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Depora Azrinae

kevin_video's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 1,919 posts (1,920 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Anthony Adam wrote:
Just in case, here is the link again, it seems to be the same.

The link ended up being different than the one I had originally used, so I got a different version, and this one had the Godflesh on it. Downloaded it as well.


Anthony Adam wrote:

Yup, it's in the golems (A-L) column, row 48 at time of posting this message (as more golems get requested/added, it may move down a few rows).

All the golems are grouped together as the name is most like to appear in a bestiary, e.g. instead of "Godflesh Golem", it is listed as "Golem, Godflesh" so if you are looking for anything you request, do check the last word as well as alphabetically :)

I know how to look stuff up that's categorized, I just don't see it. I must be clicking on an old link because it goes Frost-Forged Steel at the end of page 11 and then Malachite on page 12. The one I'm on seems to skip G to L.


Anthony Adam wrote:

I have finally gotten through all the 2013 posts in this thread, the spreadsheet is looking wickedly full already - but I still have 8 more months of posts to catch up with. The previous share links should all point to the updated sheet :)

I managed to get through another 8 modules last night as well, so I have now worked through about a quarter of the modules adding those to the list.

Hope you are finding it useful - it's certainly given me quite a few ideas for monsters to design :)

You might get to it on the second run, but on Dec 11/13 I mentioned a request for the Godflesh Golem. I repeated the request in Aug 2014. Just making note as I didn't see it on the compiled list.


Skaeren wrote:

For which dragon?

Cryptic dragon
Imagos Dragon
Keris Dragon
Lorican Dragon
Scourge Dragon

How about all the above?


Jeffrey Swank wrote:
Not sure how much I can divulge here, but it is getting a MAJOR overhaul and update of epic proportions! Stay tuned!

Awesome. Can't wait.


Having a look at the Advanced Classes Guide, I can see a 2nd edition with lots of updates being added. My main question, because I'm going to allow the gunslinger back into my game thanks to the Bolt Ace archetype is this: Where are the changes for the Weapon proficiencies and Gunsmith? None of the new class features replace this. It seems that despite they "never soil their hands with powder or feel the sting of gun smoke" they still start off knowing how to use all forms of firearms, a broken gun worth 4d10, and the Gunsmithing feat. What?


I also suggest the Apprentice pdf from RGG.




JiCi wrote:

Hmmm... any monster that remains to be added for 3.5?

- Arrowhawk
- Ethereal Filcher
- Ethereal Marauder
- Fungus, Shrieker
- Fungus, Violet Fungus
- Grimlock
- Ravid

Those are all monsters that are open-sourced, but not converted into a Bestiary yet.

I've love to see the open-sourced epic monsters converted into a bestiary. A couple have been done, and are titans, but more are required.


We've got different vampires, I'd like to see different liches. Namely a frost or ice lich, and a darke lich (shadows/darkness). Change it up some.


Nate Z wrote:
Why can't I back-order the print/PDF bundle? I click on it, but my cart doesn't change.

It's not available yet. Only Book 7 can be done that way right now.


Was just wondering, are any of the ones from the Wayfinder magazine in these mixes as well? There's only a few.


Prodigalson wrote:

I'm about to have the final push and finish up the module this weekend, then move onto module two. A few thoughts for DM's running this:

** spoiler omitted **...

It's unfortunate that D&D holds the sole rights to the creatures mentioned, but thankfully someone got around that and made a Book of Forbidden Lore, and converted specific creatures. Legally you still can't use them for published materials, but there's stopping you from using them in a homebrew game. Of course you're always welcome to use the original names too.

Could always make the bat people werebat illithid. That's even more frightening. Brain eaten, or contract lycanthropy. Lose/lose, really.

Hopefully Book 3 will be out soon so you won't have to divert the characters much, but there's lots of pregen adventures with spiders and/or goblins. There's even a raksasha that takes over a gnome community adventure.


Banesfinger wrote:

A question regarding Antharia Regina (silver dragon):

The text on page 82, as well as the map on page 79, shows the dragon is perched invisible on the lesser spire.

Yet, the "tactics" text in her stat-block (page 85) says she is in disguise (as a typical knight) alongside her daughter the princess.


I saw that too. I figured it was just options based on how well or poorly the PCs did. Regina wouldn't want her daughter to be taken out by mooks and will likely fight alongside her if things get hairy.


More golems. For Bestiary 5, I'd like to see the half-golems make a comeback. And, it's 3.0 open license, I'd like to see the Godflesh Golem from Requiem for a God get updated.


Dragon78 wrote:
They could make the Gloom a type of darkfolk.

That could probably work.


