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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,996 posts (2,997 including aliases). 15 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 24 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Grand Lodge **

One of the things I had started to bring with me was session sheets for everyone to sign, instead of printing the ones at the end of the scenario. These allowed you to do three at a time, instead of just one. Saves so much paper. Unfortunately, I can't do that any more. Recently, whenever I make an event, no session pages are made for me. I thankfully saved one from back in 2015, and I just cross everything out that's not relevant, but I liked having those available. If we change up factions again, I'll be doing a lot more crossing out.

Grand Lodge

Banesfinger wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
"...I'm releasing this on my blog as well..."
Can you post a link to your blog?

Right. I sometimes forget that not everyone here has seen my Way of the Wicked updates on different threads.

The link to the blog, and stuff I've written or edited so far, is all on my profile page. Click my icon and you'll see.

Grand Lodge

Hey James. My reading comprehension is pretty abysmal compared to most other people, so I thought I'd double check before I did anything drastic to my players.
Under the gray ooze entry, it says for its CR 6 variant "Id oozes are advanced gray oozes". Now, does that mean literally that it has the Advanced Creature template? That was my interpretation to help explain why it went from CR 4 to CR 6 and has Int 2.

Grand Lodge

Kind of hijacking the thread for a second, but I'll keep it in a spoiler tag so as to not disrupt the overall thread.

Not much on the ToN front, other than maybe if you're looking to play a slaver drow, but the rogue archetype that I originally designed for a player in my home of Way of the Wicked is going to be published and released next month. Mainly works for the Core rogue, but can be adjusted for the Unchained. Just wanted to put that out there.

Also, anyone who saw my post regarding whether you'd actually want me to do an AP or not, is going to be starting after I finish a course in AP design. I had 25 people go through a list of possible scenarios, and rate them from 1-10. One was chosen, and while it wasn't a landslide, the #1 choice was not exactly something I expected, but can definitely respect. Druids. And they're the "bad guys". There was the option of joining them, and the AP being written in the same style as ToN, so you can either option, but that it was down voted, so instead there'd just be a little end blurb.
When it gets done, I'll be sure to let everyone know, but only one book would be released, and it'll have a suggestion for how to end it if you only wanted the one book. Much like what Gary did in Way of the Wicked. The reason being my publisher says APs are a huge risk, and that until the first book is popular enough to make its money back, he won't commission a second one. Which is fair. But for now, that's all I'm allowed to say on the project. Just that it's pending, and that it's something that will happen. Just a matter of when. My guess is playtesting will start in September. Two of my players just had kids, and parental duties come first, as well as another player is going in for emergency cancer surgery next week. Afterwards he'll be out of commission for three months. So, some good and some bad news on that front. Definitely trying to be respectful to everyone's needs.
If anyone is familiar with N. Jolly's work (especially is heralded Kineticists of Porphyra series that End enjoyed), he's backing me on this play, and is going to be helping with whatever I need. If the series actually gets going, I'll have him be my Jason Bulmahn and design archetypes for classes, and maybe even a few feats. Again, all pending.

Depending on how soon my publisher gets to it, I'll have the 4th module that I wrote for last month's convention PF tournament released later this year, as well as this Sunday I'm playtesting a one-shot 4th level adventure I just finished writing. The fact that they're both 4th level is purely coincidental.

I'm releasing this on my blog as well, but I figured I'd put it here as well, just in case. Figured I'd keep you updated, even if you're not interested.

I've been to KS recently, but it looks like Gary has not. All of his current backings have finished, but he hasn't been online to do any of the surveys. At least not yet. Not sure the reasoning, but it could have something to do with the KS staff. They weren't too thrilled when I chewed them out for using their own terms as a defense of ignorance. It was said that they'd look into other means of contacting Gary, but I'm not putting much stock in that. It'd be nice if we were told something soon, but, at this point, whatever. I know no one's holding their breath any more.

Grand Lodge

The thing is video games are no different. You don't earn the same XP as the person you're power leveling through various dungeon and boss runs. If you're more powerful than a particular creature, you cap and either get very little or nothing. This, you fight based on your APL. If all of a sudden a NPC that's 5 levels higher shows up to help take on the big bad, the APL is adjusted for the higher level group, and everyone gets the same amount of XP. Probably even less because the group's bigger. That makes zero sense.

