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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,669 posts (2,670 including aliases). 14 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 24 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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Grand Lodge

See, this why I ask these things. Whether for or against, it's always nice to just know the answer.

Grand Lodge

And with this, the story aspect of Book 3 is officially done. Next will be the side quests that were originally given in Book 2 (namely the ring of Princess Iris), as well as a few other things to help stave off boredom for the PCs during their three months of winter.

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 6.

Wow. I quite literally did this book in a week.

Grand Lodge

Out of curiosity, do the templates give you the weapon and armor proficiencies of their classes? Like, if a monster takes fighter creature, do they automatically gain proficiency with weapons and armor?

Grand Lodge

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 5.

I put up the Bestiary 5 list as well. Small write-ups as I only briefly went through it, so it's not something I'm adding to the individual writes ups.

Grand Lodge

I'm on fire this week. No, not literally.

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 4.

Also be on the lookout for my update on Bestiary 5 monsters I thought would likely fit. I thumbed through it last night while getting set up for my revisit to this AP campaign. It won't get posted here though. You'd need to follow my Tumblr for that.

Grand Lodge

Libertad wrote:
Why are you still sticking to the "McBride's waiting for Bestiary 5 to come out to finish up Throne of Night?" OGL content of released books are always going to be claimed by 3rd party folks if they're good enough. Doesn't automatically mean that someone's gonna base their whole product schedule around Paizo's release dates.

I'm not "sticking" to anything. It's not like I'm fixated on it or anything. And you're only half right about the OGL.

As my publisher wrote to me, warning how to write things:
You can use content from it. Not fluff. And you cannot reference it. So if there is a feat you like in that you want to use for the start of a chain you have to reprint it.

Basically mechanics are fine. Story is off-limits by their OGC declaration.
At current, these are the only products you can

Exhibit B
List of Products which May Be Referenced
Last updated November 12, 2015
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™ (PZO1110)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Bestiary™ (PZO1112)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Bonus Bestiary™ (PZO9500-3)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide™ (PZO1114)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player’s Guide™ (PZO1115)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2™ (PZO1116)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic™ (PZO1117)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat™ (PZO1118)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 3™ (PZO1120)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide™ (PZO1121)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment™ (PZO1123)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: NPC Codex™ (PZO1124)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign™ (PZO1125)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Mythic Adventures™ (PZO1126)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4™ (PZO1127)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide™ (PZO1129)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Monster Codex™ (PZO1130)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Pathfinder Unchained™ (PZO1131)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures™ (PZO1132)
Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 5™ (PZO1133)

It just depends on how involved the books are, and if he's trying to cut corners like so many PFS scenarios and APs that go "see pg X of Bestiary 4 for this creature". If he's cutting it close to page count, he might. The thing is, we have no idea. Everything's a guess. That's all this is for me. And it's all I've got left for straws to grasp on to. Even my faith's waning.

Grand Lodge

I like that Michael Clarke responded to the article, and found it to be a fair assessment. I can't say I disagree. I will point out two things that are missing from the entry though:
1) Everything seemed to go legs up after Gary announced he'd hired a new intern to handle finances, backer information, etc. to help keep up with the pace, and it'd allow him to go on his anniversary without worries.
2) Way of the Wicked had almost been completely playtested with his own group before he'd even started writing Book 1. This most definitely was not the case with Throne of Night. He likely didn't give himself nearly as much time, probably because he didn't remember that so much had been done prior the first time around. It doesn't help that he's essentially writing two AP's at the same time. Again, didn't plan for it very well.

I started running Way of the Wicked again, as of last night, and before everyone showed up, the host player showed me his printed copy of Bestiary 5. There's a ton of aberrations and other monsters in there that I've seen before in the bestiary sections of the released Paizo APs, and I still want to believe that now that it's out, my theory of Book 3 coming out by the end of this year is realistic, with Book 4 close behind. However, if my theory does pan out, and we do see Bestiary 5 monsters in there, that'll likely only make people more upset.

