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Shackled City Adventure Path

Hia my running of the AP is coming to an end in the next month or so and I'm curious what people have done for post camapign games. My first ideas are for a 1/2 dragon horde invasion of the area (spawn of the Black Dragon in Zenith, which my players didn't kill.) and possibly a incursion from the Far Realm based on the Vanishing (I linked the two in my game). I know for me it depends alot on what my players do but input and stories are welcome.

You mean after running the whole AP, you're not ready for somethign new?!

My group is dying to try something Epic, and aftr I ended the last campaign just on the verge of turning so, I will probably be lynched if we complete the Adventure Path and I don't continue on.

I'm thinking of running two "short" adventures...the "intro to Epic" adventure from Dungeon a while back...about when the ELH came out (need to look the name up), and the just-out Quicksilver Hourglass adventure supposedly for 30th level PCs.

I *might* even consider ramping Bastion of Broken Souls up a notch and running that 'tween them, if everyone is having fun with it.

The name of the adventure is the Razing of Redshore. I am also going to run it. The following issue had an epic level adventure in it as well. The Storm Giant's Peak is what I think it is called. Then I think I will have to create some stuff so that I can get to the recently released 30th level adventure, but I don't think that should be too hard.


I've been running the AP as an introduction yo DND thing at my FLGS. I plan to run the new one as the same thing, but my players want to continue with these characters. More looking for continuation of AP stuff than something compleately different, wondering what people did, if anything with Cauldren and the envrions around it. Thanks all.

You have all of Occpitatis at your disposal. Adventures abound in the crusade to redeem it.

This is kind of a tough question, but I suppose the first thing to do is to look for things in each adventure that were not fully dealt with either in the books (see below) or by your particular players (can't help you much here since we don't know your game).

Life's Bazaar
- Openings to the underdark. They were closed by the Stormblades early on in the adventure but how much would it take to open it back up (we are talking about epic level stuff here). This could be used to allow an invasion by drow or hordes led by mind flayers or whatever.
- The Vanishing. You already mentioned something along these lines so I won't beat a dead horse.

Drakthar's Way
- Other than the continued existence of the path itself, I am not sure what to do here. If the PCs did something like get dwarves to move back into the Malachite Hold, maybe the same group has garrisoned this entrance. I suppose another option would be if you have an invasion of the city (as above in the underdark description) that the invaders learned how to get in the city by studying the PCs career and this is another path in.

Looks like I need to take off for now, but I would suggest continuing along these lines for each adventure in the path and then use those remaining links in anything you decide to introduce for that high level of gaming (keeping things firmly grounded in the city and the AP as a whole).

Good luck!

Sean Mahoney

I think the Smoking Eye Template would probably be the easiest hook. For example, the Godkissed organization (from the Epic Level Handbook) may try to recruit or (more likely) destroy someone who can rule Occipitus.

Is your group considering redeeming Occipitus?

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