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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 3,049 posts (3,050 including aliases). 15 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 32 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Grand Lodge ***

I'm hoping Gallows of Madness is PFS ready by Halloween. That looks intense.

Grand Lodge ***

grandpoobah wrote:
Also throw in PFS 4-03 (tier 5-9) the Golemworks Incident. It has a "Psycho" theme to it.

Yup, Muser brought that one up.

Grand Lodge ***

I have to say that it pleases me to see other people chiming in that they'll also be doing some Halloween themed scenarios specifically in the month of October.

I happened to find an old thread regarding "horror" scenarios, and will add a few that they talked about back in 2012. Unfortunately, a LOT of them are now retired so will not be listed here.
#35 Voice in the Void (1-5)
#43 The Pallid Plague (1-7)
#47 The Darkest Vengeance (1-5)
#49 Among the Dead (1-7) (makes sense since it's a sequel to the one Whack-a-Rogue suggested)
#2-12 Below the Silver Tarn (7-11)
#2-16 The Flesh Collector (7-11) (questionable, but the right GM could pull it off)
#3-21 Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1-5)

Godsmouth Heresy (1-2)
From Shore to Sea (5-7)

It was also said that anything dealing with the Blakros would fit, but I don't know about that. Blakros Matrimony definitely doesn't seem to fit the bill.

Grand Lodge ***

Hopefully this is the proper section of the site to drop this thread.

For the month of October, at my suggestion, our local PFS Lodge wouldlike to do only spooky horror/thriller style adventures. We'll be doing both standard and Core, and during our convention on the 29th, we'll be specifically doing modules for both sides. I'm looking for ideas that we could use to run for all four weeks, plus the convention date.

So far our own GMs have suggested:
The Haunting of Hinojai (5-9)
Mists of Mwangi (1-5)
Hall of the Flesh Eaters (1-5) > Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts (3-7)
Black Waters (1-5) > School of Spirits (1-5)
Crypt of the Everflame (1-2)
Murder's Mark (1-2)
and various modules taken from Carrion Crown.

Mists we're unfortunately doing this week as it was requested, and none of the new players had done it, but we'll just run it Core later.

As many suggestions as possible would be welcome. We've got a few new players, and a few returning players, but the majority have been doing PFS for five years. There's little they haven't done standard, but they could likely still do it for Core.

Grand Lodge ***

Starglim wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Took me a bit to find the handout you were mentioning. That's really cool. Don't have to worry about players looking to metagame and fail their save for the "benefits".

Grand Lodge ***

Two questions:

Jade kukri:
So it says that one of the fallen warriors didn't animate and is clutching a jade kukri. In Tier 1-2 it does "normal damage". What exactly does that mean? That because it's 1-2 that it's just a masterwork kukri that's no different than any other kukri? That it hits and negates the regeneration? Or, is the "one unique ability" simply to negate the DR 5/bludgeoning of the tier 4-5?

I'll be running the adventure for the very first time this week, and I just want to make sure I understand it perfectly.

No killing spree:
Also, how do I keep my players from murdering the people in the museum? Or should I just let them do what they want and have the consequences come out later during the chronicle write-ups? It's not like Adril emphasized that they shouldn't be murder hobos.

Grand Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
James, got a question that might make you do a double take. Can an android spellcaster become a lich?
Doesn't make me do a double take at all. I've said that androids can become undead from day 1. That includes liches.

I'm glad it didn't make you do a double take. When I asked that question before I only got hard stares like I was from space. But it being capable of becoming undead is great information. Thanks muchly.

Grand Lodge

James, got a question that might make you do a double take. Can an android spellcaster become a lich?

Grand Lodge

Juda de Kerioth wrote:

I love Pathfinder, and i wish that paizo expand the rules, i dont want more feats, i rather an escalating leveling to 30th lvl, balance on the rules, Prestige Classes more like mythic tiers instead of xp dependants, and paragon racial options.

its too easy to do such a thing, i did with my house rules and was only I working on it. why paizians can´t offer something alike?