Grand Lodge

increddibelly wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
It really is that quick.

*looks at timestamp of question*

*looks at timestamp of reply*

Much like yourself...! thanks.

It's all about the timing.

Grand Lodge

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 3.

Let's take on the wall and bridges.

Grand Lodge

It really is that quick. It can do a full round action, and still get a move in. I kind of look at it like the pounce monster ability. Charge, and full attack. The original 3.5 one was worse. It got an extra standard action as a swift action.

Grand Lodge

Felt like doing more writing instead of studying. Can you blame me? :P

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 2.

Grand Lodge

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Trying to do a bit more before my game on Tuesday. It might be a while again as I've got a few exams coming up, and I still need to do a few finishing touches for the new group.

Changes I made to WotW--Book 3, part 1.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Went from two in two days to none for a whole month. Last installment of Book 2. It's quite short. Next will be Book 3.

Changes I made to WotW--Book 2, part 9.

Now, to continue the preparations for my new group. We start on Tuesday.

Grand Lodge

I've messaged him to come on here and give an update when he gets the chance.

Grand Lodge

Still getting worked on. He's between assignments at the moment.

Grand Lodge

Appreciate the info.

Grand Lodge

A little bit of curiosity, but regarding the "Teamwork!" manual, how would one increase the maximum from 6 people to 7 or higher? How much more gold? I guess you could spend double the cost for two teams, but they technically weren't working together during that time, but in separate teams.

Grand Lodge

Mike, what's the math on how you're doing these? Sometimes a feat costs 3000g for the beginner then 5000g for the advanced, but sometimes it's 3000 and 6000. Sometimes a prerequisite is required, and sometimes there isn't. I'm curious on the consistency.

Grand Lodge

Plug, plug. My new book came out today.

It's already the 6th. I'm hoping that this means an update of a release soon.

Grand Lodge

Now available.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I was ready for a scenario with my group to do above ground, but they decided they wanted to go underground for a bit (seriously, players can be so aggravating at times). Thankfully, I had the Purple Duck Games Forgotten Encounters - Underground on my external drive, and was able to use that. I got this back in 2011. Totally forgot I even had it (typed "Underground" in the search bar). Turns out that there's a few one-shots that you could use for Throne of Night. Namely "A Cry for Help" and "The Empty Throneroom". They're not that high of CR, but a few templates, class levels, and/or increased numbers can fix that really fast.

Grand Lodge

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Go after Chargammon's treasure (Dragons Unleashed pg 43) that was stolen by the Brine dragon. Have a few trident archons also available for under the sea. She also has a couple of harpoon golems (101 Variant Monsters), coral golem (Bestiary 4), and ocean giants (Bestiary 4).

This is all back on page 2:

kevin_video wrote:
Fire Mountain Games wrote:
kevin_video wrote:


Questions about the brine dragon.
1) Is it plain Ancient or Ancient Wyrm? Is it LN?
2) You said that we'd get into that later, but I don't see anything about it later on in the book. Do we make it up as we go along?
3) Is there only the brine dragon and the merfolk? How many merfolk? A whole city worth? Various levels?
4) Is there any issues with bringing the dragon to the side of the wicked?
5) How about the merfolk?
6) Does the brine dragon have his own horde as well?
7) Is there anything specific we should know about before doing this encounter?



1. I'd probably make Benthysara a wyrm or a great wyrm to challenge the PCs. But ancient could work if you give him some minions. The dragon's alignment is up to you, but LN does work well because it is an unusual aligned enemy for this campaign.

2. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by later. Benthysara and her merfolk devotees are a sidequest left to the GM to develop and will not be developed any further.

3. There could be more kinds of undersea creatures than just those. Numbers depend on how you wish to frame the side-quest.

