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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,152 posts (2,153 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 7 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

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Got this message back, and was posted on the KS:

I'm sorry that I neglected to reply to you previously. The simple fact is that I don't know why Gary is so delayed with the writing so I don't know what to tell people other than what they already know from Gary's updates. I continue to receive art assignments and have been doing artwork for the remaining books all the way up to Book Six. My role in the company is mainly just as the visual artist, as Gary's employee, and I don't have any control over Gary's pace of writing or handling other business matters. I'm not holding things up - the delays seem to be in the writing area. If there are specific reasons for these delays it is up to him to tell people what they are - because I don't know those reasons.

Best regards,
- Michael Clarke

I figured it wasn't fair to ask Mike all the hard questions. Can't answer what you don't know. The joys of the employee rank.

This comes down to, again, Gary's communication, and us wishing he'd be straight with us on whatever's going on. Probably too late to ask if he needs a freelancer on this. Maybe the interns he had didn't work out.

Grand Lodge

Yeah, I don't suppose it'd be very professional to send a bulk e-mail saying you didn't make the cut. Still, it's nice to know either way. It's a bit of a stressful wait.

Grand Lodge

Timitius wrote:

Finally selected our final article choices for #13. Looks like we have 50-51 articles kept for this issue, plus 2 more articles to fill the 3 pages (so far) in the PDF version, due to the reviews on the product page!

Keep those reviews coming, and we'll keep adding on pages to the PDF!

When articles are picked, how do the writers find out? Is everyone contacted with a "congrats you're in" or "sorry, please try again"? Or you only find out if there's something that needs editing on the article?

Grand Lodge

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@Endzeitgeist -- It's exactly as you said. I agree 100%. I honestly hope neither one of us is proven wrong on us getting what we paid for, and I hope whatever's going on will pass.

I too got the same impression of Gary through PMs, e-mails, and chats on the forum. Heck, it was because of him that I started to do freelancing. He saw the work I was doing to add to his Way of the Wicked AP, and praised what I had done over the e-mails we exchanged. So for me, if any of the accusations ever became a reality, it'd probably hurt me more than most other people, and I really want to believe in him. I just wish that his communication skills were better. He agreed in the last update that the delays and the lack of updates was inexcusable. Yes, they are, but if you tell us what's really going on, it likely won't be. At least not nearly as much.

I'll be happy if Book 3 comes out next week.

Grand Lodge

@Itchy -- Agreed. Any updates would be fine. I was hoping he'd learned his lesson during the creature cards KS after everyone got mad at him for that, and he said he'd do better in the future. Guess not.

@ladydragona -- It's definitely wrecked his rep. So many people on his KS, and here on the boards, not to mention his FB page, have stated on numerous occasions that they will never support another KS of his. That they will wait until they see the product on the shelf, or in the pdf store, before even remotely considering picking it up. If he and Mike decide to continue, they'll have to use pseudonyms in place of their real names, and come up with a different company name.

@Endzeitgeist -- When this first happened, him and his wife were going on an anniversary trip to Africa. It was after that, that he suddenly became super silent. On his artist, Mike, would respond to e-mails. I too believe that something happened to him personally, and while I don't want the details or pry, it would be nice to know what's going on. At the very least it'd stop all the accusations about how he took the money and ran.
Something big had to have happened because he even lost the Ogre contract, which got taken up by Steve Jackson Games.

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

What's in the box? wrote:
This looks really cool :) Does the damage of the melee attack already take into account the 1/2 damage to corporeal creatures or does that get factored in separately?

It's already factored in. I was looking at some other incorporeal elementals from 3.0 and 3.5, and it didn't factor it in so the damage die was twice as big. Remembering the half damage after you've dealt it is too much math for me to take into consideration as a DM, hence why it's lower damage die than what you probably would see in other builds. The shadow elementals from WotC had the damage at 6d6+ cold and higher, as well as the touches doing damage by themselves.

Grand Lodge

A 2e adventure I found has a darkness elemental near the final boss encounter, and of course it's not already converted. I'm very new to doing this kind of thing, but was given a few pointers by Sean Reynolds on how to properly read the Monster Creation table, but it's still an art form to accurately build them for a standard party to fight.

So, here's my take on it. Let me know what you guys think.
Note that I've only done the elder version right now because that's currently what I'm requiring for the adventure.