Grand Lodge

I have to agree. She seems like she'd be the fabled DM NPC that you have to keep around no matter the cost.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While GMs may like it, I know players who HATE it. So much so that they'll actually quit a game or not even join.

As for the XP progression, I have to disagree. If you're 9000 XP behind, you will always be 9000 XP behind. Unless you miss more sessions, in which case the gap only widens. The original system was in place for people to catch up if they started at a lower level. MMO's and various other RPGs have a proper system in place, but Pathfinder is lacking. As good as the Earn XP during downtime is, if a GM finds it to be too much work to come up with something, it'll get ignored.

Grand Lodge **

Tonya Woldridge wrote:


The Welcome to Pathfinder boon is just that - a welcome and a way for brand new players to avoid an unfortunate first table.

It should be distributed to all new players. So whoever is coordinating the table should make sure their new players have it. I have sent it to VOs and event organizers over the past few months, so there are copies in circulation.

While no specific language is on the boon, the Welcome boon is limited to a first level XXX-1 character. This criteria will appear in the next Roleplaying Guild Guide.

Thanks for the update.

Grand Lodge **

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
Tempest_Knight wrote:
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
I would link you the comment, but it was made on the VO forum.
Could you ask for an Official post/comment made in the 'open' PFS forums, please?
Request submitted. :)

I'm glad this got submitted, and hopefully we'll see a public announcement. I just told my VL about this, and he's not thrilled that this was released publicly. Said it's not supposed to be, and he hadn't heard otherwise. I think everyone will rest easier once we see the official okay.

Grand Lodge

Back in 3.5, everyone got a set amount of XP based on their level. If you were lower, you got more. If you were higher, you got less. I don't see such rules in Pathfinder. I know a friend of mine has said that his group has a +10%/-10% per level difference, but is that an official rule? I can't find it if it is.

What is the official ruling? It can't be that one doesn't exist. That'd be stupid if you missed a bunch of sessions for whatever reason, and you ended up being forever 2-3 levels lower than everyone else with no possible hope of making up the difference.

Grand Lodge **

I've got the standard, I would think.

- PFS cards for our city's lodge (Facebook, and how to sign up on Paizo)
- Printed chronicles for the scenario
- My tablet with the scenario on it (Extension cord in case the plug-in is far away)
- My iPhone with the pfsrd and Nethys bookmarked.
- Dice
- GM folder (printed sheets for day job, spell costs, GM 101, our lodge's "don't be a jerk rules", PFS pregens level 1-7, scrap paper)
- Box of minis
- Grid map and erasable markers
- "Core Campaign" stamp
- spare pencils and pens
- boon sheets, if appropriate for scenario

Grand Lodge **

Matt Lewis wrote:
Ferious Thune wrote:
Is the Welcome to Pathfinder boon available to download for the general public yet?
Here you go.

I was just about to ask for this too.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Who or what would you replace her with? An emo prince? Let's be honest. When you've got NPCs like Grumblejack and Fire-Axe Sakkarot, it's extremely hard to make the good guys even remotely cool.

I'm keeping her. She's pretty essential to the story, and she make sense once you learn her background and heritage.

I guess you could foreshadow her with her having done a parade, and was waving at the people, or have a royal proclamation happen and she had a hand in it. Something that takes down the Asmodeus religion down even more pegs and raises Mitra the same number. Maybe the laws have been even harsher lately because the king wants to keep his daughter safe.

Grand Lodge

Beat the game? Still want more? Want to become a god? Don't mind doing some conversions? Check out what Banesfinger found.

Banesfinger wrote:

Sorry for the thread hijack, but this might be an interesting adventure to mine for ideas for the end-game of Way of the Wicked.

Descent to Ascension

"A 20th-level EVIL adventure"

Grand Lodge

Banesfinger wrote:

Sorry for the thread hijack, but this might be an interesting adventure to mine for ideas for the end-game of Way of the Wicked.

Descent to Ascension

"A 20th-level EVIL adventure"

I was going to say, that's perfect for Way of the Wicked. I'll need to add that on the final book thread. That said, this could work for an end game with the drow.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They managed to get me tonight.