4. The dragon has no further role to play in the AP as written. Anything you do with Benthysara will be your own choice.

5. Same with the merfolk.

6. Very likely.

7. There is nothing. As I note in the book, any side-quest with Benthysara is purely optional and "at the GM's discretion." Do with as you will.

Hope that helps,
Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

Yup, I appreciated everything you've given me answers for so far. The reason I asked was because sometimes the creator has an idea in their head, and I like to flesh that out. Making up my own when the creator had a different plan never actually sits too well with me. Hence why I've been asking about all the side quests. At any rate, this is what I've got so far:

Undersea dragon:
The PCs will swim down to a large cave that will continue on for quite a ways. After a couple of smaller encounters (random generator for undersea) the PCs will finally come upon what can only be described as Atlantis. Elegantly tall and shimmering structures made of some kind of luminescent corral. In the center of the city is a large statue of a brine dragon. Behind it is a direct route to a set of stairs leading to a massive temple. Inside a religious ceremony with Benthysara and her court is taking place.

Her court consists of all merfolk (a couple of them with third party classes). A female sorcerer 4/rogue 3/fighter 2/duelist 1 (CR 9), a female fighter 8/waverider 3 (CR 10), a male druid 7/wavekeeper 4 (CR 10), and a female cleric 14 (CR 13) with the Water and Law domains. Benthysara herself is an ancient wyrm (CR 17).

If they need help, they can call upon the guard for an additional 250 soldiers (CR 15; 5 mobs) by blowing the horn.

A total of an EL 19 encounter.

If the battle looks like they're going to lose, Benthysara will bargain with the PCs. Especially if she finds out about which dragons they've defeated in the past.

Now that Gruesome Dragons is out, consider taking the False God template for +3 CR. It adds to the flavor.

Grand Lodge

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I used the marrowcrushing weapon property, adapted the blackguard blade for the anti paladin, and allowed the characters to use the torture devices and Vile feats. As well, I put the sacrifice dagger in the Horn for Book 2.

Grand Lodge

I did. I once Gary about it, and he said it was more up to us, but I bugged him until he finally gave in. Stay tuned.

Grand Lodge

You wouldn't think it'd be that hard to add 5 more points to the APG characters as they're just 15 point buy instead of 20.

Other than that, it'd be nice to see all the broken characters fixed and given their legit builds. The ACG is by far the worst.

Grand Lodge

Guang wrote:
Is this new map (hopefully) going to made available for purchase anytime soon? I'd go buy it right now if I knew where to do so.

That's actually a good question. It was originally just supposed to be a full poster map for the backers. It'd be cool is everyone could buy it.

EDIT: Yeah, it says on there "Kickstarter exclusive" for the poster map. I wonder how long that'll stay the case.

Grand Lodge

Steve Geddes wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
The monsters we see in the adventure paths from Paizo aren't legally allowed to be touched for 3PP, but the bestiaries are open content.
Why is that? I know there are exceptions from time to time, but aren't the monsters in the APs "usually" open content?

Not all of them. Just the ones that are in the OGL. There's a file for publishers that let you know what you can and can't use. If it's not on that list, it's a no-go.

Grand Lodge

Kevin Mack wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:

Good map.

...Two-thirds of it is underdark ocean...

I'd say 1/3

Yeah, I'd agree with that. Definitely explains why one book would be solely dedicated to just that. Massive lakes, small rivers, then massive lakes again. Hopefully someone in the party has Profession (sailor).

I am curious about the alternate race for going through this. The first book mentioned being escaped slave humanoids, or kobolds. I'd like to see that write-up be a thing.

Grand Lodge

Kevin Mack wrote:
Unimportant wrote:
kevin_video wrote:

part of me is wondering/hoping that Book 3 is done, but waiting for Bestiary 5 to be released so he can legally put the book out...

Granted the monster(s) really should have been swapped with something else, but if it's truly the case, you can't always do that. Sometimes you can't rearrange vision.