Original version can be found here.

Darkness Elemental:
Elder Negative Energy Elemental
CR 12
XP 19,200
NE Huge outsider (elemental, extraplanar, incorporeal)
Init +14; Senses blindsight 60 ft., darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20
AC 27, touch 27, flat-footed 16 (+10 Dex, +1 dodge, +8 deflection, -2 size)
hp 161 (17d10+68)
Fort +11, Ref +20, Will +10
DR 10/—; Immune cold, elemental traits
Weaknesses light sensitivity, vulnerablity to positive energy
Speed fly 60 ft. (perfect)
Melee 2 incorporeal touches +25 (2d8 plus 4d8 cold plus blindness)
Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.
Special Attacks blinding shadow, shadow mastery
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +16)
3/day—deeper darkness
Str —, Dex 31, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 27
Base Atk +17; CMB +25; CMD 46
Feats Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Flyby Attack, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Power Attack, Spring Attack
Skills Acrobatics +30, Bluff +20, Fly +30, Knowledge (planes) +20, Perception +20, Stealth +22
SQ death throes, hide in plain sight
Blinding Shadow (Su): A successful hit also allows the darkness elemental to blind its target by wrapping it in its own shadow unless a Fort save (DC 22) is successful. This blindness can be removed only by casting a remove blindness or heal spell, or by exposing the victim to full sunlight.
Death Throes (Su): If the darkness elemental is killed, it explodes in a flash of swirling negative energy that affects all within a 50-foot radius. Living creatures within the area take 8d8 points of negative energy damage (Reflex DC 22 for half). Negative energy-based creatures and undead gain hit points equal to the amount of damage the death throes would have otherwise dealt (see Negative Energy Attacks regarding temporary hit points and doubling hit points). The save DC is Constitution-based.
Shadow Mastery (Ex): A darkness elemental gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls if both it and its foe are in an area of darkness or shadowy illumination. While in an area of bright light (such as sunlight or that caused by a daylight spell), shadow elementals take a -4 penalty on attack rolls and damage rolls.

Summoned by elder priests of dark gods, darkness elementals are creatures of pure negative life energy, the distilled spirit of undeath, decay, and the night. They can be summoned only at midnight or deep underground, and few stay for more than a single night.

Environment Plane of Negative Energy, Plane of Shadow
Organization solitary, pair
Treasure none

Grand Lodge

I am too, I suppose, but knowing the why would help me sleep better at night.

Grand Lodge

Zach Scheeler wrote:
Yeah, pretty underwhelming update. No mention this time of the physical books 1 and 2 which are due to be shipped in 3 days by his last update. Time for him to turn this over to a more reputable publisher to finish what he started ala Razor Coast.

It's more than likely he couldn't afford to hand it over to someone else.

Grand Lodge

Another update with more pretty pictures, and another "soon" release date.

Grand Lodge

stormcrow27 wrote:
And most likely, Asmodeus would probably command the anti-paladin there to kill Thorne anyway as the direct agent. Whether the graveknights would follow his lead is another story. An interesting solution for the players is to convince the anti-paladin to help defeat Thorn by claiming it is Asmodeus's will that Thorne fall. He may far more loyal to Thorn then Grigori, but good enough roleplaying should deserve a chance then just a straight Diplomacy roll.

At the very least, the players should gain a massive bonus modifier to Diplomacy if they can prove their argument (cleric, antipaladin, inquisitor, etc being granted "High" title). At least enough to negate the "hostile" or even "unfriendly" penalty.

Grand Lodge

stormcrow27 wrote:
I prefer to look at it this way. Asmodeus is checking whether Thorn or the Knot are the souls most worthy to take up the mantle of his crusade against Talingarde. Otherwise, Asmodeus would just pull his support from Thorn completely and he would be a 18th level cleric lich with no spellcasting ability. The Knot would run over him or Grigori would engineer his defeat and then take over the plan or negotiate with the Knot as they arrived.

True, but if he pulled his support, Thorn just wouldn't be able to replenish his spells, he wouldn't lose what he already had memorized. That being said, I can see your point. The battle would amuse Asmodeus.

