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Gobbo's Savage Tide


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Seann Eoghan wrote:
I've been rolling horribly today.

Sometimes I swear IC hates me. Ok, so that's 5, 5, 4, 6. Sweet rolls there...

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal turns and charges the closest rogue in the back, trying to force himself between the rogues and the casters.

2 point PA, Charge (1d20 6=9, 1d8 5=6)

and the bad rolls just keep coming

Oh ouch. Just need Marius' action for this round and we ought to be good to go.

Male Human Wizard 6

Coming to to find that trio of roguish types still looming in front of him, Marius scoots backwards, viewing regaining his feet as entirely secondary to getting out of range of any further bludgeonings. Temporary as any such reprieves might be. Perhaps more usefully, he fires off a cantrip, attempting to give his assailants a moments' pause.

5 foot step back, followed by ray of frost. Ranged touch: 1d20+3=17, Damage: 1d3=2

If you guys want to start queuing up actions for next round, I’ll have the roundup by Sunday morning. Missed today as things are a bit hectic today; hot & humid as all get out and my son has been running a fever to boot as his canines are coming in (fun for the whole family).

The trainer is down, Tyndal and Marius have switched places (leaving Tyndal flanked, though the rogues only make non-lethal attacks. One of the rogues is injured by the frost spell.

Eldin experiences a fleeting impression of déjà vécu. Without explanation, he knows this exact combat has played out before, and concluded with dire straights for the party. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, Eldin changes his course of action. Reflexes kicking into high gear, he rushes to Marius’ prostrate form and activates the healing wand, sending a wave of positive energy into the back of the man’s bruised head and returning him to consciousness. Eldin now acts first in each round.

Ardan raises his weapon at the trainer, intent on bringin him down, but hesitates. Try as he might, he simply cannot harm the old man.

Under no such compulsion, Terin leaps upon the elder with abandon, clamping down on his throat. Frail neck bones snap and papery skin tears away as the beast steals the trainer’s remaining years in a shower of blood and air bubbles.

Crablike, the somewhat recovered Marius scuttles backwards, not bothering to regain his footing. Out of reach of the trio of rogues, he comes to rest and raises one hand, firing a quick streak of rime at the lead assailant. Hoarfrost spreads across the man’s shoulder, and the flesh beneath turns pink, then blue, then black in short order.

Charging along the tunnel towards the trio, Tyndal has to react fast to avoid the retreating mage. A short leap over Marius brings his charge to a stuttering halt, Tyndal’s body now a shield for the mage.

Seann spits the immobile trainer upon his spear “to be certain.” Better than missing, since the target was already down.

The rogues leap upon Tyndal, but their saps are no match for hammered steel plate. They switch tactics, dropping the weighted weapons in favor of rapiers.

No joy across the board (Attack, saps (1d20+1=14, 1d20+1=10, 1d20+1=12).

Eldin up!

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid/4

The Beast keeps an eye on the direction they were heading and braces himself to attack anything that pops into view down that way. A low beastial growl escapes his jaws at a constant rate. *Readying a charge*

Standing close to the trio of rogues, Eldin lashes out with his quarterstaff, trying to sweep the nearest thief’s legs out from under him.

Attack: 16+1 = 17. Damage: 2
Not really a trip attack at all, that’s just for flavour.

He shifts positions slightly to make sure he can't be flanked. 5 foot step if required to put his back against a wall or something.

Eldin Farstrider wrote:
He shifts positions slightly to make sure he can't be flanked.

Should be fine. There is a natural block at the end of the tunnel, with Tyndal as the plug. I figure the quarterstaff can jab around the opening, but for the rogues to flank you they'd have to tumble past him.

Male Human Wizard 6

Now out of immediate danger, Marius gets back to his feet and finds that he still has a crossbow clutched in a vise-like grip in his hand. Alas, it is not loaded. He sets about rectifying this disappointing turn of events.

This round is taken up by standing up and reloading the crossbow.

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal swings at the closest rogue, hoping to eliminate a flank on him.

2pt PA (1d20 4, 1d8 5=[16, 4], [7, 5])

arg, forgot to put the semi-colon, believe that is supposed to be attack roll 20, for 12pts

Combined with the damage from Marius’ Ray of Frost, that shot will take down the lead rogue. Someone could now pass through Tyndal’s square into the larger area where the rogues are, but will have to pass into their threatened squares to do it.

