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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 2,293 posts (2,294 including aliases). 11 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

That's too bad. Glad the other managed to get theirs though.

As Thanael said, to those who managed to receive the gifts, please post reviews.

Grand Lodge

How's this going?

Grand Lodge

Thanael wrote:

KV,sorry to hear that.

** spoiler omitted **

My job's pretty labour intensive on bad days. Working in a warehouse can mean some pretty stupid heavy items that need to be put on shelves higher than they ought to be, but that's what the plan-o-gram says, yaddy yadda. We're not allowed to go on the floor without doing proper stretches, which they give out to us when we're first trained. This reduces issues. Unfortunately, I suffered a bad fall (away from work, of course), and am diabetic. Add that to my job, and the doctors say that's what caused me to be in the fix I am in now. That, and poor diagnosis five years ago when I had the fall (they suspected I had carpal tunnel, which I didn't, but the symptoms were similar so the tests stopped there). I definitely do stretches and strengthening exercises. I also use a vibration machine that helps circulation and causes the muscles to stop being so tense.
Grand Lodge

I'm hoping so.

My mom was diagnosed last year with a worse form of it and has been jumping through the hoops for almost six months. Not really looking forward to this.

Grand Lodge

Okay, I'll have to talk to him about it then because he's been leaving messages for his distributor about the whole thing. I just hope it's not too late for him.

Grand Lodge

Lava Child wrote:
Have you taken a look at making a disability claim? It sounds like you might be able to get some medical care and living expenses that way. I assume you are in the US. . .

Nope, Canada. Trying to look at disability, but right now the hoops I need to jump through are so numerous that even my doctor's not sure if I can access a claim.

Grand Lodge

JohnF wrote:

If you're going to be the GM, your game store can let you have a copy of the module ahead of time (once they get it) so that you can prepare; that will let you know exactly what to bring. If you're just going to play, I'd think that bringing minis for the foursome of Reta, Chuffy, Mogmurch & Poog would be a pretty safe bet.

It'll be our game store's first Free RPG Day. Neither of us know what to expect, or when the stuff arrives. I've been to the site so I know he'll get dice, and a few games, but that's about it. His distributor is the one looking into it so we're essentially in the dark.

Grand Lodge

And here's the link for Prairie Con proving that I am. Last year I said I was going to, but unfortunately no one signed up. This year it was requested so I'm hoping that means I'll have more than two pity players. It's the second last slot on Sunday. I've got four hours to fit this in. Going to be interesting. Especially without there being a Preview Version to tell you when to stop.

Grand Lodge

It'd be nice to have a little insight so I know what minis to bring for our game of Free RPG Day at the game store.

Grand Lodge

Only 4? I was kind of hoping it'd be level 5.
I only just got the named goblins minis, minus Squealy Nord. Can't wait to play it.

Grand Lodge

Unfortunately I've had my fair share of health issues over the last couple of decades. This is just one more added to the pile. While modern medicine is available it's more expensive than I can afford. Currently I'm looking at $200 a week out of my own pocket. Insurance will cover 10% of that. My hours at work can no longer cover my monthly expenses plus this. Definitely hard to remain even remotely positive.

On a cheerier note, just got word back that I'll be running Throne of Night during the last two slots of PrairieCon, for anyone in the immediate area that was thinking of coming in.

Grand Lodge

Mark Stratton wrote:

A GM can check off a box when he or she runs a game for which he or she gets a Chronicle Sheet for his or her character. If the GM is running a scenario and gets credit for it and thus applies that chronicle to a character, he or she can check off a box. If a GM is running a scenario and does not get credit for it (say, because he or she has already run that scenario once for credit), then he or she does not get a chronicle sheet, and therefore may not check off a box.

As the blog posting reads:
"I am the GM more often than I play. Do these cards offer me anything?
Yes, there is a special faction goal that appears on each card and rewards a participant when she is the GM and applies the Chronicle sheet to that character. To get the full benefits of the card, you'll still need to play, but at least you're not missing important opportunities by applying GM credit to a character."

As John later says:
"When you apply GM credit to a character, you can check one of the final objective's five check boxes for that character."

Okay, so based off of that then, just for clarification, even if it's a scenario like We Be Goblins, players don't get anything, but GMs do?

Grand Lodge

GM Lamplighter wrote:
That means, if the character in question doesn't play, you don't get a check.