Grand Lodge

stormcrow27 wrote:
Greater Planar Ally, Planar Ally, and Lesser Planar Ally are calling spells. Those bring the real deal to help you out for a minute, a day, or a week per level. Thus those devils can use their summon powers without any restriction.

There's still kind of an issue with that, but I suppose the argument could be made that there are still devils 100% loyal or bound to Thorn. It's only questionable because of previous plot chnage with the contract devil and pit fiend.

Grand Lodge

@Douglas Muir 406 - Nythoggr can be buffed easily by making him a wizard or sorcerer. This AP was made well before the Monster Codex, but now that it's out, and he's got the HD, just add one of the mage templates to him (preferably sorcerer since he's got high CHA). Being 20 HD, he'll have 7th level spells. You can use spells like bull's strength, regenerate, improved invisibility, greater false life, mage armor, etc. Heck, give him a few summon spells. Bring out beings that can heal him during battle. If you ever want to be an absolute bastard, do what my DM does regularly to his creatures if he things we need a challenge, and use the Warcraft 2nd Edition Monster Guide's "Elite Creature" template.


CR +2 (HD 1-3) or CR +3 (HD 4+)
+4 Str, +4 Dex
Maximize total hp and multiply by 4
+4 to Concentration checks
Gain Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, and Iron Will (gives room to play around with a feat or two if they already have these, and add say maybe Ability Focus)

Admittedly, my group wouldn't have been able to take him down if he stayed up in the air.

@stormcrow27 -- Summons can't summon other creatures. SO if you summon the devils, you can't have them in turn use their summons. Gate is the exception because you're bringing the real deal to the Material Plane. A summon spell just brings a representation to where you are.

Grand Lodge

The Fox wrote:
One more clarification for Weal or Woe, please: word count includes the stat blocks?

Yes. The best way is use Microsoft Word. The bottom left will give you the word count.

Grand Lodge

mikeawmids wrote:
From what I understand he is near constantly on Kickstarter backing other projects and completely ignoring his own backers.

You're not wrong. A lot of us have been seeing that as of late.

Grand Lodge

Gambit wrote:
Kthulhu wrote:
It makes a lot of sense. Gary too the Kickstarter funds, stuck them in his pocket, pretended to go on a "fungus field trip", and now has no g&+@@*n intention of every doing any work in the RPG field again (after this debacle, I doubt if he could find employment in the field at any rate).
If this is indeed the case, then all the backers need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against him. I bet just the threat of it would cause him to get off his butt and finish his work.

From what we know, no, it's not true. The "field trip" was him and his wife's anniversary, and we knew that before the KS started. He was at two conventions, ran his Minion Quest entries for Book 7 of Way of the Wicked, went on the trip, and everyone (including friends) didn't hear from him besides there being something about an intern helping. His artist has been responding to messages, but we don't know the situation.

@Kthulhu don't make accusations that you don't have proof on. Yes, he's taking his sweet time. Yes, the KS funders aren't happy. We have not filed a class action suit, but we have informed KS about what's going on. Unfortunately, the company's name is essentially mud right now.

Grand Lodge

The Fox wrote:
For Weal or Woe, is the requirement that the CR is between 1 and 7, or that the total class levels of the monster is between 1 and 7?

It should be CR.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to believe that he hasn't just completely abandoned the project, and taken the money and run. That would mean throwing his artist friend under the bus.

But I agree that it'll be difficult to find work in the RPG field again, as this project is a year behind, and he's no longer doing the Ogre game either, as someone else was given the project with Gary's notes.

I can only imagine what brought things to this point for him.

Grand Lodge

Good to note.

Grand Lodge

Does anyone think that doing fighter and ranger archetypes for bugbears is a bad idea?

Grand Lodge

MMCJawa wrote:
As far as products I want to see, I look for material that is well supported by a company or shows promise of future support. I want to see niche areas, which either won't be heavily covered by Pathfinder, if covered at all, fringe themes, rule sets covering non-traditional settings. And I want material that I can easily slot into other fantasy worlds.

Purple Duck Games follows this with their own setting of Porphyra.

Grand Lodge

Would there be a particular theme anyone would want fluffed or fleshed out? Horror, generalized, desert, forest? This goes for bestiaries too. More fey, more monstrous humanoids, more aberrations, etc.