It's not something specific to their game world. They could do it, but their own characters can't make use of the rules. Much like you can make any race you want to, or half-race, but you'll never ever see them exist in Golarion because those were the rules they set for themselves. It's why there's sometimes disclaimers/sidebars on their books that give you "suggested options" for outside their main books.

Grand Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Nightterror wrote:
I do hope we get picture-guessing monster vs monster competition again from Liz a month before the release, I really enjoyed that.

I second this. That was both interesting and fun. Then reading the little ecology trivia notes that we got up until that point, and finally the big reveal with the monster's ecology. That was nice.

Grand Lodge

Big Lemon wrote:
But when does Santa Claus get stats?

Santa Claus was stated a couple of years ago. Originally done for 3.5, Santa was converted to Pathfinder and is a 15th level arctic druid, but is only a CR 13 because his stats were all put into mental.

Grand Lodge

Blue_Hill wrote:
The Wild Hunt.. Awesome!

Agreed. I've been waiting for this for quite some time. It was my favourite encounter in 3.5, and I even made a campaign around it. Can't wait to do it against, but with it being in Pathfinder. The fact that this is back makes me super happy.

Grand Lodge ***

Disk Elemental wrote:
Our group has run this one so many times I've written one up. I can upload it to PFSprep later today if there's interest.

Yes, please.

Grand Lodge ***

Tineke Bolleman wrote:
This is some high level necromancy. I checked PFSprep, sadly, no such document has been uploaded.

Yeah, that was my first stop. I thought maybe someone had uploaded here, but not on the shared site. Much like Thursty had with Godsmouth Heresy. Guess no such luck.

Grand Lodge ***

Bring this thread back with necro.

I was wondering if anyone had written up a complete read-aloud PFS Venture-Captain intro. So far I've found ones for Emerald Spire, Feast of Ravenmoor, and Master of the Fallen Fortress.

Grand Lodge ***

I'm afraid I'll have to necro this thread as I plan to run this game soonish.

Since I'll be doing this for PFS, and I've loved the intros I've found so far for modules (Emerald Spire, Feast of Ravenmoor, Master of the Fallen Fortress, etc), I was wondering if anyone had written up a complete read-aloud PFS Venture-Captain intro.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:
Huzzah! Congratz Kevin ^w^

Thanks. I also did a collaboration with two other authors to do up my slaver class (renamed the ruthless oppressor to be more PC) that I designed years ago for the Way of the Wicked AP. Part of me finds it humorous that Gary's inadvertently responsible for both.

Grand Lodge

Don't know if anyone's interested at all or not, but back when I first ran this, one of my players didn't want to be any of the then available classes or archetypes. She wanted to take the slaver trait, and play an actual slaver. Well, back then there was only a 3.5 PrC and Solace Games came out with an NPC class version of the slaver. I ended up taking both concepts, and making a hybrid archetype for the rogue class. This week saw my completely updated and more PC appropriate named archetype, the ruthless overseer, for the Knotty Works archetype supplement line.

Also, after what feels like forever, we finally played a game of WotW tonight. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get everyone to make it so we were down a considerable amount. Still had enough with NPCs to go in, take down a couple of guards, and even the rookery. Next time they're hoping to light things up, and take on the wizard. I'm curious to see how things play out.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So, wanted to bring up that thanks to this project falling to the wayside, and the monsters I ended up converting, one of my publishers ended up taking most of them, as well as a few other monsters I'd converted on the side, and created a mini-Bestiary. A few of you who have been here since the beginning with notice a few of the monsters that I shared on this thread and my blog.

Just want to say thanks to Gary for making it all possible. And to all you guys for letting me share my original monster conversion attempts.

Grand Lodge

Now available. Hope everyone enjoys this fun little mini-bestiary.

Grand Lodge

Necromancers of the Northwest came out with a few magic items of peace. Figured they'd fit best in this particular book of Way of the Wicked. The one that I feel would be best is the shield of the dove after you put a couple of enhancements on it. Namely, a vial of magic vestment +5 oil, for the end encounter. That oil will last for hours.
The reason I chose that particular shield is: a) it's avian themed, and b) he has a shield on the cover yet not in his stats. I will totally do this to my PCs when the time comes.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Haldir wrote:

Curious on Smuz's build.