Okay, then where's the line drawn on GMs? When do and don't they get a check mark when it comes to scenarios and APs?

Grand Lodge

Dekalinder wrote:

So basically, now instead of having to spend money on actual enhancement point, you spend them on "attunement capacity". The only thing this system accomplice is that you are now hard capped by level on how much you can spend on big 6.

It does not change the fact that you are still going to save up all your money to buy/attune them as soon as you can. You are still going to trash you +2 "attunement capacity" sword as soon as you find one with +3 "attunement capacity". In the same vein you are going to immediatly trash a +1 flaming sword since having flaming on it is gonna make increasing her "attunment capacity" a lot more pricy. Basically, nothing changed aside the math. And god knows if what we really need is learning new maths.

There's ways around that. I use Legendary Items from PDG. I like it. It's free Legacy Weapons stuff. What I did in each game was sit down with my players. They would gain one item during the start of the game or near it, through story. What that item was, was up to them. They knew what character they wanted to play, and what would compliment their character best. This worked because now they were invested in that specific item that they designed. It was a little bit of metagaming, but it worked for them.

Grand Lodge

Mark Seifter wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
BTW, how would one create a fire version of the crystal tiara? I mean, fire wouldn't do piercing and cold like an icicle. And what kind of attack would it be? A ball? A bolt? A ray? The elementals and resistance are easy enough to swap. Instead of turning to snowflakes, you're embers with vulnerability to cold? What about the air walk, ice crystal teleport, and ice tower? Not really fire versions of those. Also, fire storm is far too powerful a swap out for ice storm.
A fire version, huh? Would this do?

Hmm. Technically no, but it's still awesome.

Ventnor wrote:
Well, obviously you'd form the fire into a drill, of course.

Yeah, but then you have to wear epic shades and always proclaim "Who the hell do you think I am?" and then something how your drill will pierce the heavens, or some nonsense.

Tels wrote:
The simple way to do the fire themed tiara is reflavor the element of the spells used. For example, with ice crystal teleport have them encased in a ball of fire or lava or something. Ice storm can be reflavored as volcanic bombs and ash falls after the bombs hit etc.

That's essentially energy substitution, which works thematically. You're missing the stairs, ice tower, and icicle though. I guess they could be stairs of flame and a lava rock castle.

Grand Lodge

Squirrel_Dude wrote:
CWheezy wrote:

Wait you have to PAY for those advancements???

I thought they were free lol

Better than weapon of Legacy's "get a really good weapon in exchange for attack and hit point penalties."

And skill ranks and spells, or sometimes even power points if you did psionics.

Purple Duck Games did this with their Legendary Items series (weapons, armor, wondrous items, etc), and Rogue Genius Games did this with their Relics series, so it's about time to see it outside the APs for the common gamers.

BTW, how would one create a fire version of the crystal tiara? I mean, fire wouldn't do piercing and cold like an icicle. And what kind of attack would it be? A ball? A bolt? A ray? The elementals and resistance are easy enough to swap. Instead of turning to snowflakes, you're embers with vulnerability to cold? What about the air walk, ice crystal teleport, and ice tower? Not really fire versions of those. Also, fire storm is far too powerful a swap out for ice storm.

Grand Lodge

Nohwear wrote:
My printer does not like the pdf. Are there any plans for a black and white printer friendly version?

+1 to this. My monochrome ink jet printer did not like these.

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
John Compton wrote:
To clarify this point further, it requires the recovery of an object that is actually an artifact-level magic item (i.e. A minor artifact or major artifact); just recovering a flashy magic item MacGuffin is not sufficient.
Are the Sky Key components artifact-level magic items?


John Compton wrote:
RyanH wrote:

I like how these will add some faction theme back into the modules.

In Dark Archive it says, "Recruit a named NPC scholar, knowledgeable spellcaster, or similar figure to the Dark Archive. Recruitment requires a Diplomacy or Knowledge (arcana) check with a DC equal to 15 plus your character level."

Should that be "... with a DC equal to 15 plus the NPC's character level."?

If not, why would it be harder for me to recruit someone as I advance in level?

The most important reason is that it's easy to figure out what your character's level is, but it's not always clear what level an NPC is. After all, NPCs not intended as combat threats rarely have their level printed in the scenario (or printed anywhere, for that matter), so basing this on the NPC's level would result in massive discrepancies in the skill check's DC on a table-by-table basis.

Personally I would have made this 1/2 HD (rounded up) instead of full HD. Just seems more fair.

