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Durkon Thundershield

g0atsticks's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 207 posts (215 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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Wizard's First Rule : Terry Goodkind.

Let me just say what the wizard's first rule is........everyone is stupid.

Just read it, I promise you'll never see some of the parts coming.

OMFG is the book finally out!? HOLFNI ASFT)B&*(_&AV it iiss!!!!! finally!!! I'm calling out sick for the rest of the freakign week at work.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good Morning fellow DMs. I've recently started running a game where my unknowing PCs are in RandLand. They've been running the old module Good Morning fellow DMs. I've recently started running a game where my unknowing PCs are in RandLand. They've been running the old module Prophecies of the Dragon and we've run into zero issues so far.

I've let them make a 100% PF PC and have worried very little with the actual Wheel of Time RPG rules. My concern is in the module, where the story assumes the PCs know a little of the WoT story.

We are currently in Falme and the Horn of Valere is about to be blown in our next session by Mat C. How do I incorporate these events into my campaign as none of my PCs have read the story. I believe I have this very well hidden from them, as I had just finished Wizard’s First Rule and they believe this is where its all coming from. I did include some stuff from there to throw them off.

All suggestions welcome. I didn't proof this, you get.

Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I put the primer on last night (white) and my friend told me he would look like a cloudy ghost when he was right.

I start painting tonight, I read to do the lighter colors first. Basically inside to outside. I am a little nervous I can't lie. I realized last night the skill I need to work on the most with this hobby.....patience. Its so slow going. The mini is so small that it is incredible the amount of detail some people can do.

Do any of you have pics of your work?? thanks again, sorry for the unorganized rant.

cleric. simple as that.

Ironic that the book is suppose to be mysterious in game and yet here we are in reality trying to find information our about it.

insert villionous laugh.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am a big fan of the kickstarter. Fits right in with the SELF MADE American ideal......even if some aren't American.

Why go to the banks? Its a win win for everyone really.

Jorin wrote:

What I going to do to reduce this kind of abuse (but then I gave up and just let them {sigh}).

"If you are making a race you have to actually make it all. Not just the mechanics you want. Full write up just like in the CRB; fluff, names, homeland on the Golarion map, attitudes, favored class bonuses, culture, relations with other races, languages, etc...
Then you will have to wait while I write them into my world. After all, you aren't going to be the only one of your race in existance. You can start some other PC until I get that done.
Oh, you used 14 racial points. That's fine, but since it is over 10 you get the starting level penalty."

Doesn't sound like the type that will go to that much work, accept the level penalty, or be willing to wait.

....HEY......thats sounds an awful lot what my DM did to me...told me i could play any class I wanted as long as I promised to play a rogue if I died........I died shortly thereafter.

we needed a rogue anyways.

does the pawn collection just come with a single of each monster from the beastiarY?

If you've known him since kindergarten, he/she is obviously a friend. I would just be honest and let them know you made a "mistake", that you were tired that day and didn't feel like looking over it.

I've found in my life its better just to be brutally honest than to dance around issues like this.

The only house rule that we use, 4 main books when build a PC.


If you can't get a satisfactory build from books.....

Ok. So I'm new to painting. My first unpainted pieced will be arriving today in the mail.

I will be using my wife's acrylic paints, and do realize i will need to thin it.

What are some things that you know no but should've known then when you first started?

Good reference material. Tips. Advice. etc..


Klokk wrote:

So we recently implimented a new rule that all players must have a real minatures; Not just a scrap of paper or a lighter or coin of some sort.

I know absolutly nothing about minatures. So i need some help with finding them for two my characters.

Character 1
Aasimar Sorc Silver dragon bloodline. Will be taking the Dragon Diciple PrC when he is able to. Does not need Wings, as I can use the angelic ones from my Angel of Justice for him when he hits CL 10.

Male, uses a Longspear or Light Crossbow or his Claws. Changes between robes and normal clothes depending on what he feels like wearing.

* I purchased a minature to use for him called the angel of justice, but i didnt look at the minature too closely. Turned out I bought a female angel in a thong and with a sword and whip and nothing else on.

Character 2
Aelfborn(halfelf) Druid Worldwalker Archtype. Other multitalented class is Ranger (but will not use any metal armor ever)

Wears wooden armor (leather with firetreated wooden reinforcments) and Large Wooden Shield.

Male, uses four weapons. Silver sickle, Short Spear, Sling & Earth Breaker (exotic weapon)
Animal Companion Standard Greywolf

Id perfer some sorta of cool looking minatures for them, Doesnt have to be pathfinder minatures, but as the ones ive seen are already painted thats a plus. Ive next to no experience in painting, but everyone else at either table are avid warhammer40k guys with multiple armies that they have painted and have offered to paint my guys for me.