I was putting him into Hero Labs & curious on a few things.

The Hit Dice:

He has 2D6+1 due to +1 level adjustment. He has 7 HPs starting. Do you not add his commoner level or is it the average starting HPs of the 2 levels? (Been awhile since I've made a non standard humanoid PC)

Also he doesn't get to start with a trait (HL has it listed as 0 starting). So how does he get Ugly Little Bugger? Granted that one will be a custom trait but was mostly curious how he starts with it.

Also he has padded armor but no armor prof. Does he have a minus with it? I'm not seeing it in his stats, reason for my asking.

Other then that, everything else works pretty good. Hope someone chooses this guy at ReaperCon this year!!

1) Yes, NPCs only have half hp compared to PCs who have full at 1st level.

2) Ignore HL. NPCs don't normally get traits. NPC PCs get at least one.

3) Padded and leather armor has no penalties to give, hence why you don't see anything. This is why a wizard can wear a mithral shirt without check penalties, but still have arcane spell failure.

Grand Lodge

Alice in Blunderland wrote:
Adobe is wanting to be finnicky adding maps. Would people be fine if those were added in an included folder?

Sure, that's fine.

Grand Lodge

Distant Scholar wrote:
So, this isn't about strapping a visual recording device on an orc and watching what happens? :-)

No, but that could be an interesting plot hook for a set of adventurers.

Grand Lodge

Review done by Endzeitgeist.

Grand Lodge

I don't know if anyone has noticed this yet or not, but KS has just instituted a new feature that lets you follow creators, and not just friends/Facebook friends. I decided to follow Gary. That way I'm immediately notified when he backs something.

Grand Lodge

@Alice--Sorry to hear about your computer. I skipped the whole update thing because I knew my computer couldn't handle it. Seems that only the newest computers with it already installed seem to actually work properly with Win10. So weird.
Also sorry to hear about your game not working out. That sucks. Hopefully it'll make a come back in the upcoming months.

Grand Lodge

A while back, I brought up that I had found a 2e module that involved a dwarf mine.

On my blog, I have converted most of the encounters, and suggested conversions for those that I didn't do. At the very least, most of the work is done for you.

The CR is low enough that it should be possible to do it as soon as Book 2 ends. For those players and GMs who wanted to end the game now, and not continue for another four books, this works as an optional ending to the campaign.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hopefully Kevin, aka thatguy, doesn't mind, but I thought I'd share his blog post that he put on the KS comments page.

When Fire Mountain Came Tumbling Down. It even comes with musical lyrics.

Grand Lodge ***

Our lodges got our Core stamp from Staples. We had lots of people who wanted them so we got them at a bulk price.

Grand Lodge

Just shared this on the KS too, but for those interested, Louis Porter Jr. just discussed his thoughts and feelings on Throne of Night and Transparency on KS. I made sure to have the link set to the exact time he does so. (Before this it was about the Razor Coast KS.)

Grand Lodge

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Maybe she uses it two handed for when she's needing extra power.

You can do that with a buckler, but not a shield.

Grand Lodge

I'm in the same boat as Lord_Hyperion. I was more than willing to give Gary the full five years you're allowed to complete a Kickstarter, but the lack communication, the inability to take five seconds to go "still working on ToN, thanks for the patience, 'kay love you bye-bye", and continually backing other projects when he signed on, was just too much. It didn't help matters that his other project, the deck of cards, ignored those who'd paid and never received their decks. I got mine, but lots of others didn't, and this was evident in the comments. I had to explain to them what was going on and the current situation with ToN. It just got to be too much over time. Out of everyone, I think I'm the person who feels the most betrayed.

Alice, that sounds great so far. There were a few I never would have even considered coming up with. That's very cool indeed. Look forward to seeing the entirety of the PDF.