To start with, we were down two players. Had the druid roll for weather and a storm rolled in. One of the PCs who were unavailable became the NPC and contacted the Wall that a couple of the criminals who'd supposedly broken out of prison and had Wanted posters up, were seen at a nearby farm. The farm was inhabited by a family, so it was assumed by the Mitrans that they'd likely be hostages.
The four remaining Varning rangers and the three Gates' brothers set out to take on the villains.
The party set up an ambush. The first shot was an entangle followed by a fireball. After only three rounds combat, those who could escape did so. They didn't make it too far with ranged spell points. Needless to say it was pretty much over once they were entanglement. Absolutely crazy.

No idea what's going to happen next.

One thing at a time.

Grand Lodge **

So, it's all done up now. Not sure why it didn't work before. However, now neither of the GMs are getting credit. In my case I already did run it, but my tables haven't increased, and it says that the other GM had already run the game that day at the exact same time. He didn't clone himself to run it twice at the same time.

Grand Lodge

Grollub wrote:
ya the group I ran thru did a similar thing... but it was just a "communicator rod" style of thing, lesser range (think it was bout 300ft) but no charges.

How much did yours cost to make, and how many at a time was part of the final cost? I couldn't figure out a way to lower the price, so I went charges. It's reasonable, and they have to careful to not overuse it or else they'll run out of communications.

Grand Lodge

Back when I first ran this, my group made an intercom system to alert everyone. Having watched Critical Role, I learned of their Earrings of Whisper uncommon wondrous item. Unfortunately, it was designed using 5e so conversion is difficult. The earrings do a wide birth message to everyone within 500 ft that also has an earring. Otherwise it's just static. It's like a secret ops comm system. The best that I've come up with is having it be 3625 gold a piece. Mine have 100 charges each before the batteries run dry. Depending on the group size this could get expensive over time. I could see people going into groups of 2 or 3 until everyone can afford it probably.
To learn more about the item, Google the earrings. It'll take you to their wiki. I've contacted Matt Mercer, and he said that the sending spell is the base, and by mid level they had 8 of them equipped.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It's always interesting how you can notice something new every time you re-read something. This time, I noticed that Mad Martin is missing his bonus human feat. I've updated my blog for newer readers, but for everyone else, I'll just mention it here.
The feat choices that would make at least moderate sense are: Animal Affinity, Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus (club), Signature Weapon (club). All of these are on the d20pfsrd. Personally I'd go with Signature Weapon for the +2 bonus on attacks. It's something.
As well, if you have access to The Adequate Commoner there's lots of good feats to choose from. Personally I'd go Animal Breeder just so the ravens have the advanced template.

Grand Lodge

Looking it over, I have to agree with others about the Anubis statues.

The additional attack should give them "2 slams +5 or mwk khopesh +6, slam +0", but the light wooden shield gets in the way. So, it should be 2 slams or mwk khopesh because you can put the khopesh in your off-hand with the shield. As far as I can remember you can't punch with a light shield equipped unless it's a bashing shield that you're attacking with.

Grand Lodge **

Matt2VK wrote:

I've had that same issue come up before. Usually all it took was to wait a couple of days and then I was able to report it. No idea why, just assumed it was a server-side load issue.

...or it could have been a brain f*rt issue and I was making some simple mistake.
...Nah, it was a server issue.

:) :) :)

Yeah, that's going to end up being the plan. Also found out that one player didn't make his number clear enough to determine what his chicken scratches really mean. Trying to get in contact with him so we can try again after.

Grand Lodge

In addition to the above PFS scenarios I listed, I was just told that 4-17 Tower of the Ironwood Watch, also has some drow.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just to put it out there, if you have a copy of Pathfinder Adventure Path 107 - Hell's Vengeance 5 of 6, check out the minor artifact on page 36. That might be a very cool item to have added to the party's item list. They might fight over it though, and they wouldn't be able to wear it all the time because of the slot it takes (headband), but it's a very cool item. I'm definitely considering it.

Grand Lodge **

Blackbot wrote:

Did you delete unused Character slots?

Like if there were 4 players (for example), did you delete the unneeded two character slots?

I did not. There were only 3 players as well. It's been a while, but I don't recall having done that in the past.

Grand Lodge **

Thanks Steven. Much appreciated.

Yesterday, while at our regular PFS game, a new player said he learned that there's a few slave scenarios (I haven't run any of those yet), and he'd like to do a new halfling character using the new Spymaster book he picked up and play a freed slave halfling that does around as a freedom fighter that rescues other slaves and eventually becomes an eagle knight (steel falchon PrC). Is it possible to make even a partial campaign about slavers? I seem to recall at least one in Season 6.