This may be a fault of mine, but hearing this just makes me angrier. Not only is he not communicating with us, but now he's adding material which, to remain legal, will *add even MORE delays* to the project? At this point, his "vision" is getting in the way. As far as I'm concerned now, he needs to directly communicate with us ASAP with either a decent timetable to deliver the goods, or an offer of a refund.
Except theres no evidence of him doing that it's just Kevin_video theorising and it's one I find extremely doubtful.

That's correct. I'm just talking out loud about my own experience where I had to wait for Bestiary 4 to come out before we could do a complete reworking on a race we were looking to convert, and was wondering if he ended up with the same hang up. It could be completely wrong, and outside the box for what's actually going on, but nonetheless I'm curious.

Grand Lodge

After experiencing it myself for the first time, part of me is wondering/hoping that Book 3 is done, but waiting for Bestiary 5 to be released so he can legally put the book out. The monsters we see in the adventure paths from Paizo aren't legally allowed to be touched for 3PP, but the bestiaries are open content. As a publisher pointed out to me: if it's on the reference site, you can use it. If it's on d20pfsrd then there's a 60% chance you can't. And also because of legality issues, you aren't open to discuss it.

Just another week, and I'll see if my theory's correct. Granted the monster(s) really should have been swapped with something else, but if it's truly the case, you can't always do that. Sometimes you can't rearrange vision.

I'm curious as to how this will come about.

That said, I got reminded of a book by Solace Games called Elves of Darkness. Not great, but lots of play for the drow side of things. Little Red Goblin Games also came out with a races of darkness PDF. I like the idea of a young drider race, and a less weak version of the derro. That said, I'd have given them the -4 Wisdom so they could afford the SR racial ability. But that might just be me. Other than that, pretty solid.

Grand Lodge

The 15 point buy may be bothering you because of the way you think about it. I'm wondering if Pathfinder is your first system. A frost giant is not no 63 point array. I need to explain this because it's bothering me that you think it's this way.
Here's how it breaks down: all monsters are supposed to be 3 odd, 3 even. That's the Pathfinder rule (not that they always follow that). A frost giant is from 3.5 D&D. Back then you could play as monster races using the Savage Species book. However, you had to determine what a monster's base statistics were and divided that over all of the HD a creature had. You did this by subtracting 10 from the even numbers and 11 from the odd ones. This gives your racial bonuses. Which of course is modified by the fact that they're larger or smaller than medium. So, for frost giant, they +18 Str, -2 Dex, +10 Con, +4 Wis. this is spread over 14 HD, and the base race stats (much like you'd see in the Advanced Race Guide).

As for "design", I mean for publication. I mean for figuring things out to makes NPC monstrous cohorts through Leadership. I mean for player characters that are monsters to not seem weaker than PCs and have to try figure out when they level up vs when a standard PC levels up because CR means nothing after a while. I mean for monsters to not seem more powerful with the template as opposed to adding two class levels.

Grand Lodge

voideternal wrote:

When you say "can you later take class levels..." do you mean:

1) Add class levels immediately after applying the SCT during creature design time
2) Add class levels some time in the future of the career path for the creature with SCT? i.e., Creature with SCT that gains a level in fighter after delving in a dungeon?

for 2), I wouldn't advance NPCs like PCs. I would make each stage of the creature's career a separate creature.

for 1), I don't see a problem in doing so, but as with all custom creatures, I would compare it with other creatures in the Bestiary before assignign a final CR. I would use the template CR increases as a guideline to find other similar Bestiary creatures as a point of comparison, but I would not say "This frost giant fighter creature fighter 2 is CR 13 because the Template CR increases say so."

I mean, as per my examples. Like the fighter creature/fighter 1 and the fighter creature/barbarian 1. Doesn't really matter when they get the classes though. It's a design thing. It's fine if you don't want to advanced NPCs like PCs, but this question is meant to cover every basis. Like, what if you take Leadership? You have to advance it.

