a cleaning service, yeeesssss.

I happen to know a guy in Pandaemonium....

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