I'd love to see the Gloom brought back. Those were cool epic assassins. They'll be a lower CR and likely won't get epic weapons, but that's fine. Just having them back in general would be nice.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Axial wrote:
But why would you want you want to totally obliterate Talingarde? You wouldn't even have anything left to rule.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.


I was hoping I'd eventually see this book on the site to buy.


Jeffrey 'Zerzix' Swank wrote:
Ha! That looks cool. I'll take a more detailed look when I get home.

Cool. Got a player that'd like to try it. Told her that probably the best way, besides being the monster, would be to go tiefling succubus bloodline (there's a 3PP pdf for that) with the phoenix sorcerer bloodline. At least until you do this up.


Got a new one for you Zerzix. Wanna see what you can do with a half-phoenix succubus.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks, Liz.

My first publication. Hope everyone who pics it up, enjoys it and can make use of it.


James Jacobs wrote:
kevin_video wrote:


Got a type vs. subtype question based on template additions. Say an aasimar or tiefling has the half-dragon template. What happens to its outsider type? Is it now "dragon (augmented outsider, native)"? How do you write that?

Works the same as if it's applied to any other creature. Type changes to dragon. It does not gain any augmented subtypes at all.

That means that'd work the same for solars and other full outsiders. Technically that would mean that the outsider would lose access to their weapon proficiencies which all outsiders have, and would now need to eat and sleep. Correct?



Got a type vs. subtype question based on template additions. Say an aasimar or tiefling has the half-dragon template. What happens to its outsider type? Is it now "dragon (augmented outsider, native)"? How do you write that?


Owen KC Stephens wrote:
For the record I am still working on the errata sheet. I just got distracted by a lot of new game development work. :)

That is very good to hear.


Fencer_guy wrote:

We just started book 5 last night. I'm playing an Anti-Paladin (and just named the new high priest) Our wizard (actually Eldritch knight) used elemental body and got the heart. Actually he destroyed it. The up side we don't have face the Cairn.

How badly are we screwed? I imagine it will take Thorn 120 days to make a new one. As per the rules on how to be Lich.

We are Black Dragon's Isle then I think we are going to move to Thorn's lair.

Can we do "win" or,is everything lost?

You should be fine. Just take him out before then.


jimibones83 wrote:
i see this says backorder now. i thought i remembered it saying out of print or something before. does this mean we will be getting another print of this soon?

Likely not for a while.


Amazing work.


The cap of human guise is 800 gold, compared to the hat of disguise which is 1800. What I'm looking for is a greater version that doesn't just disguise you as a human, but makes you human with the alter self spell and ONLY a medium size human. Essentially, want to make a ring or cloak, or whatever, that could make a humanoid like a merfolk and turn into into a human. See where I'm going with this? Even if it's in a reversal form, that's fine (human to merfolk).

The current price for a greater hat of disguise is 12k. Way too much for what I'm looking for.


Axial wrote:

Has anyone used content from Inner Sea Gods in this AP? That book offers a lot of Asmodeus-specific content, so I would imagine that parties in Way of the Wicked would find it rather useful. One example would be the Conversion Channel feat, which allows you to heal other Asmodeus-worshipping characters with negative energy. Another would be the Evangelist prestige class, especially for Inquisitors. Oh, and don't forget Basiles, the CR 15 herald of Asmodeus. I'm sure he would love wrecking havoc on Mitra's followers.

Have a look-see.

I had thought the exact same thing, and used the new holy symbol for the divine characters. Anyone that didn't require one got the basic silver version.

You don't actually need the feat though, to heal your comrades. Just use the archetype in Book 5. As long as you praise Asmodeus, you heal up, while everyone else takes the negative energy. The downside is, if you die during the encounter your soul is lost.


W. John Hare wrote:
Sorry to hear that Kevin. My group is still progressing (although slowly) thru book 3.

It's all good. I'm giving my notes to the player who's read through up to where they left off, and answering any questions she might have. As long as someone wants to try it out.


I'm officially stepping down from this adventure path. It didn't work out for us. One of my players will run it for another group though.


Jeffrey 'Zerzix' Swank wrote:

Jeremy Hart 363/RHMG Animator: Yep I am indeed am working on editing and doing major corrections for version 24. (Basically, I have learned sooo much more about the Pathfinder system mechanics since I have started this project - and have been doing freelance projects for 3pp, that I am slightly embarrassed to read through some of the earliest monster-to-level classes)

Hey Uhlar! I am glad you like it! Hopefully I can get more of this completed before you start your campaign (might not happen as I am working 3 other projects with deadlines at the moment) BUT...if you happen to get to it before I put out the next version, let me know and if I have those particular monsters edited properly I can send you the updates.

This is the latest version currently ====>v23

It's good to see you posting.


Banesfinger wrote:

Truly Evil:

The PCs usually take refuge in the cleric's (lesser) demi-plane (made permanent).