Grand Lodge **

Jesse Davis wrote:

What are you trying to report?

Have you ran the same scenario previously?

Can you screen shot the error you are getting? (That will help give a clearer picture of what is happening.)

If you want you can email me at and I can help you get worked out.

To answer the questions:

Trying to report 'Bid for Alabastrine" and 'Test of Tar Kuata'.

I ran 'Bid' last month, 'Test' was new for the other GM. I've ran "We Be Goblins Too" before, and ignored putting down the "-X" number at the end signifying my character of choice, and had no problems.

A screen shot is not possible at this current time, but I could probably take them tomorrow and email them to you then.

Grand Lodge **

Not sure where this goes, and I didn't see anyone listed in the PFS FAQ section, but for some reason when I went to report last night's games, it refused to let me do so. I've reported games numerous times before, and I made sure nothing was missing (minus my character number, but I've reported it numerous times without on games I've ran numerous times), but it continually says that Prestige Does Not Count. Doesn't matter what game I input or who GM'd the game. We had regular and Core, but the numbers or correct. We had dedicated groups for both.

Grand Lodge

Also, what are the chances they'll get stats for the other scenarios?

Grand Lodge

A question I've gotten is "What do you do when a character violates the contract?" Well, truthfully, you hope they don't, but sometimes it happens. It really depends on the situation. No matter the case, hopefully you took the suggestion a few of us had a while back and used the wondrous item Pact Parchment that causes a geas onto the creature until they rectify things. If it's an accident, Tiadora will show up and look for an apology. If, however, it's a blatant violate, have them meet Oordeel (means judgement). (Yeah, it's cheesy, but we also have a devil named deceiter later on, so meh.) If the PCs are high level, then boost him. I'd suggest slayer just because he likes to study his opponents first, before attacking, and studied target makes all the more sense in that regard. You could also go inquisitor so you can use actual judgments and bane abilities.
I know that there's a Paizo version, but it's from Crimson Throne, and that's still 3.5 at the moment (September is the Pathfinder release date) so it's a direct conversion instead of a proper one. You could take from Column A and Column B and make your own hybrid version of the two and boost the CR a bit as well.

Overall, you don't want this to happen. And

once Book 5 kicks in, Oordeel would be called off no matter what.

Grand Lodge

I don't recall ever bringing it up before, or maybe someone else did and I've just forgotten, but while trying to find a particular kind of dragon, I found another. The underworld dragon in the underdark and is very territorial.
While I know the PCs are supposed to meet up with a primal magma dragon, I believe in the idea that you can never have too many.
Now, that said, I can't recall the magazine name at this time, and I can't open two browsers on my phone, but I think it's Pathway issue 41 that Rite Publishing has done. Anyway, there's a template they did up which turns any above ground dragon into a subterranean version. So that's also an option if you want to repeatedly throw dragons at your PCs.
Also, I think it's issue 11 that has the poison dragon template too. It's the one with a gold Chinese dragon on the cover. That'd add to the nastiness as well.

Grand Lodge

Banesfinger wrote:


A very cool article about (real life) glowing fungi:

Luminescent Mushrooms

Let me fix that link for you.

Also, was reading the Plot & Poison drow book, and it talks about how drow get slaves to makes fungus paper out of mushrooms. Some of the races that drow consider "intelligent" are even allowed to learn to read and write so that they can become proper scribes.

Grand Lodge

Rysky wrote:
@kevin_video, my apologies if you had already posted about them, I was a bit hasty and didn't look as good as I should have.

No, that's fine. I had, back in March, but I just honestly didn't remember if I posted it or not until I literally went back through my posts and searched for it. However, unlike me, you linked it so that's new.

In that same post, I also didn't link, but did mention the existed of the then released books of Darklands Revisited and Blood of Shadow.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:

Also don't forget Deadly Delves: To Claw the Surface for levels 1-3 from my company, Jon Brazer Enterprises.

[/shameless plug]

Haha, no, can't forget that. You're absolutely correct.