Just waiting on:

Male Human Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 1

Ardan takes a few steps towards the rogues, but hesitates before trying to dash between them. I'm a bit unclear on current layout... Tyndal is in the far end of the hall we came from, and they're in the previous room?

Ardan wrote:
I'm a bit unclear on current layout... Tyndal is in the far end of the hall we came from, and they're in the previous room?

Perfect. If it helps, I can drop an updated map, but I'm thinking this combat is all but wrapped, barring some crazy critical strike action.

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)

Seann is decidedly not happy about the situation.

"This'd better work. My last one."

He mutters something under his breath, and the point of his spear lengthens, transforming into a glassy, green material.

Taking aim, he raises the weapon to his shoulder, ready to let fly.

Casts magic weapon. Have you ever considered switching to the PFRPG rules? I've found that Seann tends to run out of spells very quickly.

Seann Eoghan wrote:
Have you ever considered switching to the PFRPG rules?

I kicked it around for a few seconds, but decided against it for the time being due to the following:

  • Simply don't have the time to read through it all atm.
  • Rules aren't finalized yet and I don't feel like shifting more than once.
  • There's an awful lot of powered up crap in there for something not that broken.

I'll probably cherry pick when the thing finally releases, but doubt I'll ever switch over entirely.

Up late and a little behind today as I got hit by a "blinder" this morning. Been a while since I had one of those, rough stuff.

Eldin thrusts the end of his staff around Tyndal, delivering a solid and painful strike to the kneecap of the rogue on the right.

Delaying, both Ardan and Terin attempt to assess the consequences of rushing into the previous room, around his companions and through the remaining pair of rogues. Making up his mind, Terin digs his hind claws into the soft stone and waits for an opening.

Kipping up, Marius reloads his crossbow as fast as his dares, as Tyndal pummels the lead rogue to the floor.

Seann surveys the situation and deciding magical assistance is the best way to go, powers up his spear with an incantation of eldritch authority.

The Lotus Dragon duo evaluates the situation grimly, and deciding they’ll receive no quarter from this party, jab for Tyndal as one. Luck is with Tyndal on this occasion though, as both strikes skitter away from any vulnerable regions.

Ardan is on a delay action, leaving him with an action yet this round, and a new initiative behind Seann, and Terin has a charge action he can yet take this round.

Two rogues left, 6 and 8 hp remaining.

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid/4
The Beast -Terin wrote:
*Readying a charge*

My charge is readied still and I am facing the direction we haven't been to yet, in case the boss comes calling.


Aight, that would wrap us around to Eldin again, although Ardan still has an action he may take in the last round.


Eldin takes a five foot step back away from the combat, and waits to see if any of his companions will require healing. Readies an action to heal someone with the wand should they be wounded.

Male Human Wizard 6

It seems a terrible shame not to put his newly reloaded crossbow to use, so Marius waits for a clear shot before trying to pick off one of the rogues. He isn't feeling particularly inclined towards reasonable behaviour after those cracks on the head.

Attack: 1d20+3=9, Damage: 1d8=8

Male Human Fighter 3

Stepping over the body of the rogue he just dropped, Tyndal keeps whirling his flail at the remaining Dragons.

2pt Power Attack (1d20 4=23, 1d8 5=12)

Marius’ bolt strikes true…into the body of the fallen rogue. With a grim expression and a little exasperation, he sets about reloading.

Tyndal plows over the pin-cushioned corpse and bashes one of the remaining rogues in the chest with his flail, caving in the rogue’s ribs and turning his face a disturbing reddish-purple before the man collapses.

The third rogue is close enough for a cleave attempt, then Seann is up, if the frost wounded rogue is still alive.

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)

Probably posting out of order. Retcon as you see fit.

Seann hurls his spear at the nearest rogue. The missile flies true, trailing a ghostly green luminescence.

Attack: 18 + 1 + 2 = 21; damage: 1d8 + 4 = 10

Male Human Fighter 3

heh, I forgot i even had cleave! thanks for the reminder

Cleave (1d20 4=10, 1d8 5=12)

Anytime. :)

Tyndal elbows the remaining rogue while returning to a ready stance. The jostle does little real damage, but serves to assist in lining up your final enemy for the kill. Seann bayonets the last Lotus Dragon with the augmented spear, ending the struggle.