Michael Brock wrote:
Iff wrote:

Can I use these cards when playing a pregenerated character? I seem to remember that all premades are considered part of the Grand Lodge. Does that mean I can only work towards those goals and apply the credit to my own character if my own character is part of the Grand Lodge as well?

For an example: I'll be playing my first PFS game this week. I have a 1st level character made (allied with the Exchange), but I won't play her yet. Instead, I'll play Kyra. How would this work in terms of these new factions cards?

No. You have to play your actual character to check off a box for your character's faction.

How literal are we talking here? For clarification sake this could then mean you can not use the cards if you do any of the three Goblin adventures (Goblins Free comes out in June), the Silverhex Chronicles and other future quest releases, or any adventure that your current lower level character can't play (ie. a level 3 player having to use a level 7 pregen for 5-9 scenario because that's all that's available)? Would that not be overruled if you already have a character, you just can't use it for that scenario? Much like how an AP character works.

Also, how far back can these cards be used? They came out last week, and I've GMed five games over the past three weeks? Can I check off any? Do GMs get credit for scenarios that use pregens?

Grand Lodge

ZanThrax wrote:

Oh, okay. I see what you're looking at. You're right, the paragraph preceding the chart is rather confusingly written.

It's talking about crafting costs, where the table is talking prices. Crafting costs are half the price. So

blog wrote:

So for instance, a flaming weapon with capacity 0 has a crafting cost of 1,000 gp.

Upgrading its capacity to 3 would cost 6,000 gp.

If the crafter later wanted to upgrade the capacity 3 flaming weapon to flaming burst, it would cost 3,000 gp to upgrade flaming to flaming burst and an additional 6,000 gp because the capacity’s cost increases when the weapon’s enhancements increase for a total of 9,000 gp.

In total, this weapon cost 16,000 gp to make and has a market price of 32,000 gp.

we're starting with a +1 enchantment and 0 capacity. The table says that the *price* of that is 2,000 gp. So the crafting cost is 1,000 gp. Matches up so far.

Then we change it to a +1 enchantment with a 3 capacity. The table says that the price of that is 14,000 gp; the crafting cost is therefore 7,000 gp. But since we already spent 1,000 gp to make the initial flaming sword, we have to spend another 6,000 gp - just paying the difference.

The final part is where it's needlessly confusing I think. Flaming -> Flaming Burst, at a capacity of 0 is going from 2,000 gp price to 8,000 gp price, which is an increase of 6,000 gp. Half of that is 3,000 gp cost. And then it's re-doing the capacity increase from 0 (8,000 gp) to 3 (32,000 gp); 24,000 gp price; 12,000...

This is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

Grand Lodge

ZanThrax wrote:
There's no math to the table at all. If the enchantments on your armour have a total value of +3, and you don't want to get any of the automatic AC bonus from the new system, then it cost's 9,000 gp. Or if you have only a +1 equivalent enchantment on your armour and want to use 4 points of the automatic AC bonus, it also costs 9,000 gp.

I'm more of less trying to figure out where the 3 capacity flaming weapon to flaming burst only cost 3000 + 6000.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll be honest, I straight up do not understand the math on the weapons and armor table. Like, not at all. I especially don't get where the 9000 comes from. To me it should be more. It'd be nice if it was broken down more.

Grand Lodge

Eric Hinkle wrote:

... Crap. I hope they find something that can be done to help you.

Good luck, Kevin_Video.

Thanks. Unfortunately, it's progressed to the point that they can't fix it, only make it so I can live with it. Going to be trying times for the next long while. >_<

Grand Lodge

To those of you who were wondering about my health, unfortunately, today I got diagnosed with spinal degeneration.

Grand Lodge

An update's an update. At least he's acknowledging that there are delays, and he's not trying to sugarcoat anything.

Grand Lodge

Weslocke wrote:
By the way, how is your shoulder & arm healing?

They're not, and now the left shoulder is getting messed up because of my need to compensate. See a specialist tomorrow to see what can be done.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Black Blade wrote:

And I'll add two three more suggestions.

1. Against the Giants G3-If you're going drow or dwarves, fighting fire giants and the heretic drow worshipped the Elder Elemental God is right up your alley.
2. Descent into the Depths of the Earth, Shrine of the Kuo-Toa, and Vault of the Drow-Kill lots of trolls (and I mean LOTS), troglodytes, mind flayers in the depths. An entire kuo-toa shrine, which could be easily swapped out for skum, and Vault of the Drow (fight against the Spider Queen and her priests.
3. Queen of the Demonweb Pits-Fight Lolth on her home plane.