Now, truth be told, this is a level 1-3 adventure. How can you make this work for a game where you just need something from 11-20. Well, this could either be something you fit in at level 1-3, or you can add the Mighty Creature template to everything and make it 6-8 and throw it in there, OR you could go one step further and add the Paragon Creature template and have it be 16-18 instead. Any way you look at it, it's possible. Just requires a little finesse. In Bestiary 5, they came out with the Degenerate Simple template for -1 CR, which lowers the stats by 4. You could do that to drop the bar by 1 so it takes place sooner (15-17), and it stacks with itself too for an additional -1 CR.

Grand Lodge

Rysky wrote:

While probably not exactly what you guys might be interested in, both of the Pathfinder Tales Forge of Ashes (excellent book) and Called to Darkness (meh) deal with the Darklands/Underdark and are very descriptive of the many areas they show while also having a host of creatures.

There's also the Down the Blighted Path module.

Huh. I don't remember if I mentioned that or not after it came out last year. At any rate, I got reminded today about PFS having done underground and/or drow (also duergar) based adventures.

1-32 Drow of the Darklands Pyramid. Made for level 7-11, although I'm told it's actually even harder than that for some parties.

4-22 Halls of Dwarven Lore and 4-25 The Secrets Stones Keep are underground dwarven styled scenarios.
4-24 The Price of Friendship is Part II of this trilogy, but it's about an orc capital. It's still good for story completion sake. These are all for levels 5-9.

6-00 Legacy of the Stonelords feature duergar. This is for levels 1-11 so you don't need any prep time to change CRs unless you're doing it at higher levels.

6-21 Tapestry's Toil features duergar quite well. 8-03 Captives of Toil will be a sequel, but doesn't come out until Aug 4th. Both are level 5-9.

Finally, 1-37 The Beggar's Pearl is a lost dwarven keep adventure that's been taken over by another force. You have to seek out a dwarf that knows the location. It's level 1-7.

If there's more, be sure to share those as well.

Grand Lodge **

You guys may or may not be the best people to ask about this, but I was wondering if anyone had some kind of list of all the underground and drow or duergar scenarios. This can include the 4-5 star ones too. I know of the Drow of the Darklands Pyramid, but that's about it. I think a season ender scenario had drow or duergar in it. Just remember that there were ruins.

Grand Lodge

Banesfinger wrote:

"Journey Through the Center of the Underdark"

This is a series of 10 different encounters while traveling in the underdark.
This is D&D 5e (not Pathfinder) but conversion would be easy.

(Available at the Dungeon Masters Guild website, which has a preview and several reviews of the product). For $1 you get some very unique/cool ideas for underdark encounters.

Nice find. Just went to check it out for myself and saw that there's a direct sequel out already. It's got three mini encounters that can fit into any underdark setting, an island fortress dungeon with a dragon guardian, and full color maps.

Grand Lodge

Revised build for Will +7 and removed Shatter Defenses feat. Also increased Intimidate check by +2.

Original design heavily based off of various cavalier builds from Paizo codexes.

Grand Lodge

CWheezy wrote:

Yeah I could make better np. That hell knight also has 14 str at level 11. Do you think that is good?

I know in depth npc creation. I did so for the entire way of the wicked book (if you want to see what I did I can share it). Its important imo to look at what a level 14 character can do, and think about how your cavaliers will face them.

For example, a dwarven cleric could open the fight with holy word and basically win immediately. Or waves of ecstasy for the stun + stagger on a large amount of them. Even repulsion makes them useless.

While I'm strong mechanically, my writing skills are weak. I am good at working within a theme though. The main thing the paizo devs are hired for is NOT mechanics

You are more than welcome to share as much as you want. I encourage it, in fact. Everyone shares on the forums, especially Way of the Wicked. It's not like we get much from the creator. Pitch in. Writing ability means very little at this point.

As for good or not, that's not the point. Just saying that other NPCs out there don't necessarily have the best mechanics either.

Grand Lodge

CWheezy wrote:

Those guys get booty bounced by any magic person. +4 will? that loses to a dc 15 colour spray half the time lol.

omg you are supposed to face this at level 14??? This is free man. imo you should have cheating from the crowd, like some dudes cast a couple webs or something.

They do have SR, which colour spray would have to get past. It's not like they have a negative modifier to their Will. They're fighter types.

Don't forget that NPCs don't get nearly as much wealth as PCs do. Besides, check out NPCs like the hellknight and bandit lord. They too only have +3 or +4 to their Wills, and they're written by professionals who are paid for their time. You're welcome to do better.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was bored so I did a thing.

