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Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spells and Secret Societies (PFRPG) PDF

***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Explore the uncharted! Tame the Land! Rule Your Own Nation!

Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spells and Secret Societies gives you the archetypes, prestige classes, feats and spells you need to explore and rule over your kingdom. These new feats and spells assist you in being a better ruler and a better military general. Delve into the organizations and secret societies you may wish to promote and the archetypes and prestige classes gained by being a member of those organizations.

Rule your Nation and Make your Mark on the World!

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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A solid book that adds some more options for Mass Combat and Kingdom Building

***( )( )

Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spells, and Secret Societies by Jon Brazer

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover. (1 pages)

Feats (3 pages)
There is two types of new feats. Kingdom feats and Mass combat feats, as well as a few general feats. The kingdom feats help with the kingdom building mechanics and the Mass Combat feats help while using the Mass Combat rules. There is 17 new feats, three of them are mass combat and three of them are kingdom feats. The other eleven are normal feats.

Spells (5 page)
There is 29 new spells, 6 of them are spells to be used any time and 23 of them are spells to be used in mass combat rules. There is also side sections talking about using other spells in mass combat and in kingdom building. A couple of the spells where pretty cool I especially liked Wall of Tentacle's, a few where versions of existing spells (overland travel like expeditious retreat but can be cast on others and helps with overland travel checks), most of the mass combat spells are ok. Not great not bad.

Secret Societies (4 pages)
There is 4 listed societies listed in this section. Each only has a paragraph or two about them. Mostly they are new character options, two of them. The Hidden Sniper and Monks of the Green Leaf are new archetypes for the Ranger and Monk respectively. While Devout Healers and Kings Eye are new PrC's.
Hidden Snipers – The gain SA ability, Aim(as a move action can get a bonus to hit), must take bow or crossbow weapon style, and gets poison use. Gives up wild empathy, favored enemy and hunters bond.
Monks of the Green Leaf – Gets some different weapons and skills, Elemental Fist, adds more Bonus Feats options, Locate Creature. Gives up Stunning Fist and Abundant Step.
Devout Healer – Five level PrC. d8, medium BaB, 4 skills, +5 spell levels. Gains a lot of bonuses with healing.
Kings Eye – Five level PrC. D8, medium BaB, 6 skills. Gains bonuses with sneaking, social skills, lock picking and gather information. A ability to made coded messages, slight boost to SA, and will save bonus.

It ends with a OGL. (1 pages)

Closing thoughts. It has decent black and white art works. The layout and editing where pretty good. Other than the nice borders it is fairly plain and print friendly. As for the feats, a few was pretty cool, some was meh, but most was ok, not great and not bad. Same can be said for the spells. As for the societies I think that is a bit of a not as advertised. I was expecting information about societies not Archetypes and PrC's. They wasn't bad, they just wasn't what I was expecting. The Devout Healer and Kings Eye are both pretty good, as is the Hidden Sniper, but I was pretty meh about the Monks of the Green Leaf. All and all it is a solid product. So what's my rating? I am going to give it a 3 star. It is a solid book that is worth the money if you are looking for feats or spells to help with the Kingdom Building and or Mass Combat. It is less useful to others.

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