Thank you all in advance for you assistance.

lol. you got to admit, thats pretty funny. the thong thing.

I am now buying just the singles I want. I did the same thing with Magic Cards a while back. I amy get LESS, but i do get what I want. I dont need Greels or or crazy things. We want skeletons, zombies, trolls, goblins.

I don't care who makes them anymore like I did whe I first started. I go for coolness.

Remeber bnack in ad&d when The game had a dark feel to it, I find that feeling lacking by today's standard. This is the reason I do this. I like my dark ugly trolls, or savage goblins....even though they are the lauging stock of most worlds.

HEY! even LEVEL ONE PCs need someone to kill.

Papa-DRB wrote:
g0atsticks wrote:
Why would I post in California if I live in South Carolina?

Well, I would post in NY or CT. I live in NY but about 15 miles from the CT border and we have had folks from there in local games.

-- david

Funny. I almost posted an example after I wrote that earlier. This is situational. I also live on the border of North Carolina, I am sure there are exceptions to this rule.

Vacation, Visting Family, Location in the State (near the borders), etc etc. There are always exceptions.

I disagree with this clogging the forum further. This would be a little extra work, but it would greatly organize this section.

This is the Beastform Archtype for The Alchemist Class.

Do these abilities STACK OR REPLACE themselves at each level?

Exact copy from book, with spell abilities from CRB.

Thanks in advance. If any further information is required please let me know.

Beastmorphs study the anatomy of monsters, learning how they achieve their strange powers. They use their knowledge to duplicate these abilities, but at the cost of taking on inhuman shapes when they use mutagens.

Beastform Mutagen: At 3rd level, a beastmorph’s mutagen causes him to take on animalistic features—whether those of an animal, a magical beast, an animal-like humanoid (such as a lizardfolk), or a monstrous humanoid. For example, when the beastmorph uses his mutagen, he may gain a furry muzzle and pointed ears like a werewolf, scaly skin like a lizardfolk or sahuagin, or compound eyes and mandibles like a giant insect. The beastmorph also gains his choice of one of the abilities listed in the alter self spell, which persists as long as the mutagen. He may select a different ability each time he creates a mutagen. This ability replaces swift alchemy.

Improved Beastform Mutagen: At 6th level, a beastmorph’s mutagen grants him additional abilities and options. The alchemist gains his choice of two of the abilities listed in the beast shape I spell, which persist as long as the mutagen. He may select two different abilities each time he creates a mutagen. This ability replaces swift poisoning.

Greater Beastform Mutagen: At 10th level, a beastmorph’s mutagen grants him three of the abilities listed in the beast shape II spell, which persist as long as the mutagen. He may select three different abilities each time he creates a mutagen. This ability replaces poison resistance +2, +4, and +6, as well as poison immunity.

Grand Beastform Mutagen: At 14th level, a beastmorph’s mutagen grants him four of the abilities listed in the beast shape III spell, which persist as long as the mutagen. He may select four different abilities each time he creates a mutagen. This ability replaces persistent mutagen.

1. Alter Self – darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent, swim 30 feet.
2. Beast Shape I – climb 30 feet, fly 30 feet (average maneuverability), swim 30 feet, darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, and scent.
3. Beast Shape II – climb 60 feet, fly 60 feet (good maneuverability), swim 60 feet, darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent, grab, pounce, and trip.
4. Beast Shape III – burrow 30 feet, climb 90 feet, fly 90 feet (good maneuverability), swim 90 feet, blindsense 30 feet, darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent, constrict, ferocity, grab, jet, poison, pounce, rake, trample, trip, and web.

Liz Courts wrote:
Lil B wrote:

Another option would be to place a sticky at the top of the forum with guidelines on how to post on the forum, so that there is uniformity, and it is easier to search the thread.


US, AZ, Phoenix - Looking for game
Canada, BC, Vancouver - Looking for GM

This would make it much quicker to find games, especially if you could sort the forum alphabetically.

It states something like this at the top of the forum page.

Gamer Connection Forum wrote:

Suggested thread title format
State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Yes but that doesn't mean that people will use the correct format. With the suggestions that we've made, the changes will FORCE the poster to use the correct forum for their location.

Why would I post in California if I live in South Carolina?

thejeff wrote:
g0atsticks wrote:

this statement - The use of "czars" (which is a media term and not an official title) has been expanding for decades. The executive branch has a lot of responsibilities and the President has to delegate. ----depends on what country right? Could be one her before you know it.