Grand Lodge

Alice in Blunderland wrote:

Agreed. A complete project would be wonders, even if he did steal my fan material to do so.

The kickstarter has went on far too long and even I lost my patience with it. That's sad, because I'm usually a patient person and try to be as understanding as possible.

At this point, I would hand him the script if it meant we get our books in the next few months.

I'm the exact same way. It takes a lot to get under my skin when it comes to this kind of stuff, and even more so if I have any kind of respect for you. Anyone here or at the KS can attest that I've been more than patient or optimistic regarding this project, and some have even let me know that they're shocked and saddened that I'm the one who's pushing people to now push the Kickstarter staff to do something about him and his lack of communication. In all honesty, this was completely avoidable. All he had to do was put aside his pride, and let people help him when things got tough.

Whatever happens, at least we know we did our part and didn't sit idly by.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Firstbourne wrote:
At this point, I'd be more concerned about Gary seeing your work and stealing bits from it to plug into his material.

I've said myself, and David has agreed, anything we've put up online is fair game. If Gary ended up using it, we wouldn't even care. At this point we'd just be happy that the project was being completed.

Grand Lodge

Zaister wrote:
You can download the updated file anyway, regardless of whether you've gotten the email.

Oh, I have the file. I've had it since it first came out and printed off a bunch of new iconics for last night's weekly PFS. I just got the email now, but I was hoping it was going to list all the specific differences compared to other files. I knew about the APG, UI, and UM iconics. I'm guessing since I'm not seeing "We updated X" that we're not getting a different warpriest (or rather the same warpriest we got for Risen of the Sands with his ability to bypass hardness) or anything along those lines for the other characters. Just didn't want to show up to game with "old" versions of the iconics when there were newly updated Core or ACG versions. Since there doesn't look to be, then I'm good.

Grand Lodge

Haven't gotten my email yet, but I'm sure it'll come some time around midnight like my other Paizo newsletter do. For some reason.

Grand Lodge ***

3 people marked this as a favorite.
RealAlchemy wrote:
I just want this to have a seconday success condition so players can get 2 PP :) Suggestions include "Don't knock down the building" and "Save the Pathfinder."

I'd like that too. Even if it's something as specific as "only on Free Games Day" like others have had, that's fine. Limiting, but it gives you another option.

I know that people who've ran this multiple times can do the whole thing in about 30-60 minutes, but when we first did it, it was six hours. Everyone felt rather depressed/defeated that two characters had died and all they got was 1 PP because it's a "short" module.

Grand Lodge

Alice in Blunderland wrote:

Just to confirm, Mike's email that he replies to is, right?

I wrote off the KS a while back and finished my own version of books 3-6 based on art and story previews, so I was wanting to know if maybe he can contact Gary and I could take the project over?

Not sure how I would handle physical copies of the books though.

I just want people to finally walk away from this kickstarter with an actual AP and not one just thrown together at the last minute to prevent a lawsuit.

I'm afraid Mike doesn't reply to any of his emails either. Not since earlier this year. At least he hasn't to me or a couple of others, and we used other ones we found. You can give it a shot.

Another guy did his own Book 3-6 as well. I posted his summaries on this forum a while back.

As for physical copies of the book, they'd be done through DriveThru. For ease anyway. Each customer would just a voucher and would have to pay shipping.

Grand Lodge

JGray wrote:

Playground Adventures looking for mini-adventure writers!

We currently have two lines of After School Adventures we are actively hiring for, one is normal adventures the other is for educational adventures both are for the Pathfinder RPG. Noramal adventures are just for fun but educational adventures must educate and do so best by showing instead of telling.

Send a pitch before you write your adventure to save time on both sides. Pitches for an adventure shorts this size really shouldn't be more than a paragraph or so. Please don't send more than 5 pitches at a time.

What level(s) are you looking for?

Grand Lodge

Steve Geddes wrote:
They should be suspending his kickstarter privileges until he comes out of hiding at the very least.

I actually asked this very thing to happen when I first sent the ticket last month. Never heard back on whether or not that was possible, but then I got a different person on the third go.