The hallway goes calm; even the steady dribble of water fades into the background in the aftermath of the battle. The reprieve proves short-lived, however, as heated shouts echo down to your position from deeper within the warren of tunnels.

“We need to act fast,” says Eldin. “Anyone hurt? Alright, Terin, Marius, which way to the boss lady, or a defensible position bar that. Or do we keep making our stand here?”

M Human (Oeridian) Wizard (Transmuter) 1 / Favored Soul 2 (Lirr)
Eldin Farstrider wrote:
“We need to act fast,” says Eldin. “Anyone hurt? Alright, Terin, Marius, which way to the boss lady, or a defensible position bar that. Or do we keep making our stand here?”

"I'm not hurt, but I've no spells left. At least, I don't think I have any spells left..."

Seann trails off, then starts again.

"We'd best keep moving, mo charad. Cut off the snake's head and all that, eh?"

He attempts to appear unconcerned, but doesn't quite make it.

Male Human Wizard 6

"Definitely best to press on," Marius says, "If we stay here, sooner or later the whole guild's going to be beating down the door."

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid/4

The Beast pads softly over to Tyndal and takes the warrior's weapon in his mouth, softly pulling him toward the unexplored hall, trying to indicate for him to lead on.

Seann Eoghan wrote:
"I'm not hurt, but I've no spells left. At least, I don't think I have any spells left..."

You know what they say about the power of prayer...

I have the next sequence, but I need to tweak it a bit, as my original script has you following a dead man. I could always fill him in with “Biff the Understudy,” hah, but best bet is I will have it up by 0730 Sunday.

Arg. Think I left my update at work. Which will seriously bum me out. Looking...

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal follows the Beast. "Ready when you are"

Had some time to kill before the polls opened, so I drove in to work to retrieve the word docs I left behind. Hated to blow the gas, but didn't want you guys to have to wait. Update will be up shortly.

Somehow, I had managed to name both files the same thing, and brought the wrong one home with me on Sunday morning. All better now.

The voices from behind echo and bounce; it’s difficult to tell how much time remains before they set upon you again. The group sets off at a brisk jog, the path ahead making a sharp left turn past the doorway. Smoothly shaped, dry walls make up this hallway, which shows signs of attempts at whitewashing on at least one occasion. Another ninety degree turn to the right and you stand before a doorway the right-hand side. The path continues to your left, and down the hall, you can pick out a large room with white marble tiles. A husky but feminine voice purrs from the depths of the interior, “Wipe your feet, please.”

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal wipes his feet and leads the way in. He waits for one of the talkers in the party to begin the negotiations. He's fairly certain that killing will follow shortly.

In sharp contrast to the portions of the guild visited so far, this chamber is downright opulent. You step forward into the deep pile of purple carpet. The walls are violet painted plaster, illuminated by well-fashioned lanterns of gilded silver, which flicker softly as you enter. An open door to the south next to a lone wooden cupboard leads into what may be a bedroom. Several shelves on the north wall hold myriad bric-a-brac: books, statuettes, stuffed animals, a crystal ball with a heart of smoky red light, a darkwood coffer, and a second iron coffer decorated with tiny, jade bats. Dominating the eastern wall is a mural of the city of Sassarine, although something isn’t quite. Looking closer, you see the heraldry of the Lotus Dragons flying from every mast in the harbor. A pair of overstuffed lavender chairs sit beside a low table heaped with cheese, fruit baskets, and bottles of fine wine.

Relaxing in one of the chairs and holding a goblet of dark burgundy wine is what can only be “The Lady of the Lotus.” While not drop-dead-gorgeous, you would probably describe her as a “handsome” woman. Trailing over her shoulders in a ponytail is a luxurious mane of red hair, offsetting brilliant green eyes. She wears a complimentary assortment of gold and jade jewelry to harmonize with a smart, military-cut outfit of black and green, coupled with maroon over the knee boots with low, block heels. The open shoulders of her blouse reveal themed tattoos spiraling down each arm from shoulder to wrist; one of a lotus flower, the other an intricate rendition of a dragon. At her side within easy reach is a masterfully wrought rapier with a golden basket hilt. Resting in contentment at her feet is a large, dangerous looking green lizard, easily the size of a Halfling.

Knowledge Nobility DC 15:

You recognize this woman as Rowyn Kellani, eldest daughter of the Kellani noble family.