It's all 1st Ed but easily convertible, and in many cases is one of the best Underdark adventures ever created.

Fixed that for you.

Go G3, D1, D2, D3, and Q1 are the listed modules here. Fortunately, the link I had shared earlier has G3 and D1-D2 already converted. It just needs that extra conversion over to Pathfinder. Unfortunately, D3 and Q1 were never done up so that'll have to get done from scratch.

Others I've learned about can be found in these Dungeon Magazines:
67 - Uzaglu of the Underdark
75 - The Amulet and the Underdark
81 - Khazefryn
85 - Lord of The Scarlet Tide
102 - Zenith Trajectory (Shackled City AP)
122 - Final Resting Place
134 - Home Under the Range

Also, there are regular WotC adventures. Hopefully they're still easy to find with Google and torrents, now that the site no longer has them up...
- Test of the Demonweb
- Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Weslocke sent another email regarding what's going on, and if he knew what was up with Gary's absence over the past two weeks (he hasn't signed on KS since the 7th).

Hi David,

No need to apologize - I understand the lack of information from Gary has been frustrating for many people. I don't have specific information on the status of the writing of the books but I'm still getting assigned new art to do every week from Gary on a steady basis for the project. Today I have urged him once again to be more transparent with you guys about the project status and hope he will post a substantial status update to the Kickstarter.

Also I have noticed a lot of speculation in the Kickstarter comments, which is understandable given the lack of information. But please be assured, if something serious happened to Gary (death or debilitating illness...), I would definitely inform someone to get the information out there to the backers.

Best regards,
- Michael Clarke

Grand Lodge

Tamec wrote:

I love this post and I'm favoriting it, but wasn't there one that used Adventure paths too...

I'm trying to map out one using season 4 and Rise of the Runelords...I have a character that is a Sloth Mage (Thassilonion Conjurer from running the adventure that unlocks it) and the idea is, in his mind, is to replace Krune and take down Karzug....or that's the plan at least.

+1 to this. I thought it had already been done, but when I searched I couldn't find it, so I guess not.

Grand Lodge

Callum wrote:

Thanks for that, Carl - it's great! I've noticed one or two typos - is there any way for me to correct these?

I thought #150 was the last 3E (and Paizo) issue of Dungeon - what are #151-153 that you have in your document?

Those are the last LAST 3.5 adventures. Issues 150 was the final printed edition. All the rest were available only as pdfs.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So the concern is that Book 3 isn't going to be coming out any time soon, and people are already at a point where they need it. Therefore, what can they do in the meantime besides putting the game on hold? Other than homebrew it up like Weslocke and just do your own thing, the answer is: do side quests.

Firstly, go through the previous posts. I've listed a few things that can be done. Here's a synopsis:

1) Looking to add more treasure to the party? Check out Dragon Magazine 323. There's a section on "Treasures of the Dwarven Holds". Thanks to Itchy for the link.
2) Complete Minions by Bastion Press. Recommend it for: the Blessed Ring (mushroom sanctuary), the cavernivore (neat encounter for those longing for the surface again), and the Death's Bloom (hazard).
3) The Long Mine of Klangdensturm. It's a "get back a dwarven keep" adventure. A little high in level, but if you're done Book 3 (or are level 12-13) then it's fine. Done in 2e, but can be easily converted. May need the 3.5 Ravenloft Swords & Sorcery book for a couple of templates unless you just want to use the old school ones.
4) Dark and Hidden Ways, aka the Dungeoneer book. The Faerun books have the majority of the 3.0/3.5 conversions. It has a mind flayer but, if you're concerned, there's a netbook that doesn't exist that can help with that.
If you can't find any of the 2.0 creatures converted, head here.
5) Check out Castle Whiterock. You can use a few things from that and add them in. Especially the mushrooms and toadstools (the crimson shelf fungus would have to be converted as per the guide for poisons.)
6) The Black Blade's suggestion of the Night Below. Click the link for the convertion for Night Below books 1-3 to 3.0 D&D.

Now for some new stuff that you can check out to either add to the AP to stall, or just to add in for some fun.

Axe of the Dwarven Lords. It's 2e, but it'll give them an extra quest to find the artifact axe of their breathren.