A frost giant fighter creature/fighter 2 should be at least CR 13. It counts as a 16th level fighter with 3/4 BAB. I wouldn't even bother looking at other Bestiary creatures because even Paizo can't stick to their own rules. If anything's getting compared, it's the Creation chart.

voideternal wrote:

I don't quite understand how you refer to the +4/4/2/2/0/-2 array as "15 point buy for stats". Firstly, the +4/4/2/2/0/-2 array applied to a human base stat 10/10/10/10/10/10 array is only 12 point buy. Secondly, monsters have stat distributions that are vastly different from the 10/10/10/10/10/10 array that can make applying the array worth way more than 15 points.

Also, when adding class levels to the Frost Giant, remember they still get generic feats every odd level. So adding 2 levels in any class (including fighter) would give it another generic feat.

Who cares about human base being 10? Monsters don't have that. Monster stats are: three even, three odd. So, when I say 15 point buy when the stats are 10/10/10/11/11/11 to make it 14/14/12/13/9/11, it's exactly 15 point buy. Now, you could argue that it's actually 17 point buy because you'd minmax it so that the +4 always gets put on the 11. That's fair, but it's still not "way more" than 15 points.

Grand Lodge

Just wanted to point out that I didn't skip a step. Those array bonuses you pointed out equal the 15 point but I mentioned.
Also, where are getting the +2 and +3? It's got 14 HD. It'll have +5 to hit and damage with the first weapon group, which guaranteed will be their main weapon. Be higher damage if it's two-handed.

Grand Lodge

Ah, fair enough. It's too bad you couldn't just stack the levels, and give it a bit more of a bonus, but I suppose that's to balance things somewhat.

Grand Lodge

Additional question. Could you take multiple templates? Could you be a fighter creature AND a cleric creature? Much like as if you had actually multiclassed.

Grand Lodge

I have a question about the simple class templates and how they work. Hoping someone can answer it. There are quite a few of us who are all wondering the same thing.

Grand Lodge

Chris Lambertz wrote:
The Golux wrote:
How are winners (For the signed books) determined? I assume the winners of the vote between each pair will either be revealed early or be in the running to be revealed early after another round or two.

D'oh. We realized after seeing this comment how vague it is. Liz is currently editing the blog to reflect this, but after some discussion, we've actually revised our prize structure to expand to more than one winner. At the end of the fourth round, a winner will be selected to win the signed copy of Bestiary 5. In addition, we will be selecting four voters to receive a PDF copy of Bestiary 5 at that time.

Winners are determined randomly, though if you vote in multiple/all rounds, you have more chances of being selected.

So, essentially the votes are not anonymous. Every time you vote, your username is present?

Grand Lodge

Apologies if this has already been asked somewhere. I tried Google, but nothing came up.

In the Monster Codex we are introduced to the class simple templates. These give creatures various class abilities that the normally wouldn't have without multiclassing into it, and taking multiple levels. While not perfect, it definitely makes it easier for GMs who just need a quick bump.
Question though. If you put on the template, can you later take class levels of the actual class later? Or multiclass into something else?
For example, could you go troll fighter creature/fighter 1 or troll fighter creature/barbarian 1? Or, do you remove the template altogether when you add class levels? Or, are you just supposed to increase the monster HD, and hope for the best?
Kind of like how driders and dragons can take sorcerer levels, or nymphs can take druid levels.

The problem I see with removing the templates altogether is that it could actually make them weaker, or ridiculously strong. Take the frost giant for example. Putting the fighter template on it makes it CR 11. It now has 4 combat feats (also counts as a 14 HD fighter for feat requirements), +4 Str, weapon training 3, and armor training 3. A frost giant fighter 2, has 15 point buy for stats, 2 combat feats, bravery +1, +2 BAB, +3 Fort, +2d10 +Con mod hp, and is also CR 11. It's not quite balanced. You'd have to remove two feats, increase the armor penalty by 3, and remove weapon training.