WE and that mean YOU and ME. The peasants, plebeians, peons, common folk, commoners.

We only know what they want us to know. We will never know the WHOLE truth to any of this. This is a game f never ending pong; always back and forth.

How many of you believe that this country will see ANOTHER CIVIL WAR before their lifetime is over? They always said the south will rise bad I'm stuck down here.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Are you suggesting that the use of the term "czar" for administrative officials in the executive branch is somehow going to lead to the US being ruled by an actual Russian style Tsar?

We keep losing freedoms for more security and in retrospect usually end up regretting those decisions. More paper work for passports, more background checks, more security at the airport, ban list of people who can and can't fly.

lol my friends kid who is 5 can't fly because he's a threat to the country.

Its quite intrusive on my privacy, why should I have to tell the Government anything other than what I fill out on my taxes......which they say the IRS is an illegal organization anyways. Don't quote me on that, I'm going to do some research after this post.

Not before as are my heathen customs.

this statement - The use of "czars" (which is a media term and not an official title) has been expanding for decades. The executive branch has a lot of responsibilities and the President has to delegate. ----depends on what country right? Could be one her before you know it.

WE and that mean YOU and ME. The peasents, plebeons, peons, common folk, commoners.

We only know what they want us to know. We will never know the WHOLE truth to any of this. This is a game f never ending pong; always back and forth.

How many of you believe that this country will see ANOTHER CIVIL WAR before their lifetime is over? They always said the south will rise bad I'm stuck down here.

pretty good.

oh my god. my god. he is alvis. god of drinking and revenge. but not a revenge on a small scale.

on a world domination scale. (i'm a big fan of 80s super villans and booze).

these will be random skeletons. i will bluff my way out of whatever trouble i get in. yes, i took faith in wisdom so i could lie effeciently. muhahahah.

ok im at work and i'm going to lunch.

Hey so first off. I only play homebrew.

Now. I'm a cleric, who happens to be neutral.

I've taken most of the channel feats (selective, improved, versatile, command undead) but need an awesome reason why I always have skeletons with me.

Be it body guards, anthropologist, just something.

We have quite a creative table, and nothing will sound to dumb. Esp since I'm reading this and can't hear it ;)

Shoot me some suggestions por favor.

The Block Knight wrote:
And, maybe, if possible, they could add even just one extra "state" for Canada. I'd say a third of North Americans (on both sides) think of us as the fifty-first state anyway. ;)

"one of us, one of us, one of us."

Not related, just saw this in passing.

I never ever want a "mercy bashing" by a shield. Sounds to painful.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

I am so sick of polotics its ridicoulous. I just want to live my life the best I can without anyone juding me for it.

The godless left, or the rightous right? Who cares? seriously?

The left want to help the poor, but raise taxes and send jobs overseas because of that.

The right screams constitutional rights but try to join church and state.

I hate both of them equally. Each November there is no right or wrong answer, but who is the lesser evil.

Perhaps, a sub thread of just international then. I would do it but continent then.

I do see some post out of the states, but still 95% of them are from the US.

DM Klumz wrote:

I recommend the use of hero points in the game. They help enormously when things go wrong for the party through no fault of their own (bad rolls etc). Without hero points we would have had TPK a number of times (Carrion King I'm looking at you).

In 29 sessions we have only ever had one occasion (in a group of 6) where two hero points were used to avoid death.

I do have a couple of house rules re hero points.

There is a limited pool of hero points around the table to prevent hoarding (we have 13 for 7 players). If all the points are in player's hands then no more can be dibbed out. I believe this encourages players to use them.

I have introduced the Boss hero point nerf power that nixes the hero point just played and prevents the play of any hero points for a whole round. This causes my players to get really freaked when fighting a boss knowing that they cannot use hero points to bail themselves out.

Just my tuppence anyway.

We just started using Hero Points in our new campaign. Our DM let everyone(5 of us) roll a D4 and have that many starting hero points.

I rolled 4. The other rolls. 3, 2, 1. respectivly. We all got one extra for the day our table counted down from 4.

Anyways. No one has used any yet and its been almost 10 sessions.

As a cleric, and my domain being the Luck Domain. What bad ROLLS? muaahahahahahahahaha


DeathQuaker wrote:
Alitan wrote:

I don't think video games make power gamers.

I do think that many players of video games are hamstrung when it comes to tabletop role-playing gaming, because there isn't a single damn AI ever made that ACTUALLY promotes role-playing.

At best, one gets a menu of possible responses/questions/comments available... with a set and limited group of possible results.

Many video gamers simply aren't equipped by their video-gaming to role-play well.