Grand Lodge

Snorter wrote:

Kevin; have you ever run a game with a monstrous encounter, or played a monstrous character, and found that the official rules got in the way of actually representing the creature's iconic theme?

Like my example upthread, of oozes being hopeless at sticking to prey?
Or the sorcerer bloodlines, that don't add anything to certain creature types?

This issue would be an opportunity to add options that support building the kind of monsters we want to see in-game.

I haven't had these issues myself, no, because the DM I have never plays anything straight. Unless he's reminded about a creature's intelligence, he'll sometimes play it like they've got a 20+ in the stat, if it's lower.

Other than that, my only experience with PF is running it.

I do remember reading on encounter with a half-dragon with the dragon bloodline, and the writer had to revise the template significantly because the two didn't mix.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I sympathize on the getting burned aspect of KS campaigns. Trust is hard to gain, and easy to lose. I've had that twice now, although one is still promising results, albeit much, much slower than initially promised. They got burned first by their distributor, but are trying salvage what they can with a different company. That said, the communication has been stellar on her part so I'm willing to wait further.

I love magic items. Especially the Purple Duck Games Legendary items. They're like the 3.5 Legacy items, but less of a hassle, and less expensive. Templates are fun, and give your players a run for their money. Gotta keep them on their toes.

I'm starting to see a lean towards races and bestiaries, and I'm not overly surprised. The reasoning you guys are sharing makes sense.

Grand Lodge

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
A problem we're starting to see if the market being saturated with Pathfinder pdfs, and they can be either a hit or miss.
@kevin_video - who is seeing this, and how do you feel it is a problem/what do you think is the cause?

Pretty much anyone can see it, but it's mostly for myself and other freelancers out there. Right now it's a number crunch. 3PP is still kind of popular, but not as much as official Paizo is, and for obvious reasons. 3PP stuff can't be used for PFS, and there's still the stigma out there that 3PP shouldn't be bought because it's unbalanced and broken, and therefore isn't allowed in that particular GM's game world.

Myself, I've tried to fund a dozen different Pathfinder compatible Kickstarters, but sadly at least half of them never got their funding. Heck, I'd say almost a third never even got to the halfway mark, and they were established publishers. The KS stigma now being "Will I ever get my product because I've been burned in the past?" and "How do I trust that you won't take my money?"

I know a couple of publishers, such as Purple Duck Games for example, are using Patreon so you can see immediate results with regards to your money.

Insain Dragoon is right. What does my splat book give you that others can't? How do I get you to buy my particular item? And the most hopeful answer we're looking for is "Because you literally asked for it." It wouldn't be custom, but if more than 50% of the poll votes say "We want mythic creatures" then that's what you get.

@Forest Guardian Press - You asked about how we see the saturation point. Well, technically we don't. It's more of a guess based on what's selling, and what's not. Last year mythic came out. It was a phase that everyone jumped on the band wagon with. Now, it's not selling too well. It's still seeing to its niche market though. It's about the new phases, and who gets there first, and who's still gambling that it'll be profitable this late in the game.

However, instead of guessing what the public wants, and then telling you "this is what we're releasing so please get it or we'll have wasted our time", I thought it'd be better to ask what you wanted to see. It just seems like the better course of action.

I like the idea of you adding the question of what product from what 3PP would you like to see.

Grand Lodge

Definitely part of this is so writers know what the public wants. Publishers have to weigh their options, and often gamble on what may or may not meet the needs of the near majority.

Grand Lodge

A problem we're starting to see if the market being saturated with Pathfinder pdfs, and they can be either a hit or miss. Unfortunately, even Kickstarter can only help so much as either works and gets funded, or doesn't. Sometimes mythic stuff sells, other times it doesn't. Sometimes adventures sell, other times they don't. Even different campaign settings can catch someone's eye or sneer.

So what I'd like to see from everyone is, what would you like to see a 3PP bring to your table and library of goodies? Race books? Monster books? Templates? Mythic? Adventures? Spells? Magic items? Composite books that have a little of everything? And then, to what extent? Do you want full adventure paths? Maybe a 3PP supplement that adds to the Advanced Race Guide? Perhaps a Savage Species style supplement? Variant monsters of what's in the bestiaries?

Grand Lodge

Was hoping to do the playtest as well, but all the links I've found have expired or don't exist.