But after gaining Thorn's phylactery at the Cairn, they are very fearful of Thorn locating them due to the connection he has with his heart/phylactery). They are especially fearful of Thorn finding out where their "secret" demi-plane is.

So, not wanting to leave the phylactery unattended, but needing a way to transport all that loot from Nythoggr's Cairn, the party did something truly evil (and paranoid):

They called for 10 of their minions. And with the promise of a share of loot, the minions were "asked" to haul all the treasure through a (temporary) Gate to the demi-plane. Meanwhile the PCs remained at the Cairn, guarding the phylactery.

But much like the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the PCs decided they couldn't let anyone live who had seen their secret hoard/lair. So while the minions were taking the last load of the loot to the demi-plane, the PCs "dispelled" the Gate, leaving the minions trapped inside the demi-plane to die of starvation...

That is evil.

How did the cleric make a lesser demi-plane?


Vic Wertz wrote:
We *want* to... we just don't like any of the options we've seen to date.

Our GM has been using his saw to make custom ones as we're facing off against a lot of huge and gargantuan creatures. We go high enough by the end of the cycle that gargantuan and colossal are pretty standard.


If this is still going, I'd love to get a copy as well, please.


Josh M. wrote:
Don't forget Sphinx Claws from Magic of Incarnum. Basically Wolverine's claws at will.

Exactly this.

Best way to do it that I've found was this --
Books - Magic of Incarnum (totemist, totem rager), Magic Item Compendium (ring), Core Rulebook (barbarian), and Savage Species (feral template).

Feral (gives fast healing) human barbarian/totemist with sphinx claws/totem rager with the ring of adamantine.

I played it, and enjoyed the heck out of it.


Just downloaded the PF version of it. Didn't realize it'd been updated. Only ever had the 3.5 one.

I have a couple of questions though. Firstly, why does the tier 1-2 version not have the spear listed as treasure? Is it because it's actually jeweled treasure and not a real weapon like the tier 4-5 one? Also, why does the 3.5 version have it listed at 2000 gold but the PF version is only 750?


Banesfinger wrote:
Andrea1 wrote:
I think they are pretty much sacrifices to be tossed out to test the PCs abilities. The real stuff happens down below.

I'm not too concerned at making this initial encounter a little more challenging for the Players (by throwing in a few potions).

After the Giant encounter is over, my players will predictably just step back outside, teleport to a safehouse, heal, wait a day to refresh their spells, and try again at full strength.

(This "15-minute work day" tactic is not a reflection on the player's tactics, but instead it is a glaring loophole of the game system: all versions of D&D had this problem).

This shouldn't break anything, but add teleportation to Grigori's spellbook, have him memorize that twice, scry the party with Thorn, and have him take a bunch of graveknights to the location or even one of the dragons.

It is a fault of the system, but the GM can think of ways around it. Especially if Thorn is aware of their standard tactics.


Banesfinger wrote:
kevin_video wrote:
Unless you change the giants and give them flying items (such as potions), there's nothing stopping the PCs from doing that.

Thanks kevin_video. That's what I thought.

I'm guessing since Thorn had placed king Ingolfr Issox at the atrium as his 'first line of defense', AND Thorn knows the PCs tactics very well (via Scrying), he would at least supply the giants with a potion or two.

(I may have to change Grigori's feats to give him Brew Potion...hahahah).

Or just have it so that Tiadora ran errands and grabbed a bunch of potions specifically for this fight. By the time Thorn realized his current position, Grigori likely wouldn't be able to produce them fast enough before the PCs arrived.


Banesfinger wrote:

My PCs are about to assault the Agathium soon.

I have some concerns about the first encounter: with the Frost Giants and King Ingolfr Issox.

It states the battle with the Giants will be in the Atrium (room 1-2) with vaulted ceilings rising more than 100-ft in height.

What's to stop my players from flying to the ceiling (they almost always have Fly spells running)? Even if Ingolfr is considered 30-ft tall (and has a reach of 15-ft), the PCs would be out of melee range.

The best these giants could do would throw a few rocks...

Unless you change the giants and give them flying items (such as potions), there's nothing stopping the PCs from doing that.


Sean Brasher 567 wrote:
How much time is expected to have passed from the time the PC's leave Balentyne until they reach Farholde? I ask because it seems like the PC's pretty much leave straight away with Tiadora, and take a more or less direct route there. But by the time they get there, the soldier have already left to go after Fire-Axe, and even Hallack seems to be aware of Fire-Axe, talking about how "few who have faced the Fire-Axe have lived to tell the tale." So was there supposed to be a longer time gap here, or am I missing something?

I think the adventure states that it's about a month of travel before they get there.