NOTE: This is NOT saying video-gamers can't RP, and RP well; it is an indictment of the programming problems that cannot include any meaningful RP elements in a video game, and noting that a player whose majority of experience is with video games has an adjustment to make when moving into a tabletop environment.

But video games are not the cause of power-gaming; that would be, human nature. People wanna excel, people wanna "win," people wanna be the best. I've been playing since 1980, starting with Basic Dungeons and Dragons, and then 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and Gamma World... I've dabbled in every system I could get my hands on, and there are people who play for fun and people who play to win in ALL of them. Long before the proliferation of video gaming platforms and games to play upon them...

Many chess players aren't equipped by their chess playing to roleplay well. Many Monopoly players aren't equipped by their Monopoly playing to roleplay well. Etc. etc. etc. But we aren't debating about how board games are ruining TTRPGs. What makes video games different and stand out? (As an aside and anecdotally, I've also seen board gamers be way more irritating at optimization--and are a lot more competitive--than video gamers coming into TTRPG, for the record.)

I would say that I also at least feel like I've had an opportunity to roleplay in some CRPGs. Very rarely, mind, and it's still the exception to the rule at this point, but I feel like at least that I've been able to act the way my character would in words...

Oh perception, its all about perception. Zeddicus was right all along.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think a sub forum by state would be awesome in the gmaer connection forum.

There are 3 forums currently all front page from AZ alone, i've seen it done in other forums before. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

i should've chosen my words more carefully, but i am at work posting on here so time is always limited as I am busy except for a few moments in time.

I just finished reading everyones postings and let me clear some things up.

Sorry about the video games, sure it does hurt role playing, not increae power gamers. That does not mean that they still aren't out there.

Using a ton of books to me seems silly;maybe its just me, but I've never felt the "urge"(if your addicted like i am to this game) to use more than two books(no matter the game). Usually Core and Class coordinated book.

PHb & Complete Cleric or CRB & UM-------just examples.

It drives me crazy when people read more than is there. "reading b/t the lines" to gain more than they should. Yeah it says that, but pay attention to grammer or the careful wording. It does work both ways sometimes.

I don't always trust rulings from the internet(here), sure reasearch it, gather your argument, but handle it at your table.

Someone also mentioned that there are a lot of the same builds going around. True, oh so true.

Whoever said that a competant DM is needed to keep this crap in check is totally correct. I just see it on here all the time.

Best build that, or best build this. Lose your creativity because of the ease of information now a days i.e the internet.

I'm not trying to argue with anyone, or ruffle anyones feathers. Just pointing out that the game is full of these people. AND you know what. When you try to point them out, they deny it. Perhaps you'd consider me a power gamer and visa versa. Either way.

Friendly Topic/conversation.

god of drinking and revenge!

martryn wrote:
Even if the character was a pure bard with the Dervish Dancer archetype?

Obviously every feat, every archetype, and every obscure race has it's place. I guess the main issue is people taking choices for their characters that don't make thematic sense from their character's point of view. I mean, role playing game, anyone? ROLE PLAY!

A few weeks ago there was a thread where someone posted their PFS character, and asked if people thought the GM would allow his character at the table. His build used 7 different books.

1. Core Rulebook
Ok, so far so good.

2. Advanced Player's Guide
Not a big deal. I allow everything in there.

3. Inner Sea World Guide
*shrug* Whatever. Take your Dervish Dance.

4. Pathfinder Society Field Guide
...I guess it's a PFS game, so...

5. Inner Sea Magic
Wait, I thought this was some sort of fighter class.

6. Pirates of the Inner Sea
Pirates? What? How are pirates involved?

7. Faiths of Purity
Oh, come on now!

I own five of those books, and I think I've seen a copy of Inner Sea Magic somewhere, but Pirates of the Inner Sea? I've not even heard of this one. Is that another of those Player Companion books? How are pirates, magic, and faith all combined to make some sort of defensive dervish fighter class? And how do you explain your character's backstory? Is that not important anymore?

HERE HERE! you are always welcome at my table.

a wizard should never beat a cleric.

clerics have silence, and dispel magic.

we have better HD, better BaB.

I love clerics, and the channel. Makes healing super easy. Why waste spells when you have channel. Selective Channel.

AND THE LUCK DOMAIN. GEZUS CHRIST! have you read that. rerolls galore, and the knowledge domain is just as awesome.

stupid arcance casters dont know what they are missing.

martryn wrote:

I get what you're saying. Just about every advice thread on the forums dealing with a character that doesn't specify Core Rulebook only is gonna be full of suggestions regarding combining two different archetypes from two different source books, playing an odd race from the Advanced Race Guide, equipping the character with weapons and magic items found in obscure splat books, and a feat progression that uses feats from seven different Player Companions. I agree that this is annoying, and personally wouldn't want to game with someone like that.