EDIT: After watching the video, it seems I missed about by two days. =(

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I literally don't know what I'm going to do for this issue anymore. I had a few ideas, but with OGL issues, and having to be a little more original so I'm not stepping on Paizo's toes with their canon, I've got nothing. Grateful we have so much time. Maybe by April I'll have something actually worthwhile that I can do.

Grand Lodge

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Timitius wrote:
"Legends and tales speak of mimics of much greater sizes, with the ability to assume the form of houses, ships, or entire dungeon complexes that they festoon with treasure (both real and false) to lure unsuspecting food within."

Dang it, now I want a pirate crew sailing on a mimic pirate ship.

Dread Pirate Pillbug {pats railing} OK Milano, we'll act like we're going for a point-blank broadside, but at the last minute, bite the bow and concentrate your slams on their cannons.

Edit: Oooo, mimic starjammer!

They were called the Space Mimic. Here is a 3.0 conversion.

Grand Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
3) Sorry, I should have specified this was half PFS related. The iconics from the Advanced Player's Guide were built with the 15 point build instead of 20, and were considered unbalanced compared to the others, and were removed from the site. As well, the inquisitor was never built. It's also been brought to my attention that the magus iconic is also without stats. Right now the only iconics anyone can officially view the stats of are the Core, UC, and ACG. All we know is that Chris Lambert said "The APG characters are currently under construction."
Ah... I see. Sounds like you know more about this than me. AKA: I've got no further information to add to the situation. Other than to confirm that they are indeed "currently under construction."

That's cool. Appreciate the honesty and the info.

Grand Lodge

Timitius wrote:

So, I believe you can stat up a mimic to be like the house hunter mimic, essentially a very, very large mimic. However, I'm just not sure it can be OGL if it doesn't show up in the d20SRD. It is cited in two earlier places....Dungeon magazine #19 (October 1989), and Monstrous Compendium Annual One (1994).

So, I don't think you can actually call it a "house hunter mimic". Any one who speaks OGL legal-ese, feel free to chime in.

Yeah, I can stat them, I'm just not allowed to use the official names. Same goes for the bugbear mage. That's a little disappointing, admittedly.

Also, the Monster Codex templates can be used for regular publication, but I'm sure it'll just look better for the magazine if we do it the old fashioned way.

Grand Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:

1) They're in the PRD; 3rd party publishers can use them as a result.

2) Nope; nothing in 1st or 2nd edition is covered by the OGL unless WotC put them into the SRD for 3rd edition. The house hunter is not OGL as a result, nor is the bugbear mage, although you can make up a bugbear spellcaster easilly enough.

3) Back from where? I'm actually confused by the question. Where did they go?

1) Good to know. Thank you. I'd been told otherwise, and needed the confirmation.

2) Ah. So a huge size mimic and a bugbear spellcaster is fine, just don't call them a house hunter or bugbear mage. Got it. Although giving the bugbear SLA might still seem suspicious. Time to start sifting through the thesaurus.

3) Sorry, I should have specified this was half PFS related. The iconics from the Advanced Player's Guide were built with the 15 point build instead of 20, and were considered unbalanced compared to the others, and were removed from the site. As well, the inquisitor was never built. It's also been brought to my attention that the magus iconic is also without stats. Right now the only iconics anyone can officially view the stats of are the Core, UC, and ACG. All we know is that Chris Lambert said "The APG characters are currently under construction."

Grand Lodge

James, but three questions for you.

1) Can 3PP use the simple class templates from the Monster Codex, or are those specifically supposed to be used for GMs to quickly stat up monsters without the need to give them actual class levels?

2) Is the house hunter mimic and bugbear mage, which were in 1st and 2nd Edition, considered OGL? I know mimics and bugbears are, and it's mentioned that there are other ones, bigger ones, ones with extra abilities, but those seem more like references to the original releases. If they can be OGL, is that because they're just advanced HD or unique versions, or can you use the original names too?

3) Are we going to be seeing the APG iconics make a comeback? I know they weren't balanced in their original release, and the Core iconics got revised, but it'd be cool to see the APG ones back and in action.

Grand Lodge

Timitius wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
The simple class templates can be seen here. They're from the Monster Codex. Give monsters class levels without actually formatting them with actual levels.
These simple class templates are a "hurry up and go" method for GMs to get new monsters with class levels up and ready for a session. Because we are creating fully fleshed out NPCs, we would prefer you create them with the full rules, old school style.