The Forge of Fury. It's 3.0 and made for a level 3 party, so it'll need a little buffing, with a couple of exceptions that don't require any.

Tower of Blood. Another 2e module, but with gnomes. Swap them with svirfneblin and it should be good to go.

The Halls of Dwarven Kings

The Armorer adventure in The Book of Lairs

The Mines of Keridav

Wikipedia lists four game modules in an Underdark section, under Media.

Monte Cook's Queen of Lies.

Glory Hole Dwarven Mine . Don't get the wrong idea. :P Anyways, the story is as follows:

The mine has suddenly stopped producing ore and the miners have vanished; the players are one of several groups who are exploring the mine and trying to find out what happened... the players can run into other NPC groups, not all of whom will be friendly. It has many levels and I think a party of mid level characters could spend many sessions exploring it. There are a lot of non-standard creatures and even some 'ancient artifacts' in the mine like pistols, flashlights, etc. In the lower levels we discover that the dwarves 'dug too deep' and awakened an ancient evil...

For now, that should be enough to keep the PCs busy. At least until Book 3 and 4 come out. Hopefully. That said, this is also hoping that they'll be content with doing side quests that only seem like they're doing the actual story.

Grand Lodge

The Black Blade wrote:
Night Below would also work well for these types of adventures. The PDF is widely available, and it just requires conversion work from 2nd Ed into Pathfinder. Lots of mind flayers, aboleth, etc...

What's really cool is someone actually converted Night Below books 1-3 to 3.0 a few years ago. It and others can be found over at the Conversion Library.

The nice thing about this being converted this far is there's less work to make it Pathfinder.

Grand Lodge

We're hoping to run this for PFS on June 20th, and are running the first two multiple times so that we have more than enough people interested in running the third. I'm just hoping that the chronicle sheets will be out in time.

Grand Lodge

Just out of curiosity, is there a plan or a way to make a magic item torch? Give the pyro something cool to have. Maybe a particular helmet, or armor to enhance things?

Grand Lodge

I just had a question about the new pyromancer spell "Blazing Ray". It says it's evocation [fire] but in the description it says it does 1d6 COLD damage. Is that a typo?

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

Fencer_guy wrote:
What are people doing while waiting for book 3? My group is just about done with book 2, all that is left is the mine. What should we do? I was thinking about just putting the campaign on hold until the next came out. I'm what wondering what others are doing.

You'd have to check out the earlier posts, but Weslocke and I commented on what everyone could potentially do, what adventure modules you could use, etc. I wouldn't suggest stopping because you and your players will lose interest in it and up right quit.

Grand Lodge

What's the release date of this looking to be?

Grand Lodge

DCII wrote:
Yes, please. I have a feeling I'll be running this module a LOT. I already have at least 2 requests to run it in the future, and will probably run it when I go back down to Texas to visit. Maps would indeed be useful.

Please help get the word out about the SCARAB Gaming Convention, the most affordable 4-day gaming convention in the U.S., if you find one more affordable, please let me know.

These are in 1" Scale, adobe, and print beautifully.



No longer seems to work.

Grand Lodge

I'm still waiting for the Advanced Player's Guide characters to get updated from their 15 pt buy versions.

Grand Lodge

I also have to do some thread necromancy. Did no one make it so that players could have their own individual character sheets? Having two characters on three sheets isn't really all that great a plan. I know you can share, but that only works so well.

Grand Lodge

Shisumo wrote:

Looks like a small but meaningful typo on page 11:

Rewards: If the PCs to defeat the creatures in area A13, (with or without help), reduce each PC’s gold earned by 50 gp.
Think we're missing the word "fail" in there.

Glad I remembered to come here. Have to run the game tomorrow, and that bit confused me.

Grand Lodge

Yrtalien wrote:

I tried looking this up on the forums but the answers were contradictory. Does my kineticist have a Caster level... can he take crafting feats... Someone please help.


I remember being told the CL = 1/2 HD. You have to have a CL for the SLA to work.

Grand Lodge

ladydragona wrote:
I seriously doubt if money is the reason that he is not doing this very fast it costs nothing to write a pdf. If he is lacking anything it is time. Now as far as not giving us the print books that might be different but again I really don't think that is the case either. I think he is probably spending way to much time working at his day job. Because lets face it if he had lost his day job and used all our money on other kickstarters as you say he would have lots of time to write the books. He obviously has a problem with just coming out and saying what the problem is and the longer this goes on the more shy he gets about coming out and telling us what the problem is. I have pledged on dozens of kicksterters and some of them are also years late but the guys behind them usually still answer their email and apologize every month or so. Gary is the only on who's gone totally silent.