I mean, it was the biggest issue with me when my group tried 4th edition. Every level there was basically the right choice for a power, or the wrong choice. Certain class/race combinations could simply not be played. Certain feat choices were a given. It got to the point that every ranger looked the same, every fighter looked the same, etc etc

You see that sort of thing in Pathfinder now, where two-weapon fighting is the weaker option and isn't recommended in 90% of the cases, and then if you do it you best be rocking dual kukris. Everyone seems to use the same two or three archetypes over and over again for each class. If I see another suggestion for a high Dex character using Dervish Dance I'll scream. It's like every high Dex character wants to get frisky with a scimitar.

Having a diverse character and having a character optimized by using a diverse set of options are two different things.

sick of seeing monks of many style. This is the reason we only use 4 core books at my house AND WE STILL HAVE PEOPLE COMPLAING IT ISN't ENOUGH. seriously!?>

you have over 1000+ pages to build a single PC and you still don't have enough.

People use to much power now and not enough brains.

Everyone knows that more brains dominates power. Knowledge is the power of the thinking man.

Stome wrote:
g0atsticks wrote:

By generic I meant a straight LV20 build. NO prestige, no multi classing.

I don't think there is anything worng with customizing your PC. Feats,skills, traits, weapons, armor.

Its when you take it to the next level. Those people ruin the game for me.

Why? Why does someone enjoying more diversity offend you so much? For that matter what makes you think that the way you think it should be played is somehow more valid then others? Which is clearly not the case since the game was made with these options intended.

I am more then happy to leave everyone to play how they wish to play and have no issue if you want to play a stripped down game. But coming on here to bag on people that do not share the same view as you and call them "powergamers" is well petty.

is this a one way street? aren't you ragging on me for my opinion? america. f yeah.

By generic I meant a straight LV20 build. NO prestige, no multi classing.

I don't think there is anything worng with customizing your PC. Feats,skills, traits, weapons, armor.

Its when you take it to the next level. Those people ruin the game for me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Has video game caused us to think differently? I see all of these threads with people trying to bend or twist the rules, to make their PC have that extra umph.

I mean come on, infinate threads. Theres only one infinate that I know of and thats the universe. Infinates hould only be theoretical, never used in a game.

Why can't people be happy playing just a generic PC anymore instead of being power gamers?

yeah you could have an army drill instructor come in and start boot camping the kobolds in to the real guards they should be.

I'm talking In the Army Now (Pauly Shore=KOBALDS) meets Full Metal Jacket(Sgt. Gunny=Guard Trainer)

Think about the flavour this would add, and this guy should take no crap from anyone. He alway accepts a challenge. No task is to tough for him.

Oh yes. I can see this happening to my game maggot.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I always say DM because i know it secretly stands for dumb mass.

Mostly having issues with: The Orcs, The Troll, The Ogres.

Three of the most important figures in the game.

I have mixed feeling about the goblins too. I do like that they are green and not purple and tan like in D&D.

Yes this is my opinion and I'm not paid to have one, I'm just American and I can.


Is it just me or do the Pathfinder minis look really cheesy? When I bust out a new Troll that I bought, it is to be feared, not laughed at...

Because of this I have decided to get my minis somewhere else until Pathfinder's lose their Anime like touch I don't think KI'll be buying these in bulk.

I'm not knocking all of the mini's, some look awesome...The Lich, but others......seriously?

Does anyone else feel this way? Hope this makes it to the right ears/eyes.

I also hate having to register for everything you order now a days. I also hate the un skipable movie ads they force you to watch on line also.

stupid internet is stupid.

These are actually pretty freain awesome!!

yes, become a tank. your cleric will have to be a dedicated healer at this point.

I'd also a feat similiar to 3.5's goad, it forces enemies to attack you if they can. I know there is one in PF, i just dunno the name or book.

scarlett johanson.

ST - suicidal tendacies

thats what i thought to. it just didn't seem to make sense. now it does. thanks.

I'm a LV3 Cleric. I decided to switch to Inquisitor. How do my spell LV stack?

I don't understand this since they both learn differently.

Explanation required.

chalk - to mark the path
small mirror - to look around objects very sneakily like
1 pound flour - to find invisible guys, to throw in the eyes of the bad guys, to make bread
1 cast iron pot - cooking and beating the crap out things with it.

There's only two times I can thnk of that the hand wave will work.

1 - saying, "Hi."

2 - saying, "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

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