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Velvetlinedbox's page

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what I been looking for


First off this book is a monster. Over 500 pages of joy. This book packs in everything you would ever need to run a game. It is printed on beautiful paper, and the ink does not smear. The pictures our amazing. Each one could be a story unto itself. Having played a few games under my belt the changes I like the most our to the classes. Each class got revamped and got little things added.
I Love this book and I love this game.
Plus worst comes to worst it will kill most cockroaches for you.

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worth it


I bought this a while back and been using it. It is large enough to hold a large portion of the dungeon on sometimes four or 5 plus rooms. It color is a wierd greenish color that is very light and contrast great with markers. The few times I put it away it folds up nicely and fits inside a book. I love it

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