Grand Lodge

I've personally sent him two letters via snail mail, but received nothing back. I don't know how well that'd go if we all did that. The address is on the main site as well.

Grand Lodge

Firstbourne wrote:

Here is a copy of the response I received from KS regarding my ticket:

Thanks for taking the time to write in. This is something that we’re going to have to look into a bit more, so we’re escalating your note to other members of our team.

We really appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any additional concerns, questions or feedback - let us know by responding to this ticket.

This is the letter that I got. Didn't get anything else as of yet, but it's only Tuesday. I've since contacted them to let them know that there could be 314 people using the same ticket because we're that serious right now.

Grand Lodge

If that's the case then a large portion of us are screwed because we're not American. We can't contact an Attorney General or take him to court.
I'm hoping something gets done as I got an email from a new KS staffer who is looking into sending my ticket to other staffers for an investigation. Maybe something will come of it, maybe not.

Thanks for letting us know, and good luck with your dealings.

Grand Lodge

The Sword wrote:
Also posted a support ticket. Thanks Derek for starting to mobilise. It would be good if other backers could let us know if they have posted a ticket just so we know where we stand.

I was going to wait a little longer (until October 29th, the anniversary of his last post), but after seeing someone sign in with his log-in for four days straight and backing more projects with no update, I'd had it.

On my last ticket, which I had you guys reference, I made sure to put down that the other two tickets that I still had in my email folder. I've talked with at least three different KS staff members about this. As The Sword said, if you've done it as well, be sure to reference any and all tickets you've already put in.

Grand Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
TetsujinOni wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
Amanda Plageman wrote:
Eric Ives wrote:
Only the Summoner will be unchained, per the PFS seminar at Paizo Con.

Sadness. Oh, well. That means I only have 3 missing pregens to pester poor John and Company about.

Challenge accepted! :-)

It might be wise to consider that there will be a *lot* of things going on at Gen Con, and beating on a topic that's already been mentioned to be on the list of things to be done might be a poor social interaction decision?

What? No love for the barbarian? #unchainAmiri

Grand Lodge

Firstbourne wrote:


Also - please be civil with the KS people. This isn't their fault. We need their help and for them to have empathy with us and our frustrations.

^This. As much as you'll probably want to, especially given their responses, don't give in to anger. They didn't drive us to this point. They're just looking for better solutions so that what happens to those who don't see the rewards, get them. They just want everyone happy.

Grand Lodge

It is with a heart filled with mixed emotions that I inform you guys that not only has Gary finally signed on after a half month, but he's back two new non-Pathfinder projects and still has not given us an update.

I'm just... Yeah. No words. If they were Pathfinder purchases, I wouldn't be so down. I'm done. I still don't want to write this off though. We deserve something for our time and money.

I will say. I want everyone, and I do mean every single backer, to go to the Kickstarter and go to the Support link. Click on Feedback, say it doesn't answer your question, then go to the "Still need to get in touch? Contact us here" link that appears underneath. For the subject, put in "Regarding #623751 Still no communication whatsoever". In the Details explain how upset you are about what's going on, both on the front that they're not doing anything and that McBride isn't updating but instead just backing project. For those of you who are now boycotting KS, be sure to put that in there.

Maybe if 314 people get angry about the same subject, maybe something will actually happen.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Apparently Gen Con will have the old iconics re-released as well as new iconics. Happy about that.

Grand Lodge

Libertad wrote:
kevin_video wrote:

Kind of hijacking the thread for a second, but I'll keep it in a spoiler tag so as to not disrupt the overall thread.

** spoiler omitted **...

I don't think you can hijack the thread that you've been keeping alive for months.

This is fair. It was more an advertisement to the mods so they don't delete my post for it not being 100% relevant to the thread. I didn't figure it'd happen, but you can never be too careful.

That said:
yesterday's playtest for my one-shot was a success. I've got a decent amount of revising to day so it'll be about a month before the publisher sees it, and my tournament module got picked up and sent to the editor's.

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