This is exactly why I asked. I'd have felt stupid adding the templates and handing it in, only to find out it's not acceptable.

What's the say on these?

Grand Lodge

Andrew Eakett wrote:
Any idea of when we might hear if our submissions are in or out?

Some time around the end of the month was what was hinted at.

Grand Lodge

Timitius wrote:

Regarding the "new simple class templates" for Weal or Woe, what exactly are you referring to? I'm not sure I follow....

As for the 2nd Edition monsters, we would need to figure out if it was OGL content or not. For instance, we'd have to reject mindflayers and beholders, as they are not OGL...

James Jacobs outlines this here but for 3.5. Not sure what the deal would be with 2E, since OGL is for 3.0-3.5.

I'd say that we need to stick with the OGL, and if that means it has to be in the d20 SRD, then there is your answer.

The simple class templates can be seen here. They're from the Monster Codex. Give monsters class levels without actually formatting them with actual levels.

The original version of the creature is in the SRD, but not the adult relatives version. The Pathfinder version mentions how large they can get, but don't have stats. I'm referring to these. I'd like to keep the name too, if possible.

I was hoping to do the bugbear mage, but that might not be OGL. I can't find whether it is or not. They're an ogre mage version of a bugbear.

Grand Lodge

Tim, still hoping to hear back from you on this...

kevin_video wrote:
Are we allowed to use the new simple class templates for Weal or Woe, or should we be doing this old school?

As well, can we add in conversions of old monsters for the bestiary, or do they have to be 100% original and ours? Asking because I want to bring back a monster from 2nd Ed, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes regarding copyright legalities and such.

Grand Lodge

Drejk wrote:
Huh, should constant foresight go into senses or defensive abilities line?

Because of the bonuses it gives, it would go in defensive abilities.

Grand Lodge

Is "The Dark Man in the Woods" adventure in this? I'm specifically looking for that, and the original link to it no longer exists (the page was removed and replaced).

Grand Lodge

Gauss wrote:
kevin_video, Antimagic field is an emanation centered on the caster that moves with the caster. It cannot be used as a ranged attack.

Why does it say range 10 ft?

Grand Lodge

Robert Crawley wrote:

Anyone else find a slight flaw in the Movanic Deva's tactics?

They atart out by activating antimagic field, then employ their holy smite and flaming greatswords. Uh... how can they use spell-like abilities and magical weapons in their antimagic field...?

Seems a bit odd to me, unless they are somehow immune to their own field.

They're not. Well, one wouldn't be. Antimagic field is a ranged attack. You would have one cast the spell, make sure the other person is out, then cast outside. The person casting it can move outside the field without it following him. It's not flawed, it's just weird.

Grand Lodge

The seducer angel is actually a fallen angel. In 3.5 these later got called brachina, or pleasure devil.

Grand Lodge

Are we allowed to use the new simple class templates for Weal or Woe, or should we be doing this old school?

Grand Lodge

Devastation Bob wrote:
Where do they post the updates? Their homepage is pretty blank.

Right now there are no updates. At all. They even lost one of their commissions. :( The only place anyone sees anything is on their Kickstarter page.

Grand Lodge

Was an errata ever done for this?

Grand Lodge

Starglim wrote:
If it's not a replayable adventure, you can only take a GM chronicle for it once, with possibly one additional time as a GM star replay. Further runs only give you table credit towards your GM stars.

Can you elaborate on that last part? It almost reads like you're contradicting yourself. I read it as "you can play this twice: once for the PC credit, and one possible additional time for a GM star replay." But then you said that it can be ran more times after that just for GM stars. So, which is it? Did you mean that you can run it an unlimited number of times, but only once goes to a PC credit, and all the rest go to GM stars?

Grand Lodge

As in an actual step-by-step process for everything for the incredibly new GM to PFS.

Namely things like:
- all the variables for applying GM credit to new/old characters, how complete the scenario is before you can apply it (ie. TPK vs. unfinished), non-Confirmation style scenarios being ran over and over gives credit/does not give credit, etc
- creating events, the event numbers (and needing to make new ones each time or allowed to reuse the old ones), etc.
- creating society numbers for new players and getting them set up.

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