And please, don't answer with "If you're the GM, do whatever you feel like." That's not a real answer. This is a design question.

Grand Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Why do people keep asking you rules questions after you've made it clear those should go to the Rules board to be FAQ'ed?
Because it's a giant thread and most folks don't read the thread regularly, I suspect. Rules questions that pop up here tend to be to newcomers to the thread and they see only that someone from Paizo is answering questions, and that the title of the thread doesn't say anything about rules, so they give it a try. And now and then they get lucky and I DO answer a rules question, so it's kind of like a lottery.

It also helps that you actually answer the questions given, whether it be a rules answer that you happen to know, or you let us know that you aren't sure or don't know the answer. It's a big help.

Grand Lodge

My Self wrote:
Your player needs to make a grapple check specifically to damage, but if they make a check to damage while in a grapple, then yes, they deal their 1d6 sneak attack damage and their 1d3 bite and the blood drinker feats kick in. Note that their grapple check to damage isn't your initial grapple check, so they'll need other feats that let them grapple faster and more times a turn.

Her main feat will be Improved Grapple, but I'm not sure how many more of those feats she'll take as eventually it will be essentially pointless once she gets to Book 3 and 4. Even Book 2 is questionable. That said, no one truly knows how good or bad a build is until you've gotten to a certain level in the game.

Grand Lodge

And the strangler lets you grapple, and make an extra 1d6 sneak attack while doing so, which also kicks in the fangs alternate racial trait, which lets you bite for 1d3 whenever you make a successful grapple check.

Grand Lodge

Can anyone please help explain Blood Drinker and Blood Feaster to me? Got a player who's adamant on building a fangs dhampir stangler (brawler) with these two feats for the Way of the Wicked adventure path.

I'm trying to figure the feats out, but I'm not quite sure I get them. I understand that you pick a humanoid subtype. Got that. There's a 99% chance it'll be human (obvious reasons). Blood Drinker says that it deals 2 Con damage. Is that per bite? Does that mean you can eventually drop them to 0? It doesn't say that there's a maximum at any one time, but it doesn't say the opposite either. Just says that you stop getting bonuses after you max your level.
Blood Feaster gives you better bonuses when you deal 4 Con or more. Now, is that 4+ over multiple targets (as in 2 from one 2 from another), or 4 from one target?

Grand Lodge

James Jacobs wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
James, how well do you understand the dhampir racial feats, Blood Drinker and Blood Feaster? I'm trying to figure them out, but I'm not quite sure I get them. I understand that you pick a humanoid subtype. Got that. It says that it deals 2 Con damage. Is that per bite? Does that mean you can drop them to 0? It doesn't say that there's a maximum, but it doesn't say the opposite either. Blood Feaster gives you better bonuses when you 4 Con or more. Now, is that 4+ over multiple targets (as in 2 from one 2 from another), or 4 from one target?
I'm not familiar with those feats in the slightest. Sounds like feats that are better suited for NPCs than PCs though.

Ah. They're from the Advanced Race Guide. And normally I'd say yes they are more for NPCs, but we're doing Way of the Wicked, and one player really wants to play a fang dhampir strangler (brawler) with these feats.

Grand Lodge

James, how well do you understand the dhampir racial feats, Blood Drinker and Blood Feaster? I'm trying to figure them out, but I'm not quite sure I get them. I understand that you pick a humanoid subtype. Got that. It says that it deals 2 Con damage. Is that per bite? Does that mean you can drop them to 0? It doesn't say that there's a maximum, but it doesn't say the opposite either. Blood Feaster gives you better bonuses when you 4 Con or more. Now, is that 4+ over multiple targets (as in 2 from one 2 from another), or 4 from one target?

Grand Lodge

Just for kicks, I thought I'd start up a little tidbit, write-up, on this AP. It won't be updated nearly as often as Way of the Wicked though.

