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Dragon Issue #320

****½ (based on 3 ratings)
Dragon 320 Cover

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D&D Retrospective
by Mat Smith
Look back on 30 years of the best game in history, and get a glimpse of what’s to come. Of course, there’s more to it than humdrum history: Ever seen the D&D beach towel? You will.

Dragon PCs
by Mike McArtor
Play a dragon from 1st to 20th level—no really! Play a gold, silver, brass, bronze, or copper dragon alongside other 1st-level PCs, no level adjustment required.

Fostered Dragons
by Casey Loe
Babysitting can be rough, but what happens when the neighbor’s kid is a dragon? Find out what makes dragons give up their young, how you can survive the rigors of raising a hatchling, and why it’s worth all the trouble.

Dragon Kingdoms
by Mike Mearls
In a D&D world, who would really wear the crown? See how every color of dragon—chromatic and metallic—imposes its authority on others.

Countdown to Eberron
by Mat Smith
At long last, the Dragonmarks are revealed. Learn about their history, check out a Dragonmark prestige class, and use Dragonmark feats in your game.

New Fiction: New in Town
by Richard Lee Byers
All the bright lights of the big city can be dazzling to a barbarian, especially an avariel barbarian. Follow the tale of a winged-elf who flies himself in over his head.

Plus, “DM’s Toolbox,” “The Play’s the Thing,” “Dungeoncraft,” “Under Command,” “Silicon Sorcery,” “Sage Advice,” and more!

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****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Dragon PCs


This article offers what 3.5 and Savage Species long foretold--the ability to play a balanced dragon PC. It is an awesome build and a fantastic roleplaying experience all made possible by this article.

The article on Dragon Kingdoms is alswo terrific.


***( )( )


PDF Download


I'm not going to review the contents of #320. This is about the quality of the PDF Download. The zip file contains 18 PDFs. They are of the following:
Cover - 1 page
Table of Contents - 2 pages
Wyrm's Turn, Scale Mail, Up on a Soapbox, Zogonia - 5 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
30 Years of D&D - 16 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dragon PCs - 10 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Fostered dragons - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dragon Kingdoms - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dork Tower - 1 page
New in Town, fiction - 10 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Elminster's Guide - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Countdown to Eberron - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Silicon Sorcery, Warcraft III - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Under command - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
DM's Toolbox - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Play's the thing - 3 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dungeoncraft - 3 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Sage advice - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Nodwick - 1 page

No ads (well except what little that is on a page with an article). All the art is of high resolution. Paizo watermarks (a standard PDF with your name printed at the top and bottom), which I think is a good thing.

If you don't own this issue or you want a pdf version of your printed copy, then look no further.

I hope more printed issues become unavailable and can be bought here in pdf.

Peace and smiles :)

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