Jeffrey 'Zerzix' Swank wrote:
RHMG Animator wrote:
I think you can also remove the tiefling, Oread, sylph, ifrit, undine, catfolk and ratfolk entries since they are in the ARG.
Yeah, I have debated that for awhile now and did indeed remove a lot of monster entries that are already covered. My only regret now is that if I do fully remove them all - what if a player doesn't realize that he could play goblin/ratfolk or such as an option? I guess in the end its redundant and doesn't really fit into this document, but then again do I want it to be an all inclusive monster playing guide or not?

Not to that level. Think about the 3.5 Savage Species guide. That just listed at the end all the monsters you could play, and where to find them. It only showcased the actual monsters with racial HD, and nothing more.


Grollub wrote:
Odraude wrote:
I'd definitely run this, but see if I can get the players to play Dark Folk instead of Drow/Dwarves. Bestiary 4 has me really loving these guys.
would you just insert the dark folk as a player race.. making them like a "sub-race" associated with the drow, or totally re-write all the drow settlements to dark folk settlements ?

Personally, I'd give the dark folk the same background that you can give kobolds, if your group wanted to play them. They're slaves to the drow, and they're going to do what they have to, to be free of their overlords.

But which version would you play as? There are three of them to choose from. Not to mention none of them are actually PC races. You'd have to play around a bit with the Advanced Races Guide to build them as base races. Purple Duck Games has a variant version on the Dark Creeper and made that into a PC race.
Or, if you're okay with it, zerzix has come up with his Savage Species book of Pathfinder monsters. The dark folk are all done as well.


Devastation Bob wrote:
Not sure if this is the place to ask but I had a question. In the fungus forest it says the glow extends darkvision but colors everything violet. I thought darkvision was black and white. Does that mean in the darklands it's black and white and purple?

That would be a good analysis, yes.


Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Meanwhile, a question for those of you who have run this already: do most PCs pile straight in through the cave mouth at the bottom? I have the impression that's the most common route. Did anyone fly up and enter through any of the other routes? The module doesn't say whether they are concealed under the vegetation or not.

A lot of it is at least partly concealed by the vegetation. It's not until the first ritual that 99% of the vegetation goes away and everything rebuilds itself. So, yes, the majority of the groups will go through the obvious cave mouth. My players didn't take a chance at flying over the whole thing.


Rosien_HoH wrote:

Hello all,

I have a question about the running the Horn, particularly "Thirty-One Weeks".

** spoiler omitted **

The Horn:
You don't run it. That's the point. It's their dungeon. You give them the maps, you tell them where traps are that need rebuilding or could be built, and you let them take over. Seriously, they must take responsibility. If they don't, they don't. The Horn falls, and probably them too, and Thorn is pissed at the incompetence which forces him to create a new 9th Knot and they start Book 3.

Hexor and Vexor only show up if they're commanded to by the villains, should they know that there's issues. Each group that comes in is looking for something specific and will stick to their own plan. The first group is looking for a treasure, which they believe the boggards are likely protecting (see empty box on other side of mud pit in caverns). That's what they're going for. They'll challenge anyone who gets in their way, ie. the boggards. The best way to do it is run a separate encounter where it's just the boggards, including Hears-the-Father, and the first group. One of the boggards will get Zikomo to get the villains to come rescue them from the "invaders". If the villains choose not to, that's their choice. The boggards will likely be killed off, the resources will be somewhat depleted, and the villains will be forced to fight whoever's left.

But yes, it's random. They show up at some point during that week, someone's on patrol or making magic items, and they deal with it or don't deal with it. If they survive and complete Book 2, great. If they lose, you go to Book 3 with new characters.


Chengar Qordath wrote:
Ishpumalibu wrote:
Materials can make a difference too if only one is metal then druids can use the other that isn't.
That's actually a good point; Kikko is made of metal, while the Do-Maru is an unspecified type of lamellar. That does have an impact for things like druid restrictions and special materials.

Doesn't say specifically that druids can wear it.


MattR1986 wrote:

Maybe one has more cultural significance and is more of a status item? I could see this maybe being relevaant for an npc. Ooh he has a do-maru only nobles wear those!

Basically a style over function thing? My only guess.

Other than the fact that you paid 200 gold for something like that, the write-up doesn't give any kind of indication that it's of any better relevance than the others.


A friend is looking in ultimate equipment at medium armors for a new character and saw two similar armors , both of which are eastern. The Do-maru and the Kikko.
As far as we can tell one would be insane to take the do-maru. Are we wrong?

200 GP, +5 armor, +4 max dex, -4 ACP, 25% ASF, 30 Lbs
30 GP, +5 armor, +4 max dex, -3 ACP, 20% ASF, 25 Lbs

As far as we can tell, the Kikko is just plain better, are we missing something?

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