Throne of Night - Arena Battle

No idea how they end up in there, but we just know that they do. The picture says so.

As always, enjoy my efforts.

Grand Lodge

Firstbourne wrote:

The end (Area Z) mentions a "gnomish balloon" found in area R.

I have searched the entire document and found no other mention of a gnomish balloon.

Author oversight?

Likely. I don't recall finding it either.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Rogue Genius Games has released a new book, and it's all about being the bad guy. Four Horsemen Present: Heralds of the Apocalypse. I'm sharing it here, but this also works really well for Book 2 as well. Won't say specifically why due to spoilers, but those of you who have already read ahead can figure it out. Cool new feats, archetypes, magic items, and even new traits.

Grand Lodge

Firstbourne wrote:


Just got an email from Firemountain regarding a 20% off sale.
Last line reads: "So act fast and learn how fun it is to be the bad guy"

Yeah, got mine too. I'm asking around to people who I know were mildly interested in the AP, but haven't bought any or all of them. The coupon does me no good.

Grand Lodge

The Only Star wrote:

Sorry I'm chopping the post up to make it easier to address your points.

First off the Pathfinder Community pregens are 1, 7, 12 levels.

Secondly John and Linda weren't on the staff in 2010 and I imagine the pregens from then aren't what they want for PFS.

That's fine. I do it from time to time too.

The Pathfinder Community ones are, yes, but the Paizo released ones are 1, 4, and 7. Again, released back in 2010. They may not be what John and Linda wanted for PFS, but the Core ones didn't change much. I mean, Lem still doesn't have cure light wounds as a bard.

The Only Star wrote:

But I've GMed over 200 games and organized probably 2-3 times that and I can honestly tell you out of that 1500 hundred or so seats I haven't had a single issue with the available pregens. In fact I have far more complaints from new players about the amount of pregens to look through then about any that are missing.

Also here is a little trick for 1st level pregen play, if a player really wants to try out a witch then make a witch for them. It's first level play and whether or not you use a pregen or a custom made character you still have three sessions to play with the character before you need to be locked in. I personally don't do that because I haven't seen the need, but it's an option.

That makes you rather lucky. I've only ran 50 games in the couple of years since we started our own PFS branch up here, but I think between the seven of us GMs, we've had between 3-10 requests each for pregens we didn't have access to. Namely for the cavalier. Most of the time it was at a game when we had brand new players who'd never played Pathfinder before, but knew what they liked from their D&D Encounters days.

As for the witch trick, Wei Ji is correct. Legally you can't make your own witch build as a pregen. If you have time, and you have the book on hand, technically with no one around you could sit down with them. However, also technically they're supposed to have access to the book themself in order for them to build and play it. Core is the only set of classes they can legally borrow a book for, and that no one can come after them for.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
The Only Star wrote:
First off the Pathfinder Community pregens are 1, 7, 12 levels.
They are actually 1, 4, and 7. There are no L12 pregens in Society play.

He's referring to the link I posted. The Community cleaned up the stat buy problem, but built their own level 12 version of most of the classes. But, yes, you are correct that the Paizo released ones are 1, 4, and 7.

Grand Lodge

Wish you all the luck. Hopefully Book 3 will be out by the time you finish Book 2.

Grand Lodge

This is going to be a long reply.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Being harsh is never what anyone needs. All it does is demoralize the people whom you want services from. Whether that affects said people's willingness to provide said service varies from company to company, from individual to individual. But abrasiveness never makes anything better. Kindness and gentle reminders of interest are how things get done.

Yeah, tell that to the backers of the Throne of Night Kickstarter who have been patiently waiting for three years, and being nice has gotten them only silence.

John Compton wrote:
However, I'd like to clear up a significant misconception. Building the pregenerated characters, laying them out, adapting the ability descriptions and backstories, and making it all fit cleanly takes a substantial amount of time. When we provide a new set of characters, it's because several departments put in considerable effort on top of their other projects. Our managing to pull that off doesn't mean it would have been easy to have accomplished the same thing for twice as many characters.

