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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

All in a Day's Work for the Pathfinder Society!

Pathfinder Society Scenario #4–05: The Sanos Abduction (PFRPG) PDF

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New Pathfinder Society Scenarios available!

The wilds of Varisia call to members of the Pathfinder Society, and you'll journey into jungles, both wooded and urban, in this month's scenarios!

In "The Sanos Abduction," Pathfinder Society agents of skill and talent are sent to aid the gnome druid Ignizi Dinnelletter, resupplying her Sanos Forest expedition. Even for a gnome, she's a little eccentric, and the precise details of what she's studying are a mystery, though Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch knows that it involves the First World and how that fey realm influences Golarion. When routine supply mission goes awry, it turns out to be a good thing that Sheila sent you. Even a forest as strange as the Sanos shouldn't reek of the unliving...

Our second scenario this month is "The Green Market," which takes us back to the Varisian city-state of Korvosa. The Aspis Consortium has stooped so low as to start harassing a successful local grocer—which seems out of place, even for them. Sent by Venture-Captain Amara Li, the Pathfinder Society agents will seek to discover the truth behind the Aspis Consortium's presence in Korvosa and how they can aid this Magnimarian noblewoman-turned-grocer.

Check out all of the latest season's Pathfinder Society Scenarios right here!

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Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

As a GM who ran the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, I'm really looking forward to returning to Korvosa! The Sanos Abduction sounds great too.

I notice that the covers for these two scenarios differ from previous ones, in that they don't include the icon in the top left. How can we tell if they're part of the season metaplot or not?

Silver Crusade *****

My understanding is that all scenarios are built into the metaplot now in some way.

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

True, but some are more 'built in' than others, hence the different icon on the cover of #4-02.

Silver Crusade *****

*Smiles knowingly*

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*Sees if he can spot Daniel blinking out 'NDA' in Morse code*

***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Northeast aka Shivok

Paz wrote:
*Sees if he can spot Daniel blinking out 'NDA' in Morse code*

DC 15 Perception check to spot!

Paz rolls an 17.

GM: You know something's up but your not quite sure what.

Silver Crusade *****

As I tell my players, I may intentionally give misleading information just to mess with you. Don't just follow me, think for yourself. :P

*Smiles even more knowingly*

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

I loved going back to Korvosa too!

It's not a sequel to the Golden Serpent, but there are a few tie-ins. Some are really really "no duh, Jim" obvious, but some are less obvious. I loved the Golden Serpent, but I suspect the Green Market will be considered a stronger scenario in some respects. I hope so anyway.

::fingers crossed::

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