I can attest to this. Life happens. I'm only know seeing a couple of KS that I funded come into fruition, but while they were way behind on things, and everything under the sun was getting in their way as if it was a sign that they shouldn't have done this, they kept up with conversations and emails, and sent out updates once every other month if progress just straight up couldn't be made.

I've got two projects on the go, my daytime job, a friend and I are trying to launch our own KS (which got pushed back a few months because he's a dad now) and school (exams, assignments, etc), so I can definitely agree that trying to schedule one's time so that the stress is mitigated is incredibly difficult. Still, he was able to do it with the first AP and his deck of cards, so you'd think that it's something else. However, if he doesn't tell us, we can't say for sure. And, it's only worsened by the fact that his artist doesn't know the details. Obviously he's a private man, can't you can't be forgiven until you confess. Even a small amount of communication goes a long way.

I'm still confident that we'll see something happen. Maybe Gary will make it an early birthday present (Apr 13) for me.

Grand Lodge

mikeawmids wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
Couldn't do it last year, but this year I've decided to run the first part of the AP at a convention. I'm hoping that book 3 and 4 will be done by then, or at least this will cause enough people to buy the pdf that they'll generate revenue for Gary, so he can continue.
Generate revenue for Gary? For the project that was 203% funded through Kickstarter? Yeah, ok. :s

The rumour is that he's already spent all that money on other Kickstarters, and that he might be a little tapped out.

Grand Lodge

Nicos wrote:
kevin_video wrote:

I allowed it to be used for a Mini-Mikazemas in March so hopefully someone will eventually ask for it (it's a free gift), and do a review on it. Given that other people have actually bought it, I was hoping that someone somewhere would've done a review.
I just want to say that someone asked for it but I'm having problem with the credit card (it is the first credit card of my own), I hope to deliver it soon and hopefully it will get a review.

Appreciate that.

Grand Lodge

PrairieCon in Brandon.

Grand Lodge

I think he has a copy, but he's just got a lot of items to sift through before getting to mine. He's reviewed a lot of PDG products.

I'm open for questions anyone might have.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's fair, but I also felt I should clarify just in case.

Grand Lodge

wraithstrike wrote:

I think the description is the reason why for that book. I know I am getting different encounters, but that is not saying much, and the description/presentation of an item is a large part of how it sells.

Hopefully you make it through the open call, and actually get some exposure.

I didn't make the description. I only write the pages within. After that, it's all the other people. I think that because it's the third, you're almost expected to know what the format is by now. Truth be told, the 1st book looks to have a better description. Mine's got 15 side-trek scenarios instead of 17 though. It's got thugs, a minotaur, undead, constructs, a succubus, doppelgangers, fey, a dragon, etc, but not all at once.

I allowed it to be used for a Mini-Mikazemas in March so hopefully someone will eventually ask for it (it's a free gift), and do a review on it. Given that other people have actually bought it, I was hoping that someone somewhere would've done a review.

Grand Lodge

Our last 3.5 campaign had three successful evil characters. They were a CE tiefling fighter/tactical soldier, a CE incubus warlock, and NE drow wizard. It was incredible. The wizard was the tactician that told everyone what to do, and always had the best spells memorized, the warlock was a teleporation specialist and would position the PCs in the perfect position for where they'd do the most damage, and the fighter would beat the snot out of anything that it was told to take out. It was incredible. The rest of us just sat back and let them do their thing unless they actually needed us to chime in.

As for the campaign we were in, it was just a bunch of random adventures from the Dungeon magazines until we got to a high enough level that we did a 3.5 conversion of City of the Spider Queen. Then it got interesting for the rest of the campaign.

Grand Lodge

DragoDorn wrote:
If you are going to Gen Con this year and running it, I would love to play at your table. I'm volunteering there this year for Paizo.

I wish. I SO BADLY WANT TO GO!!!! >_< That, and Paizo Con. You guys are so lucky having access to those kinds of conventions down in the US. No, mine's a little small town Canadian convention that's somehow managed to celebrate it's 36th year. We hold our own well enough, I suppose. Last year we even managed to get a few people from North Dakota to come visit and participate. It was a nice experience.

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