My Changes to Throne of Night, Book 1, part 1.

Grand Lodge

Just for kicks, I've updated my blog to start discussing this AP, but it won't be talked about nearly as often as Way of the Wicked.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'm relatively sure that almost no one will see this post, but while searching for more dwarven adventures to tide the party over until Book 3 shows up (at this rate they'll be too high of level to even bother), I came across a 4th Ed D&D adventure from Dungeon Crawl Classics called Forges of the Mountain King. It's only a level 1-3 4th Ed adventure so by now the characters are probably too high a level to bother, or it could be too much to simply increase all of the CRs, but I think my guys are at a point that I'm just going to cheat and make all of them Mighty for a quick +5 CR. The rest will be easy to supplement. If you're even higher than that, and need immediate CR 16+, just make them all a Paragon.

As well, a person by the name of Angelo Bertolli created an original D&D (as in 1st Ed) adventure available for free online, called "Dwarven Kingdom: Dwarves of Rockwater". It's for levels 3-6. A Google search of the title will help you find it. Should be the first pdf link.

Other than that, just keep plugging away. That's about all I'm doing.

Just for fun I put in an ice forge haunt.

Another option I got reminded of was the Kobold King series from Paizo. Crown of the Kobold King and Revenge of the Kobold King, both being 3.5, meaning conversions would be necessary. It "works" because in the first one five children are kidnapped and taken beneath a cursed dwarven monastery. So, what race of the children? Well, you've got svirfneblin and elves. The PCs will have already met both. One underground, and one above ground. It's quite possible that it'd be more difficult to get drow PCs involved, but all it really takes is to let them know that the kobold king would sacrifice the children in order to get more power. I doubt drow would enjoy the idea of a kobold being superior to them in any way, shape, or form. That said, likely more for the dwarf side of the story.

Grand Lodge

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Two in two days? What's up with that? Sleep is for the weak. Especially at 5 AM, yet again. This likely won't be happening again any time soon.
Changes I made to WotW--Book 2, part 8.
Oh boy were there a lot of things to talk about in this one. So many issues and errors. And that's not including the stuff missed by Spellcheck.

Grand Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Newest update. Who needs sleep, right? Changes I made to WotW--Book 2, part 7.

Grand Lodge

JohnHawkins wrote:

An interesting event occurred today and I am thinking through its implications.

Since first meeting the 7th knot the party bard and swashbuckler has been having an affair with Elise due his abysmal sense motive roles he has not noticed she is using him and thinks she may love him (he does not love her but what do you expect) he also thinks Trak is a good man and a friend and has not noticed Trak eyeing him up for a quick stabbing. The other PC's are aware of all this and have made a point of annoying Elise by charming the Baron out from under her, and making a point of her secondary role (not always fully intentionally) but her hatred of them and particularly their sorceress is pure and passionate.

Today at the Barons Birthday they had their assassin slip a Philter of Love into her drink as the bard was attempting to charm her into his company for the night. I am working out how this will effect her future plans. Thoughts appreciated.

(At the same time the Sorceress was seducing Sir Valin so she could bear a child of the royal blood)

I'd say: have it both work out in their favours.

When the potion wears off, she realizes what happened, and she's that much more pissed at the character. To the point she's even more pressed to complete her secret mission. He'll be her #1 target.
Sir Valin is still a man. While he's bound to duty, he's not so rigid that he'd turn down a woman's seductive tendencies. He'll be cautious, no doubt, but not so much he'll be patting her down to look for a hidden dagger. And she's not looking to assassinate him, just sleep with him and have his child. Considering the timeline, that could make for a very interesting significant event come Book 6. And who better to raise the child than Mott of the orphanage? Especially an heir. He'll want to cut a deal of course, but who cares? This game is all about deals and contracts. He probably even has a mid-wife on his payroll.

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