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So I just woke up. I am tired, but not drinking or anything. I was wondering how far out there is the idea of converting Age of WOrms to 4e and than some how convert it over to dark sun?...... maybe i just more sleep.

I was reading through the indulgence by sinister adventures and was reading the Dajobas pdf. I just wondering what would a hunger domain look like for pfrpg

I am looking at getting the pdfs for this adventure path, but I am wondering how well does this adventure stack up with the current adventure paths?

I really want to like them. They sound like a cool class. In first edition they just were such an odd thing. In 2e and 3e they just seemed sub par to all other classes. Could someone tell me why bards are worth while?

So I am thinking of moving away from combat maps and minis. I did not use them tell I switched to third and than ended up using them in every game since than.
So just wondering how many people don't use minis and if you do not can you give any tips on how to run a game with out them.

Currently running campaign in real life, just would like to play a little more. Never did PbP and am looking forward to something new.

So if any one is starting a PbP game and has one more player I would be more than happy to sit at your table.

I am really into reading the old rules for the worlds most popular role playing game. Here is gary talking about several interesting things. It is fun to read through these and see some of his early ideas that never made it into the game. -len.html

with a weapon with reach can you attack through squares with a creature in them? For exemple one fighter is standing in the door with a long sword and his buddy Staby Mcstab with a long spear is standing behind him, can he poke the poor goblin?

In Athas Cleric give homage to one of the four elemental planes(or the quisiplanes) of fire, earth, water, and air
So in PFRPG what other domains should a cleric chose from. I am really confused on what to do about this part of conversion.

I have been playing dungeons and dragons for almost tweenty years. I am currently running a Dark Sun second edition game, but I want to get the pathfinder experience. So I am hoping to find a group I can join running pathfinder play by post. I am willing to run any class.

is there any new pathfinder PbP starting up?

So fighting Erylium was a huge pain for my party so since she fled I think it would be more fun that instead of her returning to her catacombs that she starts following around the party and just messing with them.
Like stealing a coin pouch at night. Set off alarms. Fight them while there fighting someone else and than running away again.
Any other ideas.

what is the cheapest place to buy dice?

Just have to say ran my first part of this tonight, using pathfinder rules. Got to the glass factory. I love the suggestions for the goblins actions. It made all the fighting random and chaotic and added allot of flavor to the fighting. Really looking forward to running the rest of this adventure and seeing what other trouble will be coming along.
I bought this adventure soon after it came out and never ran it before. So few years later here I go.

just wandering has anyone made updates to classes for Dark Sun to get the DS made by to PFRPG?

So I started with 1e/2e hybrid than moved onto 3rd. Got tired of 3rd to wards the end cause it just became about splat books it seemed. Went to 4e good disgusted and fled back to 2e. Right now I am running a dark sun 2e campaign, and when this one has it's course I am thinking about trying out pathfinder. I want to run it in Athas, so what 3.x books should I be buying in order to convert over? Is this too much work?
Any ones thoughts would help.

I was wondering if you will be carrying reapers new line pre painted plastic minis. If so can we preorder them soon. I am jittery waiting for them.

Any big announcements will have to wait until GenCon. But we already have a fair idea of the direction we're going for 4e.

Just like the 3e Design Team, we took a hard look at the "sacred cows" of D&D, and decided which make the game a better experience, and which we've been hanging on to for nostalgia. We've already decided to ditch hit points and armor class, for example - if you look at some of the sneak peeks of the SW Saga Edition on the site, you'll see we've already implemented some of it there.

One of out aims with 4e is to make the game easier to understand and of a more uniform quality, so you can sit down at a table anywhere in the world and understand what's going on. To achieve this, we'll be introducing a registration system for DMs, and a ranking system supported by regular seminars and training courses. We're not sure exactly how the pricing structure will work out yet, and we may offer some sort of subsidy to international DMs to offset the costs of flights to Seattle. DMs who aren't yet charging their players a monthly membership fee should perhaps consider instituting one, because otherwise they'll reap the benefits of a 5th, 10th, or 15th level DM while he or she pays for all the courses to get there! As well as the training, we also hope to see an increase in the standard of excellence of licensed DMs as they reach higher levels and devote the expected hours to preparation and playtesting. It's going to be exciting!

The pressure from the MMORPG market has also led us to include a lot of features from those games. You've already seen the start of a shift to a "per-encounter" philosophy with 3.5e products like the Book of Nine Swords. This will be inherent in most aspects of 4e. The prototype Monster Cards I've seen so far include a lot of creatures with the Spawn ability - not the 3e ability to create new wights or shadows, but the ability for monsters to reappear after a set period of time. The new stat block format includes an Aggro Radius, though I understand this is a working term and will likely change before publication.

While a lot of the MMORPG companies discourage or prohibit online trading relating to the game, we're going to embrace it. One of the complaints we've heard over and over for the past few years is that the character creation process for characters above 1st level doesn't lead to "organic characters". We're hoping the online trading will address this problem; instead of creating a 5th level character, for example, the player can log in to the D&D Trading Post and purchase a 5th level character that another player has played through from 1st level, thus avoiding the "organic character" complaint. The Trading Post will also permit players to trade gold, magic item cards, and experience points, all for a very small transaction fee.

I've probably already said more than I should, but around GenCon time, keep an eye on the site - I expect there will be some snippets posted showing the contents of a 4e starter pack, and maybe even a peek at a booster pack. I'm really excited about the work we're doing right now.

Richard Dumbledore
Associate RPG R&D Developer
Wizards of the Coast

......Is this my game anymore?
More importently what is an alternitive game, that I can use instead of D&D if this happens.....