Knowledge Local DC 25:

You recognize this woman as Rowyn Kellani, eldest daughter of the Kellani noble family.

Knowledge Nature DC 18:

(+2 bonus if an elf is making the check) [ooc] The lizard is actually a Crested Felldrake, an intelligent creature often trained as hunting companions or guardians by elves. They are generally good natured.

The woman acknowledges you presence with a nod, and waves her hand at the table in invitation, saying “Welcome to my home away from home! You’ve come far, fast; even you, Dear Marius. So glad to see you’ve managed to pass your test; I knew there was potential hiding in there somewhere, you just needed a little nudge.”

Eldin speaks. But I don’t have time to post right now – soon hopefully. No one start attacking or doing anything stupid just yet, ok?

Eldin wipes his feet, and bows his head slightly as he enters the room and looks upon the lady – a gesture of respect, not reverence.

“My lady,” he says. “I am Eldin Farstrider, servant of Fharlanghn. My companions and I seek someone we believe to be part of your organization, one Vanthus Vanderboren. We have no particular quarrel with you or your organization. We could, of course, continue this running battle that has regrettably started between ourselves and your forces, but who is to say what would happen if we do? I have little doubt that you can account for yourself well, lady, and less doubt that even now there are thieves waiting to strike at us. I also know that my companions and I have survived worse than blades and rogues.

“It would seem to everyone’s advantage if we were to at least make an attempt to discuss our differences in a civilised manner, and come to some sort of accommodation.

“What we want, primarily, is Vanthus. What you want, I would surmise, is for your guild to survive this day, Killing us might help you accomplish that, but only if you can be sure that we do not, in the process, weaken your organization so greatly that the city watch, or one of the rival groups waiting in the shadows, cannot take advantage of that weakness and crush you. Can you be sure, my Lady?”

Diplomacy: 13+8 = 21

Male Wood Elf (+2str,+2dex,-2con,-2int) Druid 3 Experience points-3000

The Beast stands on his hindlegs an assume his humanoid form. 1d20 3=20 knowledge nature.
"A felldrake eh? How did such a goodly creature become corrupted to work in such a group? More systematic animal torture?"
Terin looks like he is trying to restrain himself from attacking, the animal treatment in this place has left him with a deep-seething rage toward the oppressors and here stands their leader.

Eldin Farstrider wrote:
Diplomacy: 13+8 = 21

The woman thanks Tyndal for wiping his feet with no hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“Vanthus! He brought this down on us? He’s been nothing but a thorn since we met. A handsome thorn, mind you, but this is intolerable.”

“Regardless of which of us carried the day, both sides would incur appalling losses. Having already lost Syn, I’ve no desire to test steel against you without a chance to parley. I suppose I’ll have to pay for his return, I can’t imagine what I’d tell his grandchildren at yuletide otherwise.”

“To be truthful, we want much more than to simply survive. We wish to flourish!”

“Please, be seated; relax, eat, and enjoy yourselves, for I would like to present a counteroffer to you, once you have heard my vision of Sassarine.”

Terin 'The Beast' Talonshift wrote:
"A felldrake eh? How did such a goodly creature become corrupted to work in such a group? More systematic animal torture?"

The lady claps in excitement, then regains her composure.

“Well done! Not many fathom his true intelligence until it is far too late. I assure you Gut Tugger is here of his own free will. In many ways, he might be the only ally I can trust.”

“I think you will understand if we are not foolish enough to lower our guards overmuch. Tell us of your counteroffer, but I think we will stand for now.”

Male Human Wizard 6

"In truth, My Lady," Marius says, his manners brought to the fore by the setting, even to the extent that he wipes his feet, "I want out. I cannot help but feel that your grasp exceeds your reach. It has been but a single day since your latest and most audacious gambit, and already people are beating down the door. On an unrelated matter, true, but I doubt this will be the last such incident."

Male Human Fighter 3

Tyndal watches verbal sparring with interest as he sits down to eat and drink.

Tyndal Maelglum wrote:

Tyndal watches verbal sparring with interest as he sits down to eat and drink.

Ha! I lke Tyndal. He's good value.

Male Human Rogue 2/Swashbuckler 1

Although he remains standing, Ardan leisurely plucks an apple from the fruit basket, saying merely, "By all means, state your case..." before taking a large bite.

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