No one is doubting that. Yes, it takes a lot of time and resources to do up full backstories, build the characters, etc. That is very understandable. No one in their right mind would ever argue that. However, you have about 85% of all that. Each of the iconics in the APG have "Meet the Iconics" blog posts. Alahazra, Alain, and Damiel all have stat blocks for 1st, 4th, and 7th. They're just 15 pt buy instead of 20. (Did you guys lose the original file? I'm sure we could easily send a copy back. A lot of us still have the pdf in our iCloud accounts.) Freiya and her fox, Daji, only have 1st level stats from "Master of the Fallen Fortress", but also just 15 pt buy. That will probably take some time to do up, give her a proper spell list, etc. As for Balazar, he's just like Freiya for stats and points, but at the same time he's illegal for a second reason--he's APG, and only the Unchained version is allowed in PFS now. Cool, he doesn't need to be brought in any time soon. No one would be too upset over that.

Is Paizo above taking a handout? Because the Pathfinder Community revised the stats to 20 point buy, and a few of them have at least the basic background from the Iconic blog post cut down to try fit.
Our "significant misconception" really isn't so much what you've said, but what we're not understanding. And that is, a lot of the work is already done and made available, even if by other people. So, is it that you're trying to optimize the characters due to people being unhappy with the builds? I know Hakon could use 10 Wisdom instead of having two odd numbered stats (Dex 15, Con 13). But that said, people question why the APG characters didn't get the spit shine when the Core characters did when everything became landscape instead of portrait, and we got the ACG characters. In our eyes, that should have been part of the "working on" back in 2014 that everyone was told about.

The Only Star wrote:

Are you a parent or teacher to any of Paizo's staff? Because the relationship of customer to business is not anywhere close to that.

Paizo is a business they are not required to follow your time table on releasing free to use content. If Paizo wants to pay their employees to put out content that makes them money and not worry about the content that doesn't then they are free to do that.

You trying to lecture Paizo about how much effort it takes to make pregens is almost comical in how little you seem to understand about the effort it takes to produce stat blocks and get the layout done so that all the relevant abilities can fit on the sheet in a way that is useable and easy to navigate.

The Pregens will be ready when they're ready and I for one would rather see the Gen Con scenarios completed before the thought of pregens even enters the Paizo staffs mind.

Come on, now. You don't need to be like that. The pregens were done and released in pdf form back in 2010, as I stated above in my response to John. The backgrounds in 2011 on the blog. They just aren't legal with today's rules because of the point buy being 15. The Pathfinder Community already updated them to 20, but again, they're not legal for play because they don't have the official stamp on them.

What people are trying to understand, and are asking of Paizo is, why is it taking so long when in Jan 2011 everything was already 3/4 done (just from their own work alone, not including the Community stepping in, in 2014)? That's it. They said back in 2014 they were getting worked on. Okay, so finished in 2010 to release for "Masters of the Fallen Fortress", and then 3/4 complete in 2011 due to the point buy stipulations, and getting worked on in 2014. Then the Core characters get the complete revision to make them more optimized to be put alongside the ACG iconics in landscape format, and then we got the Occult. Cool. Why weren't the APG? I get Balazar because he's unchained. No problem. The others should have come out when the Core ones were given the spit shine polish.

Also, let's talk about money because you brought that up as well. What makes a company money? For starters, people buying their products. If a customer doesn't feel that a company has their best interests at heart or won't meet their needs, they go elsewhere. That's the joy of this new generation who know what they want, know it should be available to them, and want it right now. Not only that, who has what they want. And there's a lot of other games out there to purchase and play, and give them what they want. I know, I play or run a large portion of them, and have a friend who runs a board game cafe. He gets all kinds.
This can be especially disheartening to a brand new player that's looking to get interested in the game. As others have said, people ask for what's not available all the time. At least with the witch I can still offer up the arcanist and sorcerer as a substitute, but it's usually met with mixed results.

Now then, if everyone's done pulling each other's hair and hissing, let's try to be a little more civil. Any more of this and we might start seeing posts get removed. Not that I'd blame the mods.

That said, as Wei Ji the Learner asked, what can we do to help?

Grand Lodge

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MidknightDiamond wrote:
It obviously didn't take a year and a half to get the Occult Adventures ones out so it shouldn't be taking that long to get the APG ones out.

This. Especially considering they're already made for all three pregen levels (1, 4, 7). They just need to be tweaked. That's it.

Grand Lodge

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My players are beyond insane. Even more so when they're down two players.

Last game:
So, my players were thinking about what they could do to separate the cleric from everyone else so they could take him out. They didn't want to deal with him constantly healing everyone up, so they decided to have a letter sent in to the cleric saying that Captain Varning was badly hurt, and was currently held up at an abandoned farm (that the PCs had learned about through gathering information). He'd been missing for 24 hours so the cleric was very concerned. He became even more concerned when my players went too far in describing what had attacked him and his men, to the point of describing it as a creature that seemed to suck out his soul, and that it took down all of his men. In game terms, that's either a) a wraith, or b) a shadow. My players didn't realize what they had just done until it was too late. The cleric would not be showing up alone. He came with all of his acolytes and the paladin. I was going to have more show up, but figured against it since there were only four players that night, and there's no way Havelyn would leave the Wall without any captains manning it. Also, if undead were involved, the soldiers would be absolutely useless. Still, my players nearly crapped themselves when they realized their mistake. Not only that, but everyone was on guard, not only for the possible undead, but how did the letter get to the cleric from Varning if the farm is abandoned? Needless to say, they figured there some kind of plot going on, but with Varning missing they weren't ignoring the call. Not necessarily assuming it was a trap, they still made sure to buff beforehand just in case when they got to the farm. Also, just in case incorporeal undead were a thing, I had all of them blanche their weapons with ghost touch.

Seeing Varning (the wizard used his headband and Bluff skills) badly hurt, and barely propping himself up at the kitchen table, Donnagin and Havelyn dropped their guard just enough for the assassin to get in his three rounds of Death Attack (hiding in the cupboard) and attack. Then everyone came out of hiding and the battle was on. The cleric couldn't make his Fort save against the death attack, and was dead in the surprise around. Grumblejack sliced through the closed bedroom door and skewered Havelyn with his greatsword. Initiative was not on the good guys' side, and everyone got an attack in before they had a chance to retaliate. Havelyn had to use his swift action to heal himself rather than smite evil, but he still got a few good licks in on Grumblejack. Even more so because I made his shield +1 animated and gave him a set of gloves of the balanced hand (Magic Item Compendium 3.5) for Two-Weapon Fighting. However, even with more attacks it doesn't help if you can't roll higher than a 5 all night.
The six acolytes (I increased the number) came in as quickly as they could, but Kiliketz kept them occupied with his ice elementals.
After everything was said and done, they brought the bodies into the house and burned it all to the ground.

It was a shorter fight than I expected, and I was shocked that they had managed to pull it off. So were they. It was like they had finished a marathon afterwards. They just leaned back and remembered to breathe again. The dice were definitely in their favour that night.

When they came back the city, they split off. The cleric and druid are continually trying to corrupt Jenny with more bacon and bring her to their side, the wizard and summoner are talking to Mama and got her to accept them as proteges, the assassin went back to Varning's to write a letter regarding "his" suspicions about Eddarly and Mrs. Mott, which will "accidentally" find its way to Captain Mott, and the monk has just arrived at the bar at the same time as all the dwarves have.

I had my doubts, but they're still slugging away, and the dice seem to be on their side. I'm not going to make any more presumptions because as of right now I don't know what's going to happen. That said, I've made it very clear to all the high AC "broken" build characters what I plan to do, and what I've suggested to everyone else running this campaign to get behind, should anyone be dumb enough to think that they can take on all 100 guards by themself due to their ability to break the system. And that is to make them mobs or use troops. Since I've brought it up I've seen an immediate back pedal on plans.

Grand Lodge

Insane KillMaster wrote:

Young Characters, and remember PFS doesn't do the ability scores adjustments for age categories.

APG might also be due to the Summoner. Now, why it stop them from making pregens of the others...

and, Unchained when?

Oh no, I know about the -1 CR template. I can be a young character in a home game, just as I could be an old granny in one too (seriously, that's messed up that Society sends level 1 granny and her dead husband out on missions that Valeros and Kira never survive). The kid is still a small human. That still affects CMB/CMD.

And the APG iconics already exist. I have them. Heck, I still have original portrait style Core before they changed the settings to landscape and upgraded them some. You just can't play the APG ones because their stats are 15 pt instead of 20, making them "illegal". I agree that they could re-release the package without the summoner and adding 5 pts to the stats.
Unchained would be nice, but I doubt we'll ever see those. Likely figure